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The Wines

50% 1998/2000 Syrah from Condrieu (Ste Agathe), 50% 1980s Syrah (the first Syrah Georges Vernay planted) from Maclas on plateau at 300 metres, destemmed, 2 week steel vat vinification, pumping overs, 1-2 manual cap punchings, aged 30 hl large tronconic barrel 6 months, (before 2008 was vat raised 8 months), fined, filtered, called Fleurs de Mai since 2008, 5-10,000 b

2017 No Rating

dark red; the bouquet has an open air of cherry fruit, lozenges, raspberry. The palate has a flavour of mulled fruits, supple tannins, has a slightly loose composition. The late stages are a little acrid. Not sure how correct this bottle is. 13°. Dec 2019

2016 ()

red with purple hints in the robe. There is a fresh, running aroma of raspberry, also mulberry, on the nose, with a nicely sustained presence, drifts of musky flowers. The palate gives breezy fruit, fine tannins in a good wheel of fruit, with the house signature of clarity in the fruit. There is quiet grain grip on the finish, and the juicy aftertaste is a bonus. This can be drunk solo, is a w.o.w., good performer. There is a touch of white pepper in the late flavour. 12.5°. Bottled March 2017. 9,000 b. To 2021 July 2017

2014 ()

medium depth purple robe; has a kind, lissom, red jelly fruit aroma with a discreet peppered underair – the nose glistens with youthful freshness. The palate drinks as if one is sucking on a fruit pastille of raspberry or red cherry. A minor tannic show on the finish adds an ounce or two of depth. Absolutely easy, clean drinking, solo, at the bar. The length is tidy. It can be chilled. 12.5°. To 2017  Apr 2015

2013 ()

purple colour, not that deep. Redcurrant jelly, red cherry aroma that has a little thickness from its 18 months of life. It is a bright nose. This is suave and easy, extends with quiet persistence, all in a compact register. It ends roundly, with a little grain. It can do solo drinking, or with light dishes. 12.5°. To 2017  Apr 2015


red, light purple tints. Raspberry jam, roundly fruited aroma with licorice touches, even herbs – hay included. The palate enjoys attractive poise, a flattering run of red fruits with a pick-up of tannin and dustiness. It finishes safely. Its cherry fruit is supple, discreet. A tender wine with appealing floral afternotes. Bottled March 2013. 12.5°. 2016-17  Nov 2013


red, wee purple traces. Reductive first nose, plum, light red jam fruit within. It still carries the nutty effect of its raising. The palate is round and is approaching an open door stage, its texture gummy and the finish quite full. Blackberry fruit lies well within it, with a pocket of juice seeping out nicely from that. From spring 2012 for more declaration. 12.5°. To 2017. July 2011

2009 ()

quite full red, wee purple. Has a smoky (oak), peppery nose, has a ring of clarity in its black fruit, a shade of violet. Appealing black fruit with a fine line of tannin on the palate, a pretty freshness. This is very drinkable, has good quality fruit. Good length – a bit of oak and tannin at the end. “I seek drinkability with this, even it is more serious than Mirbaudie,” Christine Vernay. To 2017. Nov 2010


attractive, simple red robe; subtle red fruit curve to the bouquet, white pepper in behind: this floats well, is airy and aromatic, there is a breezy start here. The palate leads with cherry fruit, and it is sympa in the mid-late stages, bearing a good run of fine fruit. The length is correct. This drinks now, is delicate, agreeable, really beau. Suited to chicken, asparagus risotto (virgin olive oil), gratin dauphinois, cardoons. To 2014. Nov 2009


bright red robe; very reductive aroma – has a severe fruit gum-tar combination. The reduction is fortissimo, and may well derive from its steel vat raising – so double decant this and leave two hours. The palate carries black fruits with a gummy texture – there is a sound level of content, and it runs on calmy and smoothly. There is good life in the fruit and some late tannin. Beyond the reduction, the fruit is tasty, so you have to shake this all about after opening. “It wasn't reduced before – it's been like this since November 2008,” Christine Vernay. 12.5°. To 2012. Dec 2008


sound, quite dark red; black berry fruit aroma with some early reduction, and soft in nature – is heading for an open, flowery moment and future charm. The palate black fruits have some spring in their step, and the flow is good. There is late tannin, a dark touch via some licorice in the flavour. Drinks openly and roundly, and finishes with a softer close than some years of this. Good fruit within. 12.5°. To 2010-11 Jan 2008


frisky peppered aroma; red fruit, white pepper. Red jam end.

2001 ()

stewed red fruit nose; plum fruit, tannin/liquorish end.