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Syrah under 40 yrs old Chaillot, T├ęzier, Le Pigeonnier, Le Bois, Les Saveaux, mainly whole bunch fermentation, 1 gm SO2 at fermentation stage, cap punchings, aged young, used oak 18-24 months, no racking, 10 mg SO2 at blending 2 months before bottling, unfined, unfiltered, 7-8,000 b


1) (Tézier, E facing, very decomposed granite, young Syrah, used 228-litre cask, sugars, malo completed) **** very dark; has a bursting nose – black cherry, chocolate, a welter of ripeness in it, a very good stream of black fruit. I find noble Volatile Acidity on the palate, which is ripe, blossoming, and picks up spurs of violets, soaked black cherries or griottes, acetate in it. The finish is elegant, prolonged. Very good link between nose and palate here. 26 years 2) (Le Pigeonnier, clay influence, 1999 Syrah, 228-litre cask) **** vibrant dark robe; there’s elegant fruit on the nose, comes with mystery, its hand not revealed. The palate is chunky, concentrated, carries sun intensity, violets. There’s great zip-zap across the palate, which has a more abrupt finish than the Tézier. This carries more weight, less elegance. 28 years 3) (Moser, full South, young Syrah, clay-granite, used 228-litre cask) ****(*) very dark; the nose is refined, gives droplets of black cherries, blackberry, with Zan licorice. The palate is very concentrated, fluid, too, with a lot of sun strength, but persistence also, rocks well. It resembles a blend of the first two, which are full East facing. There’s a lot of wine here, it’s notably long. 28 years. Dec 2019

2018 ()

1) (Le Pigeonnier, clay influence, 1999 Syrah, 228-litre cask) **** intense dark robe; black raisin, chocolate, some strands of black fruit gather in a thorough, thick bouquet. The palate coasts along on elegant content, gras, has juicy pockets, is fun, animated, in the instant. It’s not especially long. What it has is an uptempo fruit burst all on the attack. It’s fresh on the finish. 24 years 2) (Tezier, young Syrah, 12 hl barrel) ****(*) dark colour; there ‘s reduction in a curvy nose, black berry, a hint of acetate. The palate gives kind black fruit, develops well presented black fruits, supple tannins, good heart in them, mixes blackberry and licorice. This is joli, gives good drinking, is entertaining. It’s longer than the previous, but both have nice balance. 27 years Dec 2019  Previously Nov 2018 ****(*) (Tézier, very decomposed granite, young Syrah, 12 hl barrel, sugars, malo completed) ****(*) full, dark robe with a black core; the nose has a sexy fruit aroma, appeal, black fruits that are ripe but shine well, aren’t overdone. Sun rays are present, with black cherries, hints of violet. The palate fruit is wavy, the texture supple, suave; it trails along well into a fresh-mineral close. There’s a solid foundation within, a fresh outer. The length is very good. “The press wine is usually apart, but I may come back in with it immediately once again this year,” Thiérry Allemand. From 2021-22 25 years Nov 2018

2017 ()

(tank, bottling in 18 days) dark robe; the nose has a nuggety aroma, thick, compact, brewed fruits, carries obvious density, low-key violet, perfume. The palate is also sealed, on probing depth, holds chocolate-concentrated fruit, blackberry, piles its wares high, reflects iron through it, holds real good spine, with munchy, savoury tannins in support. From 2024-25. 2048-50 Dec 2019 Previously Nov 2018 ****(*) 1) (Le Pigeonnier, clay influence, 1999 Syrah, 228-litre cask) ****(*) dark, shiny robe. Bright mulberry fruit starts the nose, an open book, neat sweetness – it’s very curvy and welcoming. The palate presents cool red fruits, with floral-violet drifts, and a serene run into powdered, detailed tannins. This has great charm. It has a good, secure depth and a steady heartbeat. There are iodine notes on the close, an “up” freshness. “The clays give the roundness,” T Allemand. 25 years 2) (Chaillot, 80% granite, 20% clay, 1984 Syrah, used 228-litre cask) ***** bright, dark robe. Has a lingering black berry aroma, rose petal, stylish sweetness, is very inviting, with mystery, more to come. The attack is inky, on dark berry fruits, with raspberry and mulberry. It pursues a path of smooth increase in structure and content all through. This holds very fine tannins, Rolls Royce tannins. There is iodine in its cool fruit, blue fruit late on. It’s well balanced, high class, very good. From 2023. 27 years Nov 2018 Previously Nov 2017 **** 1) (young vines, 1999, Chaillot, 228-litre cask, sugars, malo completed) **** dark robe. The nose is inky, on blackberry, smoky cassis, dense and sustained. There are several layers of peony flower. This holds handy fruit, rolls with good depth and ease. Violets and rose influences show towards the finish, which is clean, with crunch in the tannins. The mid-palate is stylish, and there’s good persistence, a rounded, lip-smacking close. “It resembles 2004, which was also floral,” T Allemand. 21 years. 2) (Le Pigeonnier, clay influence, 1999 Syrah, 228-litre cask) **** bright, dark robe. The nose is restrained, fat from the clay, an aroma of raspberry coulis, wee violet-floral touches. The palate is close to the nose, delivers early gras, roundness before a gummy texture. This has a different physiognomy to the previous, is a middle of the scrum wine, in the engine room as it were. There are moments of bright fruit, and attractive violets on the aftertaste. 20 years 2038-40 Nov 2017

