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The Wines

2004, 2006 Viognier planted at a density of 9,000 a hectare from the plateau at 300+ metres at Saint-Michel-sur-Rhône, poor rocky, very sandy soils, used 228-litre oak cask fermented, raised 11 months (until mid-2010s steel vat fermented at up to 20°C, raised 10 months), malo completed, “the aim is for freshness over the fruit”, 900-1,500 b

2016 ()

pale yellow robe. Has a jolly, friendly nose which is round and open, has airs of glazed fruits, cooked pear. The palate runs with pear and white plum flavours, is squeezy, and can drink well with poultry. There’s a touch of “high” fruit at the end, and a bit of late bitter that sets it apart in structure. There is honey on the aftertaste. It is a bit short. 13°. To 2020 Mar 2018


pale yellow. Open, broad air, a bouquet that reads easily, shows cooked pear, raisin and vanilla pod, white plum: a good nose. There are waxen notes, orange and tangerine flavours, with steady grip. It just favours la table over aperitif drinking. Very good with cardoons. It ends firmly, the length good. A serious vin de pays, centred on apricot and peach fruit with a nutty aftertaste. “It has closed, but will become more open,” François Merlin. 12.5°. Bottled 29 Aug 2013. 900 b this year. 2015-16 Nov 2013


easy yellow colour; the nose spreads well, white jam, rather luxurious pear fruit, tints of white tobacco, hazelnut, banana, baked apple. Attractive debut to the palate – it is wavy, textured, has the flavour of cooked fruits, pear. There is a slight late tang, and good length with a spot of vigour on the aftertaste. Good, genuine wine. There is a mineral touch and some vanilla late on. “There was hail on the day of its harvesting,” F.Merlin. €12 at the cellars. 12.8°. To 2016  Oct 2012