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The Wines

50 cl, either noble rot, or some dried-up passerillé grapes also, fermented, raised new oak 18 months, fermentation stops on its own, and is sterile filtered

2003 No Rating

like 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002 NOT MADE

2001 ()

strong, markedly gold colour; the nose reflects the Viognier more typically than the 1997 - this is more of a one card trick of cooked pear, with some damp wool and petrol traces. The palate is rather sticky and chunky, almost heavy, has an impenetrable brown sugar-apricot-vanilla taste mix. Butterscotch flavour. Has moved away from its roots with so much sugar in it on the palate. I like the bouquet. "The balance isn't right on the palate, " Y.G. June 2006 Previously *** exotic fruit aromas - guava/banana, a touch of spirit; very full, broad, overtly syrupy palate. Note all botrytis grapes, picked mid-November, residual sugar 160-170 gm per litre ("too much", Y.G.)


lime/orange marmalade aroma that is complex beyond that first impression - there seems to be fennel here, some vanilla, laurel and mint - great variety in clear tones, too. Well-balanced throughout - is delicate and flows well. Clean finish. Taste of orange jam, and a little pear as one would expect from the Viognier. Lime jam aftertaste. June 2006 Previously *** smoky, nutty, quince, dried fruits aroma - also some orange marmalade, bit of volatile. Brown sugar, lime and peach flavour. Oaked finish. Note only 15-20% botrytis, mostly passerillage, residual sugar 85-90 gm per litre, 14°. "This is my model for a Vendange Tardive," Yves Gangloff