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The Wines

80% Grenache (1946, 1973-74), 10% Mourvèdre, 5% Syrah, 5% Cinsault from sandy, galet stone covered soils on Crousroute (S-E) at Sorgues, 80% destemmed, 3-4 week concrete vat vinification, part vat emptying/refilling, pumping overs, raised 80% concrete vat, 20% 40-50 hl large barrel 12-14 months, unfined, filtered, 60-90,000 b


(concrete vat/large barrel) the robe is black-tinted, deep. The bouquet is capacious, has an ample aroma of soaked black cherries, griottes, prune fruit in back. The palate attacks on rolling, savoury, tasty black fruits with silken tannins attached, a full turn of the wheel with them included. This is thorough and thus typical of the vintage, but has local pedigree to aid and smooth its delivery. It has a chocolatey, prolonged finish. 15°. 90,000 b. 80% Gren, 10% Mourv, 5% Syr, 5% Cins. €25. From 2022. 2042-44 Oct 2018


(vat/barrel) dark red robe. The bouquet is nicely assured, with a deeply set red cherry liqueur or coulis aroma from its Grenache, and garrigue, dried herbs notions. The palate works well both on texture and flavour, both smooth and unctuous, holds a tarry, darkly fruited middle and produces gummy, layered tannins as it ends. This is full, tasty, serene, and manages its degree pretty well. 15.5°. 90,000 b. 80% Gren, 10% Mourv, 5% Syr, 5% Cins.  €25. From 2020. 2041-43 Oct 2017

2015 ()

red robe with a plum hue to it, very Grenache. The bouquet is striking, offers a perfumed, spiced plum fruiting, another direct display of Grenache charm at Châteauneuf. It has good weight. The palate is thick with wavy, spiced content, cinnamon and nutmeg, musky rose notions, the strawberry jam fruit rather splendid. It hands out a sphere of pleasure, and is true to south-eastern soils in style, with the fibre of that corner rather than the boldness of the northern area, for example. It’s very long, too, the aftertaste on smoke, lead pencil. It’s a true STGT wine. 2039-41 Oct 2017


bright red robe. Rather sultry, perfumato nose, musky flowers, Pez sweets and a tidy raspberry infill. It’s a bouquet that leaves room for some mystery, hidden corners. This is gentle, en rondeur wine, with cooked plums, authentic Grenache plumpness. The fruit has attractive clarity and enough weight to interest, albeit in a restrained, 2014, manner. There is slight build in grip, depth on the end. The finish will be softer by mid-2017. Drink this quite soon. 14°. 2025-26  Oct 2016

2013 ()

red robe. Rose hip, pot pourri of dried flowers airs hover over charming red fruit in a calm bouquet. There is the perfume of strawberry to enhance it. The palate links faithfully to the nose, is also perfumed, holds clear red fruit, then some dark tannins, all in a steady register. This is neat and bonny wine with a bit more sustained length than the 2014, and moves well to the line. 13.5°. 2030-33 Oct 2016

2012 ()

red colour. Red fruits, small and crushed come with red meat, evolution, a note of sunshine and baked lands in the glass on the nose. The palate runs with close-knit red fruits that have a little vibrancy. The tannins fit in well, are glove-like. There is a point of late darkness here, and it’s sturdy within. There is a fresh stretch towards the finish, the length satisfactory. Decant it. 14°. 2029-31 Oct 2016

2008 ()

plum red colour. The nose is evolving into bosky, damp, soaked prunes airs, has thickness for a 2008, comes forward without hesitation. The palate also shows well, holds black fruits, crisp tannins with some edge to them, goes long in a medium weight way. Authentic wine, with character, drink with beef, venison. It has life and good vigour, spice and freshness. The close is peppered. “I wasn’t a fan two to three years ago, when it was completely closed, but now it is much more agreeable,” Matthieu Faurie-Grépan. 13.5°. 2027-29 Oct 2016


the robe is turning to ruby. The bouquet lies low, but is poised thanks to sweet, thick red fruits, a pile of cooked plums, soaked strawberries. This is classic Châteauneuf-du-Pape with age on the palate – it is spiced, carries red fruits with musky tannins, orange zest freshness, peony on the close. It deals a good hand, is still right there, presenting fineness and quiet power together. This is most satisfying. It would be good with Osso Bucco, for example. “When ageing, our wines often turn towards orange, orange marmalade,” Matthieu Faurie-Grépan. 13°. 2029-31 Oct 2016