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The Wines

1940s, 1950s Syrah from Les Côtes, whole bunch fermentation, cap punching, pumping overs, aged 33% 1-year, 67% 3-4 year oak casks Château La Nerthe casks) (20% new oak casks until late 2000s) 11-18 months, fined, unfiltered, 1,700-1,900 b

2018 ()

purple tinted, dark red colour; stewed fruits feature in a sunswept nose, prune and mulberry, inky notes and violets in the mix – it persists soundly. The palate reflects the nose, bears mulled fruits with a lean towards liqueur, the tannins flexible, with aromatic, musky notes. The fruit is charming. This is early drinking Cornas, though it may close after 18 months. Bottled one month ago. 14°. €24. 2030-32 Dec 2019

2017 ()

shiny dark red, purple tints. Blackberry with a sweet heart features on the nose, crushed raspberry coulis style also. There’s some grilling, a note of black olives that indicates the heat of the summer. It’s a curvy intro. The palate runs with fine fruit, powdered tannins, the fruit reaching out well, a good, steady run of it. The lifted fruit has savoury late moments. This has style, and a Cornas thread of mineral. 13°. €24. From 2021. 2035-37 Dec 2018

2014 ()

bottled three weeks ago: steady, quite full red robe. There are some dried herbs airs in a supple, coulis fruit air of raspberry, red berry – the nose has a gentle curve, offers an air of peony flowers. The palate sets off well, delivers gras and juicy moments, prolomngs with a sure hand, its tannins well tucked in. It has a savoury close along with dusted tannins. Good, quiet style here, is a beau vin. From mid-2017. 13°. 1,700 b instead of the usual 1,900 b. 2025-26  Dec 2015


bottled one week ago: sombre, quite dark red colour. The aroma is drawn in, shows some toffee, stewed fruits, an air of treacle. Post bottling, the palate is a bit obscure, holds mid-weight gras richness, a suave jam-like mulberry fruit, with round tannins. It finishes with some gusto, isn’t as mineral and nicely linear as it could be. There are touches of mineral granite on the aftertaste, though. From spring 2015. Decant this. 13°. 2023-24  Dec 2013


magnum: sound, rather full red robe. Forward, open berry fruit air, a squelchy invitation, mulled fruits on parade. The palate fruit is ripe, not totally convincing. This lacks real fruit carry and structure – the fruit shows up, then drifts, and it dries overall. 13°. To 2018  Dec 2013

2008 No Rating

May sell this to the négoce


red with dark notes in the robe. Peppery, dusty top air, but floral, berry fruit below – a gracious bouquet here. This is attractive on the palate – reveals fine red fruit with a grain of finesse, tannin that is fine. This is typical, has character and refinement. STGT wine. Moving well, has made progress, like many 2007s. 13°. From 2011. €17. 2019-20 Dec 2009 Previously Dec 2008 *** quite a full red; red fruit, high tone touch in the bouquet – mild red fruits liqueur and floral-mineral airs. The palate has interesting early fruit, with sound weight. It isn`t that profound, but runs steadily, finishes freshly. Drink this early – ahead of the 2006, esp from mid-2009. 2013-14. €17. Bottled 1 week ago. Dec 2008

2006 ()

rather full red robe; likeable, open bouquet – olive, a little garrigue in this, spices. The palate fruit is well drawn; the palate is close-knit today – again, it has Jérome`s style of clean fruit, but good content or matter around it. One of the better 2006s tasted today at the Marché de Cornas. The length is sound, and some late power comes through. From late 2009. 13.3°. 2016-17. “It wasn't very aromatic during its cask raising – it was discreet,” Jérome Despesse. Dec 2008


steady red robe; there is evolution on the nose into bosky, pine needles, game airs. It’s a little fuzzy, has notes of violet, raspberry coulis. The palate has a menthol, red-fruited core, small red fruits with some edge in them. It’s not on the upward run anymore, is shuffling along now. I have cellared this at home for its life, so there are no poor storage excuses. 13°. 2024-25 May 2018 Previously Dec 2007 ****(*) good, dark red-black robe. The nose is a bit closed, but there is plenty sitting latently here: its fruit is elegant and well-founded, the aroma wide and promising. The palate holds a good texture, with a touch of oil and richness and berry fruit, all of them in harmony. The tannins are wholesome. Very correct wine, with as usual expressive fruit that has lots of clean appeal. The length is thorough. From late 2009, but drinks prettily now on its fruit. Long wine, STGT. 2022-24 Dec 2007 “It could be better than 1999,” J.Despesse. Previously Dec 2006 **** purple, sound colour; the nose is tight – a smattering of red fruit, with violet, too: has plenty of possibility, and runs nice and straight for now. It is close-knit on the palate, a wine with a long road to travel. Has taken on some oak, but is suave, with rich surrounds and tannins evident at the end, and flecks of mineral there, too. Nice and pure wine, one that needs patience so it can develop. Has expressive late fruit, and is very clear. From mid-2009. 2023-25 Dec 2006 “I left this in oak until March 2007, since it was very rich – the richest vintage since 1999 – and was also austere,” J.Despesse.

2004 ()

mild red colour; red fruits on the nose lean towards a jam aroma, with a sweet, still sealed nature. Bonny, rounded start to the palate, with a little late tannin. The soft red berry fruit returns on the aftertaste. Is open already, and aromatic. Very drinkable, nice and clear, unforced wine. “It has always expressed fruit and flowers since it was bottled in October 2005,” J.Despesse. 2013-14 Dec 2006 Previously Dec 2005 ***(*) warm, well-established bouquet, ripe red berries with a floral scent. Pretty start to palate, soft and supple berries followed by a gentle outbreak of peppery, refined tannins. Gently made wine, this is STGT. It delivers a classic Cornas sequence through the palate. It isn't full-on - it is centred on elegance. It finishes cleanly, clearly. 2015-17 Dec 2005


nice, wild berry, bit of jam aroma. Pretty, rounded wine, fairly knit. Grows through palate, sound finale. OK richness. 2006 on. 2015-17

2001 ()

clear, scented nose, black fruit/olives, some mineral; pretty, oily wine, suave, stylish texture. Fruit persists, wholesome. Good character, typique. Some tannin, has gained body in last year. 2006 on. 2017-19