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The Wines

100% Grenache (1900-20 mainly, from sandy soils on Puy Rolland (N-E), 30-35 day vinification at 28°C, daily pumping overs, 2-3 vat emptying/refillings during fermentation, aged 50% concrete vat, 50% large barrel 18 months, unfined, light filtration, 7,500-10,000 b


shiny red robe. The bouquet has a sultry nature, a perfumed sweetness and intensity, reminds me of Pez sweets, a ripe strawberry coulis air with that scenting. The palate links closely to the nose, wells up with a smooth elegance, a surf of red cherry, raspberry fruit with darker notes on the close, some tar from the tannins. This is a gourmand event, an STGT wine from the sands, very in tune with its place in texture and manner, for serving in a large glass, and taking one’s time. That was a long sentence, but worth it, I hope. 14.5°. From late 2019. 2032-34 Mar 201


plum red robe, very Grenache appearance. The bouquet is interesting thanks to little pockets of mystery, with a clear raspberry fruit at its centre, salt and mixed herbs as satellites. Its depth is steady, good, not overdone. The palate hands out a rose-floral topping over its enjoyable plum fruit flavours, angles of spice and slightly rocky tannins bringing up the close. It will continue to fuse gradually, has character and truth. I have always liked this vineyard and its old vines. 14.5°. From spring 2020. 2030-33 Mar 2018


gentle red robe, hint of top ruby. The nose bears a steady aroma of red fruits, a note of jam in style, a posed strawberry with a hint of tobacco. The palate has the inner heart of old Grenache fruit, delivered with clarity and attractive serenity, a smoothness of texture all through, very typical. This has enjoyable juiciness at its heart, with mixed herbs flavours, dried thyme, for instance, towards the finish. It’s a neat and true STGT Châteauneuf, hasn’t been at all hustled in its making, is very nice and calm. 14°. 2028-30 Mar 2018


typical Grenache, bright plum red colour. There is a note of toffee on the nose from the oak, a quite thick-set raspberry aroma also. This is promising, even if not varied now. The palate holds a calm, textured run of red berry fruit, stone fruit, with a little breeze of iodine towards the finish. It hints at future complexity, so leave until 2019 or so, and be rewarded by that. Has a calm definition, and I like its balance. 14°. 2028-30  Oct 2015


(vat/barrel, bottling March 2014) fair depth of red. This has a high air, a red berry fat inside – the bouquet isn’t really clear. Is hang dog, not “up”. The attack serves a cutting display of red fruits with a swift pick-up in lithe tannin and acidity. It darts here and there. There is a little sweet note in its fruit, but it isn’t convincing for the future. From mid-2015. 15°. 7,500 b. €32.50.  2022-23  Nov 2013

2011 ()

(vat/barrel, bottling March 2013) mild red robe. Has an escapist aroma of red berry jam, a thin but briefly agreeable spread, strawberry in the air. The palate shows carbonic gas on the start – this is a typical 2011 with some early fruit, then a fade and drift. Simple Châteauneuf if this sample is true. There is alcohol on the one hand, simple fruit on the other, and it ends flatly. From 2014. 15°. 2020-22  Dec 2012


2010 ()

(vat/barrel, bottling March 2012) small evolution on the robe which is a mild red. The nose has a prune, blackberry front air, a sweet infill, a sappy style – it is aromatic in a front-up way, all obvious already. The palate is not surprisingly based around some sweet fruit, bears a strawberry flavour cut with a smoky clarity. The tannins lie comfortably inside. I sense that this is already pushing along, evolving… and I am not sure I would cellar it for too long. It could round out and become more accommodating. From late 2012. €30 is quite steep. 8,000 b this year. 2019-20 Dec 2011


(barrel/vat) full red; dark chocolate, cocoa, striking first nose – smoke n`dust, comes with a chiselled, steely resolve, is firm-fronted. Gracious black fruit on the palate, with a pick-up in chalky, live tannins, plus oak as it goes. Juvenile wine, but has the potential to fuse – its juice spreads across the later palate. From late 2012. 2021-23 Oct 2010

2007 ()

(barrel) red cherry, bright robe; the bouquet is sympa and sweetly tuned – out comes a red berry jam aroma, trimmed with herbs and a lurking depth or meatiness. The palate proceeds with evenly textured red fruits, and shows a little gain as it goes – in width and depth. It ends on a note of charming red fruit. There is good Grenache in this (tasted blind). From late 2009. 2019-21 Nov 2008


quite a bright, dark red colour. Grilled, pretty filled up, broad bouquet of red fruits. Is nutty and cellar constructed, with dried areas in the aroma. Supple but cellar induced start with a taut line running through it. Has a nutted end from its vinification and raising. Comes in the full-on, a bit heated style, but does contain rich matter. Red fruits are present; the length is OK. Esp from 2009-10 to gain access to more local feel and for a more interesting wine. 2018-20 Nov 2006