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The Wines

50-60% Marsanne (1982), 50-40% Roussanne (50% 1965, 50% 1981), from Verlieu (granite), fermented at 20°C, raised 50% vat, 50% oak casks - 20% new, 80% 2-3-4 year oak casks - 10 months (until 2004 was 33% oak (1/5 new, rest 1-4 years), 65% vat), malo completed, 2,800-3,000 b

2018 ()

shiny yellow; this has a bold, right out there bouquet, pineapple, mango, exotic fruits, grilling all in the mix. The palate bears a suave, well established richness, continues on that roll of fat in to the finish. There is a peach stone, apricot flavour late on. It ends on caramel, flattering depth. A wine for la table. “It’s very aromatic, has a certain bit of acidity on the finish,” André Perret. 14°. 50% Marsanne, 50% Roussanne. 2023-24 Dec 2019

2017 ()

pale yellow; the nose has discreet style, floral, white fruit airs, peach tones. The palate drinks well, the attack live, carries a nutty, greengage plum flavour, with cut late on. There are notes of citrus within. A touch of late salt helps its clarity. 13.5°. To 2022 Dec 2019


(steel vat, since this morning after blending of the casks) shiny yellow robe. Citrus jam, crushed white plums, mandarin segments airs feature on the nose, which is bold. The attack is nice and generous, textured and soft, then gives a more grainy grip. It has a white nectarine flavour, greengage plum. It’s an in the instant wine, for la table over the aperitif. 13.5°. 50% Mars, 50% Rouss. To 2021 July 2017


shiny yellow. The nose is rounded, with fat, roasted nuts, grapiness, a hint of crème patisserie, a note of banana and oak. This is joli and engaging, comes with nice supple content, a good heart of gras, style, travels well to the close, holds up well. It has character and style, is a good, enjoyable and natural country wine. The flavours centre on white peach, peach stone, white strawberry. There is more Marsanne tang on the nose with air. 13.5°. 2022-23 April 2018 Previously Apr 2016 **** (3 year 228-litre cask) shiny yellow robe. The aroma is thick – mixes oak, quince fruit with a grippy nature, smoke. There is a mineral run late on. The texture on the palate is rich, but the wine is clear. It very much takes the table wine route over the aperitif. This is serious wine, take your time with it, and decant it. From mid-2017. 2024-25 GB/HK £185 12 b i/b Goedhuis +44(0)207 793 7900 +852 2801 5999 sales@goeduis.com hksales@goedhuis.com www.goedhuis.com  Apr 2016


shiny yellow robe. Has a nougat-pear aroma, light apricot, is just starting out. The palate is soft, led by a peach-nectarine flavour. It has quiet style, grips gently, lacks a little lift. Steady wine. 13°. 2021-22 Oct 2015

2013 ()

burnished yellow robe. Has a citrus jam air, tarte tatin, apricot juice – it’s drinking well with age. The palate offers dried fruits, white plum, some melon in fact, with quince freshness on the finish. There is nice concentration in this, and it will drink well with mushroom risotto, truffle dishes, pork. It’s going well, lengthens nicely, is salty on the aftertaste. 13.5°. To 2021 July 2017


pale colour. Bright and fresh early impression on the nose, which is upbeat, shows spice and lime, citrus touches with toasting from the oak and a light depth of flan. This is tucked in on itself, has a small spot of central gras richness. The flavours resemble peach with a small not of nut. Sympa, elegant, nice length. Beau and subtle. 50% Mars, 50% Rouss this year. “It will be longer after the winter 2013-14,” André Perret. Bottled late Aug 2013. 12.5°. To 2018  Nov 2013

2011 ()

bottled 1 Sept 2012: pale yellow. Wax, honey air, pear, honeysuckle flowers, citrus touches to lift the bouquet. The attack has attractive grip, is tight, with comfortable gras, sympa gras. It ends on white fruit, tang, a flavour of pear – a tidy, clean finish. Has enough depth for food, but at the moment is a very good aperitif. A wine of good, clear lines. 12.5°. To 2017  Oct 2012

2010 ()

shiny, modest yellow robe. Has a plump aroma – it has a fat air, with white fruit jam such as peach and apricot, dried apricots and white flowers in good harmony. The palate starts on cooked white fruit, jam, compote flavours. It is a bit dumb – “it was more open”, A. Perret – and has spine and tension on the second half, is fine and long. Delicate touch wine that could hold more obvious richness or gras. Decant this. 13.5°. 50% M, 50% R this year. 2019-20 May 2012


(new cask) *** pale yellow; fat, rounded aroma, oak present. Ample palate – has a fat, apricot and vanilla flavour, ends on crunchy oak. Has ways to go – needs at least 12 months. (3 year cask) *** quite pale; lime, candy aroma, all on the curve. Dried white fruits, solid filling in the palate. Has late light acidity to wake it, ends firmly. Has a lot of fruit, but its acidity is quite feeble, so drink by 2013-14. From spring 2011. “2009 has matter,” A.Perret. 13.5° this year. To be blended end July, bottled September 2010. July 2010


level yellow colour; spice-honeycomb first aroma, slight SO2 for now, so decant this. Good entry to the palate – its richness is well shaped – this has life in it, is suited to food, is a little on the wire. I find the Roussanne shows on the second half – this freshens it and lends it steel. 13.5°. bottled Sept 2009. To 2016. July 2010

2007 ()

exotic fruits, waxen aroma, with furniture polish in the air – the Marsanne on top. The palate has a rich, measured start – the flavour is honey, apricot, with a dart of focus as it goes, almost a late tannic moment. There is vanilla in the aftertaste, where the texture is round and ripe. 13.4°. 2013-14. Dec 2008 Previously Jan 2008 *** (cask) nutted, quite tight aroma that is elegant in shape. There is a good measure of richness on the palate, with gras and flow. Less heated than the 2006, and better for that, works on elegance and is “only” 13°. Pretty wine. To 2014 Jan 2008

2006 ()

a round aroma of white fruit tart and a little banana, trimmed with some toast from the oak, and pear. The palate has a good, generous feel, is a wine of some richness. Continues well and proceeds with an easy flow. Has a tickle of late oak, and is long. Nicely balanced, there is a quiet tone of ripeness in this. To 2014. €10 all taxes included. Jan 2008

2005 ()

gentle, honey-tinted nose with a nutty backdrop and dried apricots present – is fine. The palate starts gently, and is round and rich at mid-way. Lasts well, juicily. Has a light touch at the finish, bonny and fragrant. More ample and out and about from spring 2007. Quietly stylish. To 2011. 10% new oak this year, rest 4-5 year old casks. Nov 2006


(cask) big, golden aromas, exotic/overt. Tasty, large-scale palate, white fruit sweets. Seductive flavour, its power overcomes some absence of length.

2001 ()

apple/butter, floral nose; refined, live with decent body. Stylish ending, good cut - northern St Jo style. 2010-12

2000 ()

decent style on bouquet, white fruit, salty tang. Generous and fine texture. Good persistence, rich at end. Well-structured, above all is refined. 2009-11

1999 ()

still upright bouquet, closed, though has potential. Clear-cut taste, decent richness. Can blossom and broaden. 2007-08


open early on bouquet, floral aspect; frisky, three-quarter weight. Clean, floats along, accessible.

1995 ()

last year of 100% Marsanne: lovely aroma, lime, honey; starts dumb, discreet richness. Not a very big year, but one to put aside till 1999 or so. 2005-07