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The Wines

5,000 b


fine yellow robe; there’s a smoky, ashy aroma on the front of the nose, a neat inlay of white plum, pear. It’s a calm, appealing start. The palate bears refined juice with spicy moments, and tang in the delivery towards the finish. There are notes of cooked citrus fruit, nut paste, greengage. It’s a purposeful, well defined Châteauneuf blanc. The aftertaste is rounded, if a tiny bit tame. 13.5°. 5,000 b. Bottled June 2018. 2029-30  Oct 2018

2016 ()

yellow robe. Has a buttery, rounded nose, some trim minerality to freshen it, fruit such as greengage plum. It’s not yet fully open. The palate bears easy, tasty content, all in a neat ball, is shapely. It doesn’t reach for the sky, but drinks with agreeable pleasure. There’s enough freshness for it to drink solo, or with steamed fish, soft cheese. It has discreet length, ticks over. To 2023 Feb 2018


quite a full yellow robe. Peach jam, a semblance of coconut, a touch of greengage show on the nose. It shows the ripeness and sun of the vintage. The palate is dumb, bears closed-in content with hints of honey, white raisin. It just passes the mark of freshness into more ponderous zones, requires la table, for fish stew, mixed flavours, cheese. 15°. €22 at the cellars. 2021-22 Sept 2016