2016 ()

bottling in one week, 6 Dec 2018: dark red. Red meat, savoury, grilled airs, black olives – it’s a good bundle on the nose, pockets of raspberry at its centre, a gentle rose petal. This holds good Cornas loose-limbed mineral content, always travelling with style and grace in its delivery. The fruit is sparky, “up”. The second half is floral, with rock powder. There is iodine, cool fruits on the close. It has matter on the finish, increased depth there. There’s more to come, especially on the finish. From 2021. 2040-42 Nov 2018 Previously Nov 2017 ****(*) 1) (Chaillot, 1984 Syrah, 12 hl barrel) **** bright, dark robe. Has an alert, smoky nose, a real strike of blackcurrant, licorice, blueberry, raspberry. There is wee Volatile Acidity on the palate, a good stream of black fruits, a lot of life. It develops peppery, crisp moments, bounds with energy, goes boom. Floral touches, violets late on are a joli contribution. 18-21 years. 2) Tézier, very decomposed granite, 1984 & 1987 Syrah, used 228-litre cask) ****(*) black centre to the robe. The nose is handsome, shows black cherry, licorice, black pepper, has good quality, crisp mineral fringes. The palate gets going without hesitation, pings with clear fruit, has lots of drive. It finishes with spark, real good cut, and room for violet touches this year, as opposed to the mass of 2015. It develops cherry juice with flair, has a real good upbeat close, is naked wine. From 2021-22. 21 years 2036-38 Nov 2017

2015 ()

full, dark red. Inky-iodine, blackberry fruit aroma in a sweetly centred nose, mulled fruit in style from the sun, black olives, lurking reduction. The palate is close-knit, tenacious, and there’s the swift arrival and onset of puckish tannins, floral notes on the aftertaste. This is gnarled wine with a firm core. The fruit is expressive, pure, but not obvious. It’s very tightly packed. The tannins have a dry style munchiness. This shows some Chaillot floral notes. 13.5°. From 2024, by when it will probably revert to *****. 2041-43 Nov 2018 Previously April 2016 ***** 1) (Le Pigeonnier, clay influence, 1999 Syrah, 228-litre cask) ****(*) very dark robe. The nose is gourmand, has a fluid aroma of coulis style fruit. The palate has a fine grain, violet thread, decisive fruit, a high floral presence, and good and fresh length. It holds currently prominent but finely style tannins. 22 years. 2) Tézier, very decomposed granite, 1984 & 1987 Syrah, 228-litre cask) ****(*) lovely robe. This is wacko on the nose, which courses with blackberry and loganberry fruit, a note of licorice, has stylish depth. The palate bears lively fruit, comes with elegant gras, is smoothly hearted. It develops crunch at the end. Sparky, bright and stylish. 24 years. 3) south part of Chaillot, 1990, 1999 Syrah, half clay, half gore ****(*) shiny dark red. Has a bold air, raspberry, mulberry, an influence of herbes de Provence. The palate starts stylishly, presents lingering black fruits, a hint of Volatile Acidity (which Thiérry likes); it pursues a steady path, supple tannins well within. It is lightly floral on the finish. 23 years. OVERALL ***** full, genuinely fun wine, with lots of flair and promise. 2039-41 April 2016


