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The Wines

70-85% Grenache, 15-20% Syrah, 0-10% Mourvèdre from clay-limestone soils, destemmed, varieties fermented apart, 3 week concrete vat vinification, wild yeasts, 1-3 part vat emptying/refillings, daily pumping overs, varieties assembled after malo, 40-80% steel vat, 20-60% 2-3-4 year 225-litre oak cask raised 14 months, filtered, 6-35,000 b


(vat/casks) dark red colour; the nose is generously filled, rests on cooked plum fruit, with a smoky, slightly vegetal hover. The palate bears typical Gigondas threads of coolness, with a rocky texture along the second half. It’s a little on its degree, but can furnish itself together with time. It’s still in a raw state, the finish rather baked, out on its own vis-à-vis the fruit. 70% Gren, 20% Syr, 10% Mourv. €16.9 at cellars. From 2023. 2037-39 Feb 2020

2017 ()

(vat/casks) dark red. The bouquet has oily, ripe instincts, comes with aromatic, musky mulled raspberry fruit, avoids excess sweetness. It’s a wide, sustained, slightly baked opening. The palate is attractively rich at the outset, has good heart based on prune, spiced matter. The tannins are a touch dry and challenging, but can move inwards if allowed time. From 2021. 2036-38 Oct 2018


(vat/casks) shiny, attractive dark red robe. This has a good, local appeal bouquet, offers stewed fruits, plums, raspberry. The palate relies on spicy Grenache red stone fruits, is well presented, with a gradual increase in tannic thickness towards the finish, where there is a little glow. The aftertaste retains juice and is nicely fleshy, with a thread of menthol. From late 2019. 2029-31 Oct 2017


dark red. The nose has an air of brewed black berry fruits, some meatiness and blueberry alongside. It’s fairly dense as a start. The palate is all together in its offer of black cherry fruit with a little nudge of tannin and some coolness towards the finish. This is already on the go, has been made to show early, without tannic complications. It holds up OK in the mid-palate, and will accompany beef well. The length is sound, so if it’s well priced, it’s a reliable early school Gigondas. 14°. 35,000 b. €17.20. 2021-22 May 2017

2012 ()

(vat/cask, bottling Jan 2014) dark red, with black and purple tints. Pine-basil, oak debut to the nose, lucid black cherry within, an air of sizzled bacon: this a wide bouquet. The palate is firmly oaked, but the blueberry fruit has good momentum, bubbles away well. It also ends clearly, with no heat. Good style, consistent flow, and the fruit lasts pretty well. From late 2015. 85% Gren, 15% Syr this year, 6,000 b. 40% vat raised. US$29, Misa Import TX. 2024-26  Dec 2013

2011 ()

(vat/cask) dark red. Smoky bacon, laurel and thyme herbs air, with pine-resin, tobacco and a touch of resin – these precede its subdued black berry fruiting. This has big, local airs. The palate is broad and the fruit clear; it gives a smoke-spice charge up on the aftertaste, while pine and bosky features line the finish. There is definite muscle inside this, a discreetly powerful wine. It has plenty going for it, is robust and genuine. The finish comes in the 2011 mould – it isn’t very profound, but is present. From late 2014. 15°. €8.10 at the cellars. 12,000 b, some Mourvèdre this year. 70% vat raised. 2025-27  Dec 2012

2004 ()

mild red; raspberry jam air in a rather fleeting nose. The palate holds simple red fruit without much extra around it. It is rather short. Côtes du Rhône Villages standard here. 2009-10  Dec 2006