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from five sites at Condrieu, led by La Roncharde and Côte Châtillon, with La Caille, Vergelas, Corbéry, vat-fermented, raised 35-40% new, 1-2-3-4 year old 228-litre oak casks, 60-65% steel vat (less oak than in mid-2000s) 11 months, cask wine lees stirred, malo completed, the two parts assembled at bottling, fined, filtered, "drink with aparagus in a mousseline sauce, quenelles de brochet (pikefish quenelles), truffled black pudding, chicken, scallops, lobster, langoustines in curry, rigotte de Condrieu goat cheese, Asian cuisine", 4-12,000 b

2018 ()

refined yellow robe; the bouquet carries quiet style, a neat air of peach and apricot fruit, grapiness, gives a graceful opening. The palate offers a tender, well measured run of elegant richness, with neat pear flavours and a note of white flowers. It’s articulate, appealing Condrieu with a little vintage weight supporting it. It drinks well now, is suited to scallops, steamed fish dishes, teriyaki. 13.5°. 11,330 b. €30. 2023-24 Nov 2019

2016 ()

yellow robe with a sheen of ripeness. Elderflower, orange-tangerine zest peel airs lead the nose, white peach also. It’s refined, elegant. The palate is quietly muscular, holds pear fruit with some tannic lining, and a firm second half. It’s in a quiet phase, decanting will help. The pear flavour is intense, compact. This is a solid Condrieu with some fringe tartness, cut. 14°. To 2023 Mar 2018


pretty full yellow robe. The nose is reserved, tightly drawn together, has a cooked lemon air, a note of roasted peanuts. The palate is muscled, holds a cooked pear, apple flavour, comes with a lithe line of tannin threaded through it, giving it a red wine shape. The finish is sturdy. Decanting is recommended. I would be inclined to leave this manly wine until its second stage. From spring 2018 - it should be of much greater interest then. 14.7°. 4,000 b. €17.20 export. GB £297 12 b i/b Clarion Wines info@clarionwines.co.uk www.clarionwines.co.uk +44(0)208 747 2069. 2023-25 Oct 2016

2014 ()

fine yellow robe. The bouquet is elegant, offers a mix of peach fruit and tangerine, a nice spot of plumpness. The palate is stylish, centres on apricot fruit and pulp, with a little smoky tang on the close. Orderly, refined, New Wave Condrieu, a little on the tame side. The aperitif is OK for this. 13.5°. 10,000 b. €17.70 export. To 2018 Oct 2015


2 bottles tasted, 1st corked. 2nd bottle: air of cooked pear, a low-level sweetness, some flan and licorice. The nose has interest, good grip, waxen notes. The palate has flavours of cooked pear, aniseed, a discreet richness. It extends with grip on the finale. Is an upright, clear take on Condrieu, with mineral to the fore. There is a dark note, near tannin, on the aftertaste. It is a full spread wine, just a bit obvious, and I think will benefit from being left until spring 2014. 13°. €17.70 export. To 2018  Nov 2013


pale yellow. Honeysuckle-acacia flowers air, with butter and appealing wafts of pear and cooked apple in the background. This is a stylish, charming debut, with lemon grass notes of freedom. The palate works in harmony with the nose – this has good style, is very drinkable, very fresh. A relaxed, STGT Condrieu, is not forced, and is gracious enough for the aperitif. The fine acidity allows the length to tick over, and there is a note of aniseed and licorice on the finish. Very typical – not big but extremely authentic. If drunk with foods, consider steamed scallops, for instance. 40 hl/ha this year. 2016-17  Nov 2012