1) (Le Pigeonnier, 1999 Syrah, 13 hl barrel, clay influence) ***(*) red with purple, Reduction on nose which has an inner of cooked plum fruit, soaked red cherries. The palate has a gourmand entry, strawberry fruit and tender tannins, a small note of stems towards the finish. This has graceful roundness. “It was hyper reduced two weeks ago,” T Allemand. 18 years 2) Tézier, 1987 Syrah, 9 hl barrel) **** red robe. Blackberry fullness, an intricate tangle of black berry fruits on the nose, with touches of licorice, raspberry, light reduction. The palate holds light tread, upbeat red fruits, a good and racy presence with free run powder tannins. There is crisp red fruit that picks up beau tannins with some light floral touches. The red-fruited attack is sparky, has a Burgundy proximity. Good for 2014. 2032-35 April 2016 Previously June 2015 **** 1) (Le Pigeonnier, 1999 Syrah, 13 hl barrel) ***(*) good bright red-purple robe; the bouquet is agreeably rounded, gives a glistening air of red berries, raspberry, has a sustained coulis style, also gives a little licorice. The palate bears open fruit with a perfume and spice combo; the tannins are powder dusted. This is pretty good, still spinal in style. The fruit persists – this is an open, curvy wine. “This is 12.4°, against the 12.6° of 2013, so not far off that level, “ Thiérry Allemand. 14-16 years 2) Tézier, 1987 Syrah, 9 hl barrel) **** dark robe, black tints. Violets, blackberries, black cherries, licorice, small reduction and acetate also present on the nose. It holds well, is dense at its heart. There are ink spots of dark fruit on the palate, which goes long and wide, surges along on its surfboard with really good depth and quite firm, clean tannins. It has a tasty, fine, mineral close. Very correct and typical. Go-go wine. 17 years. 3) (60% 1984 Chaillot, 40% late 1980s, early 1990s Chaillot, used 228-litre cask) **** dark red, bright purple colour. Spice such as cumin shows on the nose, which has a round, rolling aroma, a swish air of blackberry, nicely coated fruit with lingering intensity. This is gourmand, bountiful wine that bears stylish fruit, waves of rolling fruit, tasty and broad. Yum yum, I like this. It starts on a mineral-violet lift-off, too. Good balance, true wine, a strong contender. 18-19 years. OVERALL **** this will be one of the successes of the vintage thanks to the depth of fruit and the vintage’s innate grace. It will serve great pleasure in the glass. 2031-33 Jun 2015


2013 ()

dark red robe with a black centre. The nose is nice and free, but has a sure depth, stylish blackberry with a curve of fine freshness, licorice; it has very clear detail. The palate debut is on blue fruit, with good inner tight gras, very sealed. The mid-palate is very intense, and courses with muscular, wiry grip, the close very clear, tight. The combination of Cornas and the vintage renders this on the mineral extremity. It has very good foundation, a pile-up of small berries. This is an STGT, sure fire 2013 in style. 13.5°. From 2019. 2031-34 Oct 2016 Previously June 2015 **** 1) (Le Pigeonnier, 228-litre used cask) ***(*) dark robe, more so than 2014. The nose gives a brisk wave of black cherry fruit, some sweep spice – it is well filled. This is tasty on the palate: the attack is supple, and there is a coated feel to the black fruit. There is a note of licorice. The finale is smoky. This is well sustained. 16-18 years. “It is nourishing,” T.Allemand. 2) (Tézier, sandy soils, 228-litre used cask) ***(*) very dark red robe. Has a grilled aroma, an air of red meat, with black raisin, prune, shows ripeness. This is true vin de sud – southern wine. The attack is careful, but there is more ripeness in the glass here. The finale is crunchy – it stokes up strength on the finish. 18 years. OVERALL **** I reckon this can move to four stars, since it is likely to take on weight as it evolves, and to integrate successfully. Take your time: I would suggest trying it from 2018, for example. 2031-33  Jun 2015


has a sustained dark robe with a purple rim. The nose expresses black berry fruit with a floral heart; there is a suggestion of prune ripeness, and light grilling. The palate shows a smooth line of dark berry fruit that builds intensity. There are aromatic moments, violets mainly. The balance is sound, and there is a cool feel to this. It ends on a crunchy, rocky tannin. “It was very much on the fruit, then closed; 2012 is fine, like 2014,” Thiérry Allemand. 2029-31  Jun 2015 Previously Nov 2012 ***** (tank, sugars, malo done, Tezier, 1984, 1987 Syrah) dark bright red-purple colour. Has a chunky, rolling air of dense red berry fruit, has a liqueur side. The palate has good heart, is tasty and prolonged. The tannins support it well. It finishes with drive. 22 years.  Nov 2012


dark red. Red meat, Bovril stock airs with liqueur, deep coulis style raspberry fruit – this is a good bouquet that goes long, shows a shimmer of flowers. The palate starts on spice and pepper, with brisk black fruit in support, aromatic and nicely chiselled. Stylish, aromatic, clear wine – it has pedigree and is beau. 13.5°. 2030-32 Dec 2015 Previously Nov 2012 ****(*) (young vines, 1999, Chaillot, 228-litre cask, blending in Nov 2013) **** good red robe. Lovely, expressive nose that brings forward violet, raspberry and chocolate-licorice. The palate holds gummy-textured fruit, works on fat rather than spice-mineral. It will serve well as a foundation for the wine, has ripe tannins. Good energy here. 16 years. (“Lulu”, ex Luciane Verset, from small, round galet stone, alluvial soils with the granite on Chaillot, 9 hl barrel) ****(*) bright, dark robe. Pretty and full nose with several layers of depth – gives licoirce, raspberry, black cherry, violet – it is confident, well set in the glass. The palate bears crunchy fruit with a thread of mineral, is long. Very good freshness on both nose and palate. The fruit resembles mulberry, and is aromatic. 18 years. (“Moser”, 0.77 ha plot on Chaillot next to Genale, acquired by this Swiss-German in 2007, with Thiérry, sandy granite soils, very fine wine, 50% 1960s, 50% 1994-95) ***** lustrous, black robe. The bouquet has a “shiny”, bright aroma, is a bonny do – liqueur black fruit depth, with trimming of peony flowers and graceful red cherry. The palate is based around elegance, has a fine mineral content, primrose and pot-pourri dried flowers influences, with running tannins; it is good enough to drink now with its fruit reaching out a pure hand. Long wine. 20 years. OVERALL ****(*) shaping up around elegance for the palate and interest for the mind, subtle corners possible, and gracious fruit along the palate. This will charm and please, life towards 2030-33, starting to drink as a whole around 2017-18. 13°. Nov 2012


dark, healthy full robe. The nose mixes coated but clear black fruit, comes with a light depth of red meat, nutshells, black olives. There is a calm presence of southern climes in it. The palate purrs along, with an accumulation of red and black cherry fruit, the tannins well encased. It ends on a little blueberry lift; the finesse of the juice is apparent. 13°. 2034-37  April 2016 Previously Dec 2015 ***** dark robe, small evolution only. The nose lingers with unspoken promise, has layers of dark fruit, piles of berries in the glass. The attack is handsome, links well to the nose, holds an very good couch of dark fruit such as blueberry, with still probing tannins present. Lots of freshness here. Game and cooked plums feature on the finish. 13.5°. 2033-36  Dec 2015 Previously Nov 2012 ***** (tank, bottling in two weeks) dark, full purple-black robe. Blackberry- black cherry, appealing fruit aroma, comes with smoky bacon, and ripe, liqueur notes. It is still very much in on itself, is oily and ripe. The palate has a grippy start – there are tight borders to this, the flavour prune and black berry, a touch of quetsch towards the finish. This has good stuffing. The tannins are sleek, really smooth and shiny. “It was very hard and tannic for a year, like a true Cornas, and I am surprised that it has come through so quickly. It has a long and crunchy finish. Good, complete, vigorous wine. From 2016, for instance. 2033-35  Nov 2012  Previously March 2011 **** (young vines, Chaillot, 228-litre cask) ***(*) full robe; scented, fine aroma offering beguiling black fruit, is poised. Good line of fruit along the palate, with stylish, well-embedded tannins that have a real good crackle in them. Good balance. 14 years. (Pigeonnier, clay, 9 hl barrel, 1 gm of SO2 added at vinification) full robe; touch of reduction on nose, which spreads its calm fruit across the nose. Very good early juice on the attack. Elegant, very melded tannin, with light pepper, grip. All very delicate. A graceful wine. 16 years. OVERALL **** like fine china this year. Intricate poise, long wine, and the subtlety of which Northern Rhône is well capable. 2025-28 March 2011

2009 ()

(young vines, Chaillot, 228-litre cask) ***(*) bright, dark colour; blackberry, candy air, has a fruit pastilles sweetness. Good body here, especially for young vines, and a steady progression through the palate. It is bulky rather than sleek, gathers intensity towards the finish, where there are southern, black olive style, influences, not the usual Cornas glint. 17 years. (Pigeonnier, clay, used 228-litre cask) ***** dark robe; very comfortable nose – plenty of black berry fruit, along with licorice and nutty airs. Oily, wee sense of acetate, black fruit with sweet, sure gras in it. Violets on the finish. Length is good – this is really wide, but is not excessive – it is just a thorough wine. OVERALL ****(*) plenty of depth, a coloured, intense wine that will need autumn to winter breezes and seasonal dishes to match those climes. Thorough is the word. From 2014-15. 2029-32 March 2011


(casks) cask 1, Le Pigeonnier, 10 yr Syrah **(*) largely full red, some black in it; brightly fruited nose, a mix of blackberry and cassis. The palate delivers good fruit, really good flow and comes with clear lines. The young vines shape the directness of the fruit. Cask 2 (Chaillot 1984, Tezier 1987 Syrah, more granite) *** bright black robe. Reductive but quite broad nose with a good couch of content. The palate widens, holds fine fruit, ends on a mineral note, has good length. Nice and pure. 13.3°. OVERALL *** has pretty good content, a lack of which is often a vintage issue. Length and freshness come through, too. 12-14 years, say. Dec 2009


purple, black mix on the robe; violet, coffee, rounded aroma, but is sealed up for the moment. The palate is graceful, comes with a fine patter of black fruit before it closes and draws together. It gains in weight along the palate, and is wide towards the finish: gives the impression that it is becoming muscular. Moving well, but will be dumb until around mid-2012. Bottled three weeks ago. 2023-25 Dec 2009


full, bustling red-black robe; the bouquet has an outer air of reduction, but black berry and licorice come with a suave air. For now it is closed and earthy, truffly. The palate has a flinty, minty run of black fruit, with clear late moments, its fruit fine and approachable, clusters of cassis present. It lives on its fruit at the moment, is not a tight mineral operator. The length is decent. I find a little volatile in it. “It was hard, closed in cask before the assemblage,” T.Allemand. Bottled one year ago. 13.5°. 2022-24 €35 at the cellar. Dec 2009 Previously June 2007 **** (casks) cask 1, Le Pigeonnier, Les Saveaux, some clay influence, alluvial stones: bright and dark robe; reductive, broad berry nose. Palate is more crisp and direct, carries its fruit well. Nice end width, sound wine, quite good balance. cask 2, Chaillot, Reynard young vines, Les Saveaux – flat ground, old vines: good and dark robe; tight, clear aroma, live black berry fruits. Palate steps out well, shows ongoing black fruits, poise and length here. Definite mineral tension in this, from the granite. Tannins are live, but ripe, well entered into the wine. OVERALL Will show fruit early in its life, a life that can run until 2024-27, good, steady composition in it. I would rate it around a good **** to be assembled Sept/Oct 2008, to be bottled Nov/Dec 2008. Tasted June 2007

2005 ()

pretty robe, with good lustre in its dark red. Has a striking nose – violets, packed black berries with some smoke – it is a classy do. There is a very clean strike of fruit on the attack, then a gain of tannin. It ends solidly and securely, its length is good. The fruit has style and flair, with floral imprints, and comes along in a wide shape. Finishes well and freshly, with peppery touches. This drinks in its purity now, but really should be drunk from 2010-11 on. It could well close up and temporarily become more austere. There is a little earthiness in its taste. Delightfully clean wine. “It used to hold quite hard and tight tannins before I assembled the casks. It should be decanted,” Thiérry Allemand. June 2008 Previously ***** cask 1, Le Pigeonnier, Les Saveaux, some clay influence, alluvial stones: **** bright, full robe; the nose has more foundation than the 2006, shows fresh cherries, some oak, is wide and holds up well. Mulled berry, red plum fruits start is all in order on the palate. Its richness continues further than usual, and there is less obvious mineral tension at the end. Mixed in with the red, quite rounded fruits is a nutty flavour on the aftertaste. From 2010. cask 2, Chaillot, Reynard young vines, Les Saveaux – flat ground, old vines: ***** black, purple robe; markedly oily, quite soaked aroma, not typical of chez Allemand, has a little reduction. The palate is broad, and carries ripe fruits such as plums, raspberry, blackberries, myrtilles, with some jam in its texture. The fruit is rather plunging, with a black berry liqueur style, even though this is a dry wine. From 2010. 2027-29 “It is very rich, and was harder before from this cask,” T.A. cask 3, Chaillot: ***** deep, cassis nose that is intense, with the rich style of the vintage. Rich, confident start to the palate, the mix of fruit and tannin and richness is very well established. Cherry griottes (soaked cherries) towards the finish, and a little acidity from the oak. There is some dryness and tension in this, its tannins need time, since they are only gradually absorbing. From 2010-11. 2025-28. June 2007 Previously April 2006 **** (casks) a mixture of vines from