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The Wines

75% Muscat à petits grains (mid-1950s-2007, includes 4.5 ha of vines at 600 metres at Montmaur, “which help the freshness”), 25% Clairette (Pontaix, later ripening), varieties fermented apart, destemmed, pressed, decantation at 5°C for a week, then racked, wild yeasts only, filtered at specific gravity of 1020, then bottled, fermentation restarts in bottle, then after about 4 months stops due to lack of oxygen, mousse achieved in bottle, bottles emptied under carbonic gas, then filtered, re-bottled, naturally a demi-sec with 60 gm of residual sugar, 8°alcohol, “serve at a temperature of 7°-8°C, drink as aperitif or with desserts within one year of purchase”, 130,000 b

NV (2016)

attractive, nicely full yellow robe with a fine mousse. The aroma gives lemon, is lightly salted, shows some cooked apple, has good foundation: this is a good vintage even if it’s not marked on the label. There are mild notes of peach and buttercup flowers. The palate expresses its grapey nature well, is based on soft compote of white fruits, stewed fruits, with a bout of nutty grip on the finish, liquid honey on the aftertaste. This is very drinkable, has nice body, a belle roundness at its heart. It’s refined and very good Clairette de Die Tradition. 8°. May 2018

NV (2014) No Rating

pale yellow, fine mousse. Pear, cooked apple airs, also cooked citrus fruits – this is a friendly nose. The palate has a cooked apple, nuts, dried fruits flavour with floral notes. This is charming, enjoyable, a very good aperitif. 8°. Apr 2016

NV (2013) ()

fine yellow with a fine mousse visible. Has a creamy, pear-stewed apple aroma, a real good curve and width to it, nice and open, dabs of lemon. This drinks well, is w.o.w. wine – bingo! There is lots of offer on the attack, while it ends on a note of grip, a touch of bitter. This is enjoyable – it really sets up the palate for food, and is bang on target as an aperitif. Flowers and spring sunshine in the glass, this is daisy light wine. 8°. March 2015

NV (2011)

flint colour. Wide, immediate nose of pear drop sweets, menthol and licorice, varnish, elderflower. There is a genuine, local feel to this. It gives a lightly sugared, sweet pick-up along the palate, ending in a curved finish, where there is a nut-pear aftertaste. Cassis bud and nettle notes are present also. Serve this chilled. 8°. April 2013

NV (2010) ()

very pale robe; light air of licorice in a pretty, elegant nose that mixes up lime and lemon, honey. The palate is notable for its fine mousse and a flavour of seasoned apple, also flan and white raisin: it is all very fine and orderly. Lovely, authentic, elegant wine. Bottled Jan 2011, on sale from September 2011. 8°. Feb 2012

NV (2007) ()

harmonious, elderflower aroma with a nutty back air – agreeable. Refined palate, has grip, passes along easily, has a clear, pear flavoured aftertaste. Beau. 8°. Jan 2009