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LVT 1983 wh  The Pinchon vineyard in its current guise started with Émile working under one hectare that he gradually expanded to 1.5 hectares until his death in the early 1970s. Son Jean Pinchon, the father-in-law of Robert Niéro, took over, but as the vineyard didn’t give enough income to live on, Jean also worked selling cheese from a mobile shop on the place of Condrieu. Monsieur Pinchon made both a dry and demi-sec Condrieu, and was anti-new oak, telling me: “the wine is already well scented, so I don’t want an intrusion that the new casks would bring to it.” The Pinchon Condrieu was always thorough, persistent, bearing a true depth that made it a great dining companion. Jean died in 1990, with Robert Niéro having joined him on the domaine fulltime in 1987. Today, in its enlarged form, this is the Domaine Rémi Niéro.

69420 Condrieu