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The Wines

60-70% Marsanne (1991, 1994), 30-40% Roussanne (1994, 2002), mainly own crop, some purchased crop (early 1980s-mid 1990s), from Limony, Saint-Pierre-de Boeuf, Sarras, Ardoix (last 2 high vineyards), until 2006 was 50% Marsanne, 50% Roussanne, decanted at 8-10°C, fermented at 13-18°C, raised 25-30% new, 70-75% 1-5 year 228-litre oak casks 10-11 months, malo completed, 6,500-10,000 b

2015 ()

deep yellow colour. The nose is grilled, has a pork scratchings association, with sponge cake, ginger airs, a murmur of ripe mango. The palate holds a tobacco, infused tea such as camomile flavour with noted tang, in the league of orange marmalade, as it finishes. It’s a bulky wine, for la table, and sauced dishes, salmon, tuna. The finish is gingery, quite fresh, though there is a little fade there. 13.5°. 2022-23 Oct 2016

2013 No Rating

yellow robe. VAST CORK. No 2nd bottle. 13.5°.  Jan 2015

2012 ()

(casks) mild yellow, some legs in the robe. Orange, pipe tobacco, greengage plum fruit combine with a light vanilla in the nose – this has precise notes. The palate presents sleek richness, always rolling well, before a savoury finish, works well on its smooth, fluid texture. Good style, an elegant Saint-Joseph. Exotic, spiced fruits are present – pineapple, pomegranate. It lingers well, on clear, citrus notes, with uplift in the finale. 12.8°. 2019-20 Nov 2013


mild yellow colour, legs. Guava, exotic fruits aroma, nail varnish, candy and pineapple airs. The palate offers nutty white fruit, pear is present as well as cooked apple. It drifts after half way, relies on its rather gras texture to carry it home as the fruit subsides. Correct, but doesn’t go further than that now, could be in a post-bottling quiet phase. Decant this, wait until spring 2013 – marked on showing more after its second winter. 13.5°. 2018.  Nov 2012

2010 ()

rather rich look, bright yellow with legs down the glass. Has an oily, light candy air – the aroma doesn`t show obvious fruit, more roasted nut. Its oak toasting drifts across it. The palate has a fine Roussanne style spine and acidity (tasted blind), a lime influence and a clean, clear impression. The gras richness and the freshness combine very well. There is light oak toast on the finish. A precise wine that is very well assembled, very orderly. Has a good, lightly salty exit, showing Roussanne again there. A top white St Jo 2010. 13.5°. 2019-20 Nov 2011


marked yellow colour; cooked pear, mucho spice nose, curry powder with green apple – an unusual start. The palate also has a lot of spice marching through it. It doesn`t yet offer a calm moment, and needs 9 months to integrate and fuse. It starts violently for now, and its acidity is disjointed. The length is OK. Best with food. From mid-2011. 13.8°. 2017-18 July 2010


yellow traces in the robe; has a full nose with well assured, ripe depth, nothing OTT, and afresh top note from the vintage. There is interesting Marsanne-led richness on the palate with a finer late stage where the Roussanne lays down some statement. It can evolve, since it is balanced, and reveals a weave of light tannin through it. 13.8°. 2015-17 Nov 2009 Only 6,500 b this year.

2006 ()

yellow, even hue in the robe. Has an earthy, white truffle-inspired nose – this is quite potent, contains baked white fruit with spice in it. Is a full affair that travels across and down, and has some high tone, too with the honey and oak. Dried white fruits with some butter around them commence the palate. Has late grip and good length, a clean-winded finish. There is some flan in the flavour, plenty of life and body. Ends quietly and elegantly, and gets marks for character. 2015-16. Jan 2008


yellow robe; toasted, broad nose, a bit of raisin alongside the oak. The palate has a round, quite full shape. Is buttery in mid-palate, then delivers raisin and dates before a clear, touch mineral finish. The length is sound and this has some character. Best with food – sweeter foods, notably. Dec 2006

2004 ()

60% Roussanne this year: the aroma veers towards red fruits, slaty young strawberries with good and direction. The palate centres on freshness at this stage, has a sinewed body with a little flan inside. Pomegranite syrup sort of flavour, off the wall. Runs clean and direct. The style and the fried fruits flavour lead it to be an aperitif wine. To 2010. June 2006


caramel-fruit style aroma, quite deep. Palate has a live side, dried fruits taste is quite vigorous. Honey/marmalade finish, length is sound. Warm wine, just a bit pushed in cellar, so drink quite soon. 2008.


solid pineapple bouquet, can be potent in future. Rich mid-palate, orange marmalade flavour. Well-enough grounded, a solid year, good push from the ripe Marsanne. 20% botrytis, 35% Roussanne


exotic, pineapple/apricot aroma. Quite rich then tightens with oak. Tropical fruits at first, then honey end. Was more salty, is changing all the while. 30+% botrytis, 45% Roussanne. 2004 on.


fresh, quite zesty nose; springy mass on palate, dry finish from the wood. Bit burnt there. Leave till 2001. 20% botrytis, 15% Roussanne.


exotic fruit smells, new World style; squelchy fruit, end acidity peps it up. 25% botrytis on Marsanne I find is a lot.


fresh bouquet, quite lot of grip; clean cut flavour, refined style, wood done OK; still finding itself (April 1996, New York) - should flesh and round itself out towards 1998, still rather green at this stage. Food needed.