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The Wines

100% Syrah (2012, 2013, 2014, is 70% massale Syrah from Les Bessards at Hermitage, 30% clone Syrah from Domaine de Bonserine at Côte-Rôtie) from loose, sandy white granite soils at 400-450 metres on Les Rieux (land purchased in 2010, never held vines before, 1 hectare in 2020, rising slowly to 2 hectares), crop crushed, whole bunch fermentation, 3-4 week vinification, manual cap punching, 1 or 2 pumping overs at the start and finish, malo in cask, aged 4-5 year 600-litre oak casks 12 months, unfined, unfiltered, first wine 2015 (1,000 b), 3,000 b, can rise to 5,000 b


(used 600-litre cask) this is called Rieux this year, with some doubt over the Nouvelle R name of the cuvée from another domaine in Crozes-Hermitage: red robe. Bright red fruit, cherry, a hint of succulence, sun, light powder dust feature on the nose. The palate is an easy flow affair, on small live red fruits with a simple cut and strawberry jam. It’s lightweight, perfumed, simple Cornas. The 13° this year is rare, high for here. From mid-2021. 2032-34 Dec 2019

2017 ()

dark red; has a nice, wide, gourmand bouquet, sun in it, some brilliance in the raspberry. The palate links well, is nourishing with a ready offer of red berry flavour and life in the tannins, and persistence in the juice. It keeps going well, is honest, doesn’t need a great amount of time. “Rieux with its later flowering did better than Chaillot in 2017 – the heat during flowering hit Chaillot, reducing the harvest there to 21 hl/ha, against 30 hl/ha on Rieux,” Guillaume Gilles. From spring 2021. 2035-37 Dec 2019 Previously Nov 2018 ***(*) (used 600-litre cask, bottling Feb 2019) red robe, quite bright. Grilled pork, mulberry-raspberry fruit on the nose, red cherry – it is quietly lingering, has a note of herbs. The palate is sinewed, with chew in the tannins, the red fruit pure. This is lightweight Cornas. It gives an aromatic touch towards the finish. The fruit pleases, is deft, and the aftertaste is discreetly floral. “This is 13° - rare to be this high – 2015 and 2016 were 12° to 12.5°, but ripe,” G Gilles. From 2021. 2032-34 Nov 2018


fine red robe; red meat droplets, up and at ‘em raspberry fruit that is pure and easy, not much variety attached on the nose, fruit the main card, with a hint of pepper. It’s a joli start. The palate bears mild red fruit, garden berries, is a fruit wine, not a terroir wine – it should be Côtes du Rhône, - it’s agreeable, but not Cornas. I accept that it’s from young vines, but is a tooting, not serious wine, so drink it while it’s on its liberal juice. There is a light powder close. *Robert Michel said it reminded him of a young Cornas from 30 to 40 years ago (the years with a lack of ripeness)”, Guillaume Gilles. 12.5°. Bottled Feb 2018. 2024-25 Nov 2018