2010 ()

pale yellow. There is a floating freedom in the nose, which is not especially showy, carries subtle aniseed, spiced white plum and hazelnut airs, perhaps coconut. The palate has an even temperament as it were, nothing out of turn, and drinks comfortably now. Shows fine late grip. The flavours are mild all round – pear, greengage, peanut. The length is sensible, and it ends with some lift. A short-term drinking Condrieu. To 2014. Nov 2011


pear-tinted yellow robe; rampant, pear-fronted bouquet that is oily and full, has a real long trail. This is a full form wine, lots of fat in it, and gives enjoyable solo drinking, running into a calm, light grip finale. Enjoyable is the word. It is loosening as it matures. Good and long, very true Condrieu – it is mineral-tinted and clear, so suggests it comes from a prime, core site in the original Condrieu vineyards. 14°. To 2013 June 2011 Previously July 2010 **** (casks) yellow tinged with primrose; brioche, tangy apricot aroma that is wide and purposeful, good and persistent. The palate is enclosed, bears a nutty flavour through it, and is poised towards the finish. This is complex, interesting, well made. Good length, and is not too firm on the finish, either, as some 2009s can be. To 2015. July 2010


full yellow; there is the cut of aniseed in the nose, a mix of fruits – greengage, white plums - also nougat and fennel – has authentic qualities. The palate is muscled at first, has a notably pear, Pear William flavour, a local imprint. Has moments of clarity, granite decisiveness along the palate. Full, wide, heated end. Has a nice run of clear fruit once it is aired. Food best. From spring 2010. Decant this. 13°. 2014-15. Dec 2009


fine yellow. Discreet pear, crumble aromas – a bouquet with some bite which is welcome, and keeps it within limits, adds a nutted air. Fine, sinewed wine on the palate, contains a light tannin spine, with some spirit breaking through. Good with crème caramel, a dish that softens it and sees off the spirit. A fine, not opulent Condrieu. To 2012 or so. Dec 2009 Previously Dec 2008 **(*) steady, slightly pale yellow; there is some freedom in the aroma – it gives the air of nuggety fruit near the stone, is not quite pristine, while there is a little “high” note in the fruit. The palate reflects high tone at the start; its flavour is apricot, and white jam, with grip apparent after towards the finish. There is sinew in this, some bite and firmness. It ends a little suddenly. 13.5°. 2012-13 Dec 2008


bright yellow; perky, spiced nose with a curve below of flan, banana that renders it round and agreeable. The palate has a full body, after a restrained start – it grows in punch and has belly. There is a good trail of savoury pear fruit. This has an authentic feel, is a wine that runs along sturdily. Has the vintage in it, is good now, is STGT wine. Aperitif OK, but especially with refined foods. 14.5°. To 2011. Dec 2008


bouquet is elegant - wisps of flowers with some butter and pear in the back. The palate of Les Ravines is often like this – there is a slightly flattering pear flavour, without great depth or persistence. May declare more after the winter 2006-07. All a little reserved. The length is OK, and there is a nutty/pear mix on the end. 13.5°. To 2009. Nov 2006


mild, pear scent, pear oil with a fresh tone. Fresh hit on attack, has a wiry interior, a mix of green apples and flan, not very full in mid-palate. Clean, spiced end. June 2006, GB Previously April 2006 **(*) fresh, open, lime-spice, fennel-mint aromas. Clear shape on palate, acidity evident, in giving it spring. Unusually fresh, is a little edgy and I wonder if the crop could have been picked later for more richness. Pineapple, a little oak on finish. Chance it can integrate more 2007 on. Fresh, fennel aftertaste. April 2006


spritely, quite assertive bouquet - some heat and spice, fruit element subdued. Gourmand style on palate, fat texture, a little restraint later. White stone fruits, some alcohol, a burnt aftertaste, but retains richness there. Drink by 2008. March 2005


bouquet has an upright shape - exotic fruits, kiwi, tangerine peel. Palate is also upright, acidity is still evident and this needs food to round it and coax it along. Banana flavour, is en route towards its mature stage. Smoked salmon and sweet onions enhance this, which has an earthy aspect. To 2008 November 2005 Previously (steel/cask) *** can be aromatic; charming, nicely weighted, fair length, with some fat.

2001 ()

honeysuckle, white fruit aroma; squeeze of peach, stylish, good purity on palate. Subtle, agreeable, ends with some vivacity.

2000 ()

pale; clear qte direct nose, mostly floral. Elegant, suave attack. Full enough, quite tight middle, fair length. Bit low on soul.