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ungrafted Marsanne (0.25 ha, 1970) on the plain beside the Rhône at Verlieu, fermented, raised 3-4-5 year 228-litre oak casks 10 months (until 2004 was 50% 2-year oak, 50% vat), first wine 1996, malo completed, 1,000-2,000 b


yellow robe; there’s a good strike on the nose, aniseed, wax, notes of honey, apricot, along with attractive, floral-musky and flan attachments. The palate bears the fat of the vintage, runs with a brioche flavour, compote of white fruits, has a tender finish, trim acidity there. €10 at the cellars. 14°. 2022 Dec 2019

2017 No Rating


2016 ()

(steel vat, bottling early Aug 2017) this was in casks until yesterday, and now has been blended, and is in steel vat prior to bottling in one month: yellow colour. Dried fruits, pear in syrup air, apricot and vanilla pod. The palate holds squeezy richness, right in its centre, the flavour on plum and apricot; it finishes clearly, nice tang there. It glides well, drinks well. The aftertaste is fresh – this is dentelle, toothsome wine that invites a second glass, is w.o.w. wine. 13°. “The pH was normal this year,” André Perret. To 2020 July 2017


pale yellow. Honey-ginger, big and forward nose, very 2015 in style, airs of ripe peach also. The palate has a pear in syrup flavour along with apricot. It holds good, fat gras, with true Marsanne tang, grip on the finish. It flirts with degree, is a grounded table wine. 14.5°. 1,000 b. To 2019 Oct 2016


pale yellow. Has a soft, honeyed nose which presents aromas of apricot, lime and lemon: it is an easy welcome. The palate holds cosy, supple fruit, stewed fruits or compote, with a texture that is smooth and easy. It is more tender than the 2013. It gives a touch of late citrus. It is a bit soft-soft. 12°. To 2017  Oct 2015

2013 ()

pale yellow robe. The bouquet has a good foundation, airs of wax, pear, spring flowers. This is very elegant, holds quiet acidity, goes along smoothly, grips well. The flavour centres on white peach, has cut. This is very good vin de pays. 12.5°. To 2018  Oct 2015

2010 ()

clear, rather bright yellow; healthy, toasted, flan-banana airs, with dust, white pepper, a touch of citrus. The palate has a nice debut, is supple, tastes easily – there is effortless, comfortable fat in this, a wine suited to hors d`oeuvres, is easy to drink. It lengthens calmly, and has fine late grip and grain. The aftertaste shows apricot and honey. Bottled late Aug 2011. 13°. To 2016 May 2012

2007 ()

quite a full yellow colour; has a sweet, waxen, baked fruit air, pear in the lead. Wisps of Viognier here – this is raised in the ex-Condrieu casks. The palate is fat, with a good, rich heart, has bonny matter and is notably rich for a vin de pays. Good end grip, too – this is a rocker. 14.5° - you wouldn`t know it. “The crop was in over-ripeness this year, and I would recommend drinking it with chicken in sauce, or goat cheese, for instance,” A.Perret. Dec 2008


a pale yellow; wax, wee notes of honey on the nose. Nicely sweet-toned start to palate, which is rich and tasty. The length is good, and the wine is faithful to the Marsanne on the finish, where it tightens. Confirmed quality here, can keep evolving, too. As usual, very Good Value. €6 all taxes included. 13.5°. “Our Marsanne ages very well here,” A.Perret. To 2013. Jan 2008

2005 ()

calm yellow robe. Has a soft butter aroma that is trimmed with white pepper; is at a quiet moment now, with some lime and maybe a touch of SO2 evident. The palate is more get up and go, with a good, full nature, and a really zappy strike of fruit. Just ending its youth, and binding itself together. Has a refined layer of almond in the flavour. Way above its status, as usual. A dot on the card for value buyers. 2011-12 March 2008

2004 ()

honey-apricot-salted aromas that make up a very rounded bouquet. Soft and tasty palate, the flavour is butterscotch and apricot. Very enjoyable for solo drinking, this has great body for its lowly status, is delicious for its category, and true to type. Some heat on aftertaste. A really outstanding wine for the price of £8-9 a bottle. August 2006


firm, cooked fruit aroma, toasted. Cooked white fruits run through it, some richness near finish, length good.


creamy aroma; white fruits, suave, rounded.