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The Wines

used oak cask fermented, raised 5-6 months, malo completed, best vintages in the 1980s were 1983, 1985, 1987, 1989


good soft golds, heavy yellows in the robe. A floral nose emerges after about 30 minutes, comes with good depth, and grows all the time: this is old-fashioned Viognier. It is the same on the palate – it has real ample width, flavours led by apricots and lovely, swell roundness, great width. It isn’t as heavy as some old style Condrieus, is a sort of half way house between Viognier Condrieu from Georges Vernay, which is very fresh and almost tart, and the old fashioned, more succulent school. This is good indeed. Feb 1985, Restaurant Schaeffer, Serrières