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The Wines

50-65% Roussanne, 30-45% Grenache blanc, 0-3% Clairette, 2-5% Picpoul blanc from clay-limestone, galet stone covered soils on Palestor (N), steel vat fermented, raised 4-5 months, malo blocked, 900-3,400 b

2019 ()

attractive, lustrous yellow robe; the bouquet is a good mix of freshness and depth. There’s a slightly “high” note from the ripeness of the fruit, with brioche, lemon curd tones, and a few dabbles of salt. The palate commences on a mandarin flavour, and runs truly into a clear finale, mixes plum flavours with aniseed notes on the close. It has character, and if not super refined, is enjoyable and genuine. It will go well with earthy dishes such as mushroom risotto. 14°. 2026-27 May 2020

2017 ()

shiny yellow robe; The nose is buttery, nice and calm, en rondeur, with neat lime airs, crushed white peach. The palate has a likeable roll of white fruits, mixes the tropics with European fruit, pineapple, pear in the picture. The length is good and steady, the finish knuckled, chewy. The texture remains smooth most of the way. Decanting helpful. 13.5°. 900 b. 65% Rouss, 30% Gren bl, 5% Picpoul blanc. Bottled Jan 2018. €19. 2026-28 Oct 2018

2016 ()

yellow robe. Has a “high” fruit aroma, as if there is reduction and it needs air. There is an aroma of stewed plums with pork grilling, slight soda pop, cooked pear, licorice. The content is supple, as is the texture, allied to a fringe of light acidity, nerve. There is a lemon tang as it finishes. It tightens gradually and well towards the finish, with neat juice on the aftertaste. It is interesting, rather savoury, on the second half, has character. It’s a bit dumb, is best for la table. 13.5°. 2022-23 Sept 2017

2011 ()

pale yellow. Smoky licorice air, wee petrol note: this is a pretty refined, interesting nose that is lightly spiced and nice and clear. The palate is compact, neat: it holds mild white fruit, a fine-tuned acidity present. Its easy elegance continues with a degree of freshness. It doesn’t have stand-out features, but is all together and suited to the aperitif. 14°. To 2019. Bottled April 2012, €18, 3,000 b this year. Dec 2012


mild yellow robe; has a discreet, finely aromatic nose with a precise air of white fruit, pear and a smudge of spice present. The palate is delicate, albeit holding restrained southern content – dried fruits, with a good grounding, couch to them. However, the finish is a bit empty – the fruit and the flavour recede, and a bitter note takes over. Decant. 14.5°. €17. 2017-19 Dec 2011


pale, flinty colour; neutral, slightly buttery nose – contains mature white stone fruit, some floral influences. Day 2 – still neutral. The flavour mixes a little nuttiness and ripe, quite punchy fruit. A traditional style of white Châteauneuf – is not fresh and is stolid. The finish is a bit burnt, not clear, neutral. Day 2: gains more power as it goes and ends firmly. 14°. 2012-13 Aug 2008