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The Wines

100% Syrah (50% 1870s-1900s, 50% mid-late 20th century) from 0.37 hectare on sandy, clay, small galet stone soils on the plain near the River, 25% destemmed, 3-4 week vinification, mainly cap punchings, aged 67% 4-5 year 600-litre oak casks, 33% 4-5 year 300-litre & 400-litre oak casks 12-14 months, unfined, unfiltered, usually Côtes du Rhône, Vin de France 2013-2016, 900-1,600 b

2018 ()

(used 300-litre oak cask) full red; the nose is on reduction, has a thick aroma, raspberry coulis that comes with a butty insistence. The palate starts with density, develops length, vigour, leaves a long trail, has a robust, firm close, dense packing. This is grounded, sure-footed. From 2022, decant it. It’s again a Côtes du Rhône. “it’s usually very gourmand, with a lot of tannin, but the large crop in 2018 and 2019 served to soften the tannins,” Guillaume Gilles. 2036-39 Dec 2019

2017 ()

quite a dark red; there’s a voluptuous, gourmand take on the nose, sunny red fruit, coulis in style, a hint of violet, also caramel. The palate starts with density, strength, is grounded all through. Red fruit finds its way through the encasement, while tannins assert at the finish. This is wholesome, stand alone wine, has character, feels hand made. 14°. Bottled Feb 2019. From spring 2021. 2030-31 Dec 2019 Previously Nov 2018 ***(*) bright, dark red. Bacon cuts, lardon, smoky nose with raspberry fruit and a cherry stone aroma; it shows sun ripeness, sweetness, presents well, is charming. The palate bears savoury content, red fruits with open appeal; it develops tannins of some depth after half way, is persistent and structured. This is good table wine, plenty in the glass. “I reverted to Côtes du Rhône this year since the regulations on Vin de France were getting more and more complicated,” G Gilles. From spring 2020. 2028-29 Nov 2018

2016 ()

shiny red robe. Red cherries with a hint of herbs, sunny brightness feature in a welcoming nose. This has good heart, holds prevalent red fruit in a clear stream along it, ends very clearly, is full of appeal, the fruit has verve. This is w.o.w., great drinking. Its tannins are more woven than those of the 2017. 14°. 2026-27 Nov 2018


bright red robe. Smoky bacon, raspberry coulis airs lead the bouquet – this is a good and vibrant nose, also shows acetate and licorice, and airs of forest and hedge red berries. The palate centres on red cherry, smoky fruit with the cherry stone present – it has a wee kirsch angle. The tannins hold a toffee aspect. This is county wine with a round heart, is up for casseroles. It is still tight on the finish. From spring 2016. 14°. Bottled Feb 2015. Only 900 b this year. This and the 2014 crop were not crushed as there were so few berries. 2024-25 Jun 2015


dark red; there is a good thread of iron in the bouquet, an aroma of raspberry and mulberry fruit with spark. This is tarry, punchy Côtes du Rhône. It is chewy, vegetal on the finish, isn’t ready. The fruit is largely suppressed for now. From spring 2015. 14°. 2020-21  Dec 2013  Previously Nov 2012 *** (used 600-litre cask) shiny red robe. Peppery, reductive air, has a drift of rose petal, is attractive, shows red jam fruit. The palate attacks more than the nose, grips tightly, has “dark” fruit with a couch of firm tannin at the end. There is gras to help it along. A bit raw and all over the place currently. “It was completely closed two weeks ago during the harvest,” Guillaume Gilles. Bottling Feb 2013. 13.8°. From spring 2014, but leave till 2015 at least for better results. 2022-23  Nov 2012

2010 ()

dark red. Cassis, bright fruit, hint of acetate on the nose, with a savoury, meat stock air behind – the nose is really wide, a good start. The palate opens its arms well, spreads, and delivers plenty of fruit, with a roll of tannin and its licorice well inside. This is a full Côtes du Rhône, a good one: spice and pepper notes emerge, it has a hand made feel, a tasty finish, still with flinty notes there. Good drive in this, suited to CHR, bistrot trade. Bottled Feb 2012. Very good, can live to 2020-22. 14°. Not cheap, though: €20 at the cellars. Nov 2012


has a good colour, with some Syrah black in it. There is some crackle in the clear black fruit on the nose, with nutted airs as well. The palate fruit is clear, but in reality a little too crisp, and holds tannins that need a little time. Has fair richness, and is made more for food than busy drinking. There is a touch of prune in its flavour. A wine that has character. To 2011. Dec 2007 Now €9 for this, high. Only 35 hl/ha this year, against the usual 40-45 hl/ha


bright black fruit that is smoky, nice and direct. Lithe, straight along black fruit with some late foundation. Attractive - there is a little end tannin and it makes for good, fresh drinking. Has some character and is enjoyable on its early fruit. To 2011. €5.50 hors taxe Dec 2006