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The Wines

50% Muscat (1968), 50% Clairette blanche (1968), fibre glass vat co-fermented at cellar temperature about 1012°C, raised 10-11 months, malo blocked (2016), completed (2018), SO2 35-40 mg total added only at the pressing, first wine 2011, then 2013 as IGP de la Drôme, Vin de France since 2016, “drink as aperitif or with fish, shellfish”, 1,300 b

2018 ()

yellow robe; has a ripe fruit air that leans towards exotic fruit, carries damp notes. Grapey Muscat is on top on the palate, gives the aromatics, while the Clairette gives the vinous feel, the texture. It drinks well, ends on orange peel, pinpoint notes, is trim there. 12°. Bottled May 2019. €6.50 at the cellars or €4.60 export. To 2022 Feb 2020

2016 ()

yellow colour with some pear skin tint. Has a jolly, grapey air, a well rounded nose that sets us almost in exotic fruits territory. It has good foundation, the Muscat on top. The palate bears suave, fleshy content, a good filling. This is table wine with good richness. It is sweetly-noted, nicely ample, an off the beaten track white that will go well with spaghetti alla vongole (clams). “I would drink it with fish in sauce, gambas cooked in pastis, red mullet in a parsley, cheese sauce,” David Bautin. 12°. €5. Bottled Aug 2017. To 2020 Feb 2018