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The Wines

90-100% Grenache (1960) from galet stone, sandy soils on Valori (N-E), also Pied Redon (S-E), Croix de Bois (S-E), 0-10% Syrah, whole bunch fermentation, 30 day vinification, pumping overs, cap punching, aged 40% steel vat, 35% 2-4 year 228-litre oak casks, 25% 2-4 year 600-litre oak casks 18 months, first wine 2008 (called Pierre d’Ambre until 2011), 1,000-2,800 b

2017 ()

(casks/vat) sober dark plum colour. The bouquet could be fresher, shows stewed black stone fruits, prune, with a tangy note surrounding them. The palate holds stewed black fruits with tar, smokiness, the second half dry, the tannins dry on the finish, where there is a little menthol freshness. This has some work to do. 15°. 900 b. 100% Grenache. €43 is high. From 2022. 2037-39 Oct 2018

2016 ()

(casks/vat, bottling July 2018) shiny, dark robe, legs visible. Inky, beef stock airs come forward with soaked fruits, evident crop ripeness, on the nose. The palate is a mix of black berry fruits such as cassis and loganberry, manages to keep a lid on its power. But with the oaking and its charcoal, it’s not an ensemble as yet, and the soaked nature renders it in the sipping camp. 15.6°. 2,800 b. 100% Grenache. €38. From 2021. 2037-39 Oct 2017


quite a dark red. Cigar smoke, prune airs, has a fairly rich depth – it is not a full bore density, but is nutty, chunky, vegetal [tasted blind, that explained afterwards by whole bunch use]. The black cherry fruit is liquid, laced with violet, while dark and toasted tannins are present. There is a touch of mystery and potential here. Modern, quite sleek wine that is on its oak. Mainstream wine. From 2015. 15°, €32. 2024-26  Dec 2012


(vat/oak) dark robe; This is a Wide Load, full bouquet – there is a sense of ripeness and southern weight. The palate gets off to a chunky start in this scaled-up wine, feels interventionist. A lot of tannin coats the gums – easy, tiger. From mid-2014. It is forceful, but just about under control, but it nearly into sipping rather than drinking category. Who are you trying to impress?? Foot down on the pedal - relax whoever made it (tasted blind). 2026-27. €28.00 at the cellars. Dec 2011


mild red; smoky, rather chalky black fruits air, graphite and gunsmoke. The palate is wired – I wonder if this has 2008 in it – it has a rather brittle second half, and dries suddenly. Discordant. Tar finish and aftertaste after some red fruits. 2-17-18 Oct 2010

2008 No Rating

600 b for the first vintage