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The Wines

100% Syrah (late 1970s-early 2000s), 80% destemmed, wild yeasts, 3-week vinification, pumping overs, cap punching by leg work, aged 600-litre oak casks 12-15 months (part aged large 30 hl barrels until early 2010s), unfined, filtered, 30,000 b

2018 ()

bright, dark red colour; the bouquet gives floral, easy appeal, a soft aroma of black fruit, also licorice. The palate serves cherry, blueberry fruit with a little powder grain in the texture. It has the spine to keep it going, drinks soundly, is correct St Jo red. €10.35 export via Thorman Hunt, GB. 13°. Bottled late Nov 2019. From late-2020. 2025-26 Nov 2019


dark red; has a licorice, peppery, mulberry fruited nose, is open, quite vigorous, has bounce. The palate comes with bright fruit, runs with good life, freshness: cherry fruits on the go here. There’s a sleek texture within. It’s a touch green, near vegetal in a smoky finish. 13°. €10.35 export. 2026-26 Nov 2018

2016 ()

dark red robe, with a sheen about it. The nose gives an air of soaked black berry fruits, a note of damp tea leaves, mulberry red berry also discernible. The palate gives a grapey, strawberry, fleshy run with dark, smoky tannins swiftly in evidence. The aftertaste is rocky, compressed, a mite demanding. Allow until 2019 so it can get together, and release more juice to cover the tannic outcrops and the knuckled finish. It’s a punchy style of St Jo, no holds barred, a trifle exerted. 13°. 2024-25 Nov 2017

2015 ()

(casks) dark red, shiny robe. The bouquet is attractive, has an aromatic swirl of raspberry fruit with a baked bread, brioche backdrop. The palate shows well now, bears liberal red berry fruit with sleek tannins, all coming as tasty ensemble. This is a w.o.w. St Jo for quite immediate drinking. Its juiciness is appealing. From spring 2017. 2021-22 Oct 2016

2014 ()

(casks) dark red robe. The nose starts on a blackberry-licorice mix, has an air of buffed black leather as well. The cool blueberry fruit on the palate runs with a light, continuous step. This is a precise, almost tender wine, not overdone, has detail, is w.o.w. It drinks well now. 12.6°. 30,000 b. To 2020  Oct 2015 


2 bottles tasted. 1st bottle: mottled red robe, doesn’t look fresh or young. We will see. The nose has an air of stewed fruits, soaked strawberries, and a floral note. The palate is almost tired already, has a confected style. This finishes short, clogs up the palate. Disappointing. 12.7°. 2018-19 2nd bottle is corked. Jan 2015

2012 ()

(casks) quite a dark red; smoky bacon top air, discreet raspberry below, a mix of oak and cut here, and a picture of small berries given. The palate attacks on iron filing, smoky grip, has a brief moment of lucid, stylish black fruit before closing into its pebbly overcoat. Good quality fruit; this needs 2 years to become less strict, smoked, oaked. The depth is refined, not robust. From mid-late 2015. 13°. 2021-23 Nov 2013

2011 ()

(casks) rather dark. Has a “high”, animal air, fruit on the turn, plus a note of rotted forest floor, earthy, with a drift of rose hip to help lighten matters. The palate has a plump berry fruit debut, with plum and a seasoning of tobacco. Traditional style, a mixed bag of stimuli here. The violet, musky scenting is prominent on the close, which is round, gum smacking. From 2014. 13°. 2019-20  Nov 2012