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The Wines

30% own crop, 70% purchased crop inc 1950s Syrah St Jean-de-Muzols, also from Mauves, Tournon, Saint-D├ęsirat, destemmed, 3-4 week vinification, pumping overs, malo in oak, aged new-7 year 225-litre oak casks 12-16 months (until mid-2000s was aged 33% new, 67% 1-year oak 12 months), fined, filtered, 6,500-7,500 b


dark colour. The nose is rounded and neat, comes with light reduction, has a blackberry aroma with reserves of depth, a good sweet-noted ripeness, prune with spice touches. The palate has a tight debut, but good quality fruit within, shapely gras richness followed by crisp, salted tannins that extend it well. This is good, has character. 13°. Bottled two weeks ago. From spring 2018. 2026-27 Oct 2016


shiny dark red; open, toffee-noted aroma – its oak raising is in charge of the black fruit that has a simmered quality. The palate works more on elegance and flow than power. It ends on oak and pepper. The nose is a bit ahead of the palate. It is all wrapped together now. It needs to coax out its fruit, has some potential. From mid-2016. 2023-24  Feb 2015

2012 ()

quite a full red; the bouquet is nicely shaped, quietly rich, profound. It has a lead aroma of calm, dark cooked fruit, wee floral touches. This is moving well, has a light florality, a sound heart of black berry, and extends well. The tannin is light, dusty, pleasant. To 2019  Nov 2013

2009 ()

attractive red robe; agreeable, rounded nose that reflects licorice, plus pepper; there is an earthy touch in the black fruit as well. The palate rocks along, delivers black fruits with supple features, is all in the here and now, drinks now. Its tannins are fused already. Light scenting on the finish. I note the fruit is ripe, ripe here. 13°. To 2017 June 2011

2007 ()

dark centre to the red robe; round, blackberry aroma, blackberry jelly or jam – nice and pure and clear. The palate also leads with blackberry, plus a game angle; the second half is more enclosed, via a tannin and oak clamp before a minor revival of black fruit at the very end. It is faithful to St Jean-de-Muzols, especially at the end, with the rock cut and tang there. The fruit is agreeable, and ticks over nicely. From mid-2010. 2016-17 Nov 2009


supple, dark fruit nose, good depth, smoky. Quite tasty black fruit, has energy, clean-cut and fleshy. Touch of end tannin tightens it. Length OK. Esp 2005 on. 2011-12 March 2004