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The Wines

50% late 1980s Syrah, 50% 2009-10 Syrah from windy, pure granite soils at Peyraud, northern zone, 20-100% destemmed, 2 week vinification, a few cap punchings, pumping overs, aged 20% new, 80% 4-5 year 300-litre oak casks 15 months, unfined, unfiltered, 1,250 b

2017 ()

red robe, a plum hue. The nose gives raspberry, ripe and rolling, red fruit lozenges with a touch of herbs, has virile strength. The attack is butty, a firm presentation, solid tannins, with an aromatic stretch late on, coulis of strawberry. It has compact muscle, rests on strength, is close-knit. There is a herbaceous, vegetal note on the finish from the 50% stems’ inclusion. 14.2°. Bottled end Aug 2019. 2032-34 Dec 2019


(new 228-litre cask, bottling before summer 2018) bright red. Clear as a bell red fruits feature on the nose, which has finesse, raspberry to the fore with some oak toast. The palate gives a tight stream of red fruits with delicacy and aromatic, floral prompts. It’s crystalline and pure, holds a good connection to its soil, too. Marks for purity and truth, Burgundian finesse. 2025-26 Nov 2017


(cask) full red robe. The nose offers an attractive strawberry-plum aroma that is nice and curvy, shows some raspberry, too. It is elegant and supple in style. It will be attractive, varied and open around 2020. The palate is a tighter affair than the bouquet: red fruits such as raspberry in syrup, a coulis take on them, followed by gummy, rounded tannins. It builds strength as it goes, holds juice with discreet intensity. From 2019, 2027-29 Oct 2016


½ bottle: red robe. Has a nicely open, clear raspberry lozenges fruit aroma – the nose is appealing. This is direct on the palate, drinks with clarity, holds soft-middle weight gras, gains a floral burst at the end. It has a naked quality, is very correct, unforced. 12.5°. “I left 80% of the stems because its matter was a little feeble, so I wanted that extra input, and then did a shortened, two-week vinification. I chaptalised by 1°, from 11.5° to 12.5°,” Yves Gangloff. Bottled 20 Sept 2016, one month ago. To 2021 Oct 2016

2012 ()

(1 year 300-litre oak cask) pretty red colour. Agreeable, round, scented red fruits aroma, a nose that offers open and running fruit. This is a good start, is aided by light scents of red flowers. There is a good strike of red fruit on the palate, which links closely to the nose; it develops a grainy finish. There is a tasty red fruit lozenge spot before the end. It is pretty clear and cool. “Acidity in 2012 was feeble, so the stems played their role this year – I fermented the bunches whole, with their stems,” Yves Gangloff. From spring 2015. 2019-21 Nov 2013


bottled 4 August 2013. ½ bottle: red robe is attractive. Rolling raspberry aroma with floral, rose touches, wee licorice. The nose persists well and darkly. The attack has grip, favours style over power, delivers grainy black fruit. This is very drinkable, not over weighty. It is very typical of the northern zone of St Joseph, running with pepper at the end. Has a mineral exit. 13°. 50% destemmed this year. 2019-20  Nov 2013

2010 ()

(not yet racked, malo very late in happening) full red-black robe. Peppered fruit nose, good and true Syrah black fruit within, hedgerow berries, blackstrap, has grip. Peppery outer on the palate, a calm inner. The black fruit is well textured on the final stages, smooth. The fruit is long. Good drinking. 2017-18 June 2011


(bottling in 2 weeks) quite dark red, dark centre. Big and bouncy bouquet – out it comes, shows blackberry with floral, very comely scenting, has a smile on offer. Ripe crop style of wine, a wee bit plush in its texture. Ends on tannin that holds it up, lends a little couch of support. Drinkable, earky style wine. Around 12.9°. “It could have a little more focus – perhaps I picked a bit too much crop,” Y.G. 2016-17 June 2011


plum red colour, a tiled top. The nose gives damp forest with a fresh top air, has plum fruit within, prune – the depth is nice. This tasty, with the need to breathe because of a slight mushroom presence. Its raspberry fruit lies well within, as well as the cool-mineral take of this rainy vintage. It is bright, aromatic, just a bit dry and loose. Its aromatic quality stands it in good stead. 13°. 2021-22 Oct 2016