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The Wines

50-80% Grenache blanc (late 1970s), 20-50% Roussanne from sandy, galet stone soils on Crousroute (S-E), steel vat fermented at 15°C, raised 80% steel vat, 20% new 400-litre oak casks 5 months, malo blocked, filtered, first wine 2013, 2,300-2,600 b

2017 ()

full, glowing yellow robe. The bouquet has an oily, southern essence, is laden with ripe peach, peach stone, grapey airs, camomile tea, a patch of iodine. The palate moves straight away on texture, the fat, glycerol du sud. This is rich, wholesome, has a flavour of cooked lemon, burnt almonds, the one caveat being the slightly bitter intensity on the close, as if the sun’s rays have breached the defences there. The finish is therefore firm, tangy, a bit non-conformist. This will take sauced dishes, couscous, paella in its stride.  There’s a sense of petrol on the aftertaste. 14°. 2,600 b. 50% Gren bl, 50% Rouss: the Grenache blanc badly hit this year, and down from 80%. Bottled April 2018. €36. 2030-32 Oct 2018

2016 ()

full yellow colour, lots of depth. The bouquet is sweet and rich, a real fat moment, with very ripe Roussanne in the picture, airs of white peach and liquid honey. The palate has a little salty take on the debut, with dried fruits such as apricot and roasted nuts included in its rolling path, white tobacco on the close. This is full-hearted, genuine white Châteauneuf, for a large glass, and lobster in sauce, for example, also wild mushroom dishes, truffles. Rock on Tommy here. This really captures the imagination. It will become exotic with time. 14°. 2026-28 Mar 2018


full yellow robe. The nose has the reserve of young Grenache blanc wine, presents a handsome broad front led by apricot, a note of quince, comes with cooked citrus touches, its quite lucidity in the second tier stemming from the Roussanne. The palate sequels well from the nose, is sturdy, filled, cruises well with a build in salty intensity, dried fruits on the final stages. This is in a holding, quite phase, but has strong depth for the future, is a true southern table wine. There are notes of aniseed on the aftertaste, some clarity. There’s a red wine resemblance, structure here. Great with mushroom risotto, pork, sweet spiced cuisine, couscous, paella. It has the thorough features of the 2015 vintage. Decanting advised. 14°. From 2020. 2030-32 May 2018


yellow robe. Cooked banana aroma with sweet and ripe pear – this is a solid setting for the bouquet. There are additional airs of ripeness in the fruit and infused tea such as camomile. The palate comes with a firm gras richness, is textured with a little spring in its step. It needs to loosen, is in a dumb phase now. It is authentic, has good body for la table, keeps going well, ending on garrigue, leaning towards aniseed, gorse flowers. Decant this. “It was more alive, on white fruits, almond,” Matthieu Faurie-Grépan. 13.5°. From spring 2018. 2028-30  Oct 2016