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The Wines

90% Syrah, 10% Viognier (varies 8-15%) from La Brocarde, south-west facing, 60% destemmed, 3 week vinification at up to 28°C (reduced), pumping overs, only a few cap punchings, aged new oak 18 months (until mid-200s was 23 months), unfiltered, first wine 1995, 1,200 b


(casks) dark robe. Thick soaked fruits aroma, layers of blackberry, its ripeness extending towards prune, a light note of tobacco. Good texture and generosity already on show here; gushes of black fruit move around, are gourmand, offer instant appeal. Gives a juicy caress, is scented wine. Its fruit is full of beans. Modern, upbeat wine. From spring 2015. 87% Syr, 13% Vio this year. 2023-25  Nov 2013

2011 ()

(casks) steady red robe; soaked cherries, soaked raspberries aroma with a light floral note – the nose has fair depth, black raisin notes with oak smoke-charcoal. The palate leads off on aromatic plum fruit, with a grainy, mineral texture following. It ends on a tang of crushed stones, graphite, a good swirl of elements with mystery lurking. This holds lucid fruit, while its depth is so-so, not pronounced. It lingers nicely, is a straightforward wine. From 2015. 2022-24  Nov 2012


bright, full red robe; smoky, bacon nose with iris, moderate bsoaked black cherries, a touch of black pepper. Tight, but intrinsically rich, on the trail to robust, solar wine, one that develops elegantly after half way. It lengthens well, has good tannic quality. It is still a bit on its oak at the end. From spring 2011. Its bouquet will be extra attractive around 2012-13. 2020-22 Nov 2009

2006 ()

(casks) some dark tints in the robe. Very primary, sweet style red fruit aroma, not especially live, its suppleness suggests the southern zone (once I see the label, maybe it is the Viognier that does this): soaked olives, plenty of aroma here. Reserved attack on the palate, with a red fruits theme. Has some richness, but that is not really established as yet. Ends on a dry note, towards the oak. The core matter is rich, but it is unmade at present, even though it carries potential. I reckon it can become polished by 2010-11 and there could be a blossoming future for it, since its balance is sound. 2019-22 Nov 2007


(cask) dark robe; classy bouquet in the making – clear definition on the nose, tight red fruit with some smoky, earthy, leather notes in reserve. Elegant, stylish red fruit that flows well on the palate – this is graceful. A stylish more than obviously full wine. Its tannins are still imposing, and demand leaving it alone until 2009. 2018-20. Nov 2006

2004 ()

dark, chocolate-infused bouquet, shows macerated black berries, also stalky elements. Big wine on palate, broad and filling. Dense interior contains compact black fruit, damson. Scented flavour, the Viognier presence, emerges at end. Grass roots style, pungent and brewed. Is a little sharp. Esp 2007 on. 2013-17 April 2006 Previously **(*) (casks) scented, gamey and smoky aroma, fair persistence. Interesting mix of chocolate and brewed fruit, has a farmyard effect. Later picking gives a more raisin/prune aspect at the end. Can roll along, esp from 2009. 2019-21

2002 No Rating

NOT PRODUCED - crop went into Gallet Blanc


overtly oaked nose, fair black berried fruit with it. Decent weight of flavour, ends oaky which adds to the tannins. Leave well alone till 2007 or so. 2015-17


cocoa/coffee aroma, stops a little short. Dry-toned palate, as if excess of oak got to it and it never got past that. Tight, rather taut. Drink it up. March 2005 Previously ** ripe, oily aromas, some damp/violet; quite warm red fruits, pretty full. Dries on second half, toasted end. From 2006. 2011-12