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The Wines

90% Syrah (65% 1991, 35% 1950s), 10% Viognier from southern sector, whole bunch fermentation, aged used oak 18 months, fined, filtered


'dark" bouquet - tar more than fruit. Black berries flavour, runs quite OK until hits some firm tannins. Maybe softer 2006 on. 2010-11 Dec 2005


light, floral aroma. Gentle, soft wine ? clear fruit, some roundness. Length OK. Unpretentious and aromatic, no great core, early wine. 2009/11


red fruit/violet tone; garden fruit/tar, some matter.


truffle, burnt soil, violet bouquet; mint/raspberry with fair weight, nicely juiced, live liquorice finish. Honest, genuine wine in a punchy way. Esp 2005/06. 2010/12


oily, pine, crème de cassis aromas; well-founded blackberry taste, decent chewy, quite rich end. A sweat and toil wine, not one smarmed out by a press button operator. Good oily end. 2010/12