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85-100% Mourvèdre (1940s) from galet stone covered soils on Boilauzon (N), 0-15% Grenache, destemmed, 30-35 day vinification, pumping overs, hand cap punchings, aged 50-80% concrete vat, 20-50% 2-3-4 year old 228-litre oak casks 12 months, unfined, unfiltered, first wine 2006, organic wine, 2,000 b

2018 No Rating



(casks) deep robe, black-purple. The nose is rich, endowed with piled blackberry and loganberry fruit, shows some licorice typical of the Mourvèdre, also bacon, is very young and straightforward for now. The palate shows grilling, spicing, and a very good stream of black stone fruits backed by ripe, wholesome tannins. This is a sturdy, firm Châteauneuf, off the main highway due to the absence of Grenache. There are black olive, menthol, local touches on the finish. It will live a very long time thanks to its balance, and cool take. It’s a wine of interest – serving it blind would be fun. 15°. 85% Mourv, 15% Gren. 80% vat raising. €75. From 2022. 2038-41  Oct 2017


(vat/casks) dark robe, black with dark red. The bouquet has an oily composition, a suave air of black cherry, glistens well. The palate picks up instantly from the nose, gives enjoyable, dashing black fruits with attractive saltiness in the late moments. The finish brings in blueberry fruit, licorice, some tar. Polished, impressive wine, lots of juice to appreciate and munch into, and a lovely, true Châteauneuf texture. A little oaking comes through on the finish. From mid-2019. 2030-33 Sept 2016


85% M, 15% Gren this year: (casks) dark robe; wide, abundant fruit air, blackberry fruit principally along with notes of damp soil and tar. The palate gives shiny, agreeable black fruit, starts on a tasty note, leading into a succulent, bountiful mid-palate with a gathering of tannin and charcoal oak right at the end. The last impression it leaves is charcoal. Clearly needs putting to one side until 2015 to tidy up the finish, suppress the oak and allow the wine to be more flexible. 2030-32 Dec 2011


(casks) dark robe, goes all the way. Prune, firm black fruits aroma with smoke and bacon siding – a bit rigid for now. The palate has a chunky, oaked start that leans towards dry notes, but the inner is rich, well-filled. It ends on tar and black raisin, is a bit on the stretch. It has been made for scale, and achieves that, albeit with a note of being forced. From 2014 for less oak. Extraction is an issue here – this is not for lovers of hands-off wines. 2024-27 Oct 2010

2007 ()

quite full robe. Oak, nutty outer air that has been widened by its oak, shows charcoal, prune, burnt pork crackling. Has an ample and filled palate – there is a lot of dark, blackstrap content with oak riding shotgun on the final stage. It is today all a bit testing, is macho, pumped up on this showing, insistent. Lacks grace now. Leave well alone until 2012 – has toughened up big time in the last six months. 2022-24 Nov 2009 Previously March 2009 ****(*) dark robe; has a compact aroma, tight as a drum, all as one. The palate holds interesting fruit that has a delicate touch within, a fine register. It lengthens steadily and securely through the palate, has a smoky bacon taste. It is over 16°, but you wouldn`t know that. Has real good length, and ends on a rounded olive-chocolate note. 2024-26. Bottled 1 week. March 2009

2006 ()

(casks) dark red colour; has a snappy black fruits aroma, with a ripe centre: there is density but it also carries itself well, with some freedom, and there is licorice present (aha! This is tasted blind, and I later learn there is Mourvèdre in it, as in .. er .. 100%). There is good pace in the palate fruit – it moves smoothly, with purpose, the red fruit combining with pepper and some oak infusion. Has plenty of richness, and can sing a sonorous tune around 2014. The finale is notably oaked now, so leave until 2011. 2023-26 Jan 2008