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from 0.1 ha on the lower south-facing part of Eygas (1960s Syrah), destemmed, 3 week vinification at up to 29°C, pumping overs only, aged 50% new, 50% 1 year 225-litre oak casks 20-22 months, fined, unfiltered, first wine 2005, made in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018 probably, 400-1,000 b


sturdy, dark red; the bouquet carries sleek black fruit airs, blueberry, with accurate oaking, some refinement in that, which is a relief. The palate bears savoury content, is a little neutral in regards to place, carries ease of gras richness, with plump features that persist on the close, a lip smack moment there. If it will become true Cornas over time is hard to judge, but there’s enough richness for it to evolve well. From 2022, and decanting much advised. 14°. 2036-38 Dec 2019

2016 No Rating


2014 No Rating


2013 ()

dark red robe, black tints. The nose gives an air of fine fruit, cassis, also raspberry, with a nice plump heart – it has breeze in it, shows oak. The palate is hidden, has a good concentration of juice, blackberry, a good centre. Gummy tannins follow with a savoury, meat stock aspect. This persists thoroughly, very much so – it has a real steady hand. Interesting wine that will unfurl slowly, has hidden corners. 13.5°. 2032-34  Oct 2015 Previously Feb 2015 ****(*) (casks) dark red colour, a full robe with legs visible. The nose is savoury, has a scented tea, nicely thick aroma, with a mineral, cool fruit tinkle, the scope to blossom. The palate holds a sweet oak-simmered fruit duo, is broad and sustained, the length prolonged. This bears good quality fruit that is well nestled into it. The oaking is in step, as well. Good balance. Very good. From 2018. 2028-30  Feb 2015

2012 No Rating


2011 No Rating


2010 ()

(casks) soaked, full robe. Grainy, wide nose, not showing fruit obviously – shows new oak that is set in with blackberry jam airs. The palate is enclosed – the most locked-up of the five wines, as was the case in 2009; it is lined with grippy tannin and has a marked spine through it. The finale is tar, it stiffens up there. From 2014. 2025-26 June 2011

2009 ()

steady red robe; peppery with wee vegetal notes on a stiff, rather unready nose; also bears licorice, and has ripe, black raisin elements. The palate is enclosed for now, has gras at its heart, runs into a peppery stretch with shapely richness, violet influences. From mid-2013 or 2014. The most interesting and varied wine of their 2009 Cornas, less mainstream. To be bottled Dec 2011. 2022-24 June 2011


full red colour; the outer air is grainy on the nose – red plum fruit with a rather liqueur nature lies within, and a more dusty style baked fruit tart (the wind influence on the grapes in September, I suspect). The palate texture is fat and oily, presents Syrah red stone fruit, comes with an ease on the finish. A generous wine that keeps going nicely, ends on a fragrant note, with a touch of fine, late pebble tannin. Decant it to liven it. 2018-19 Nov 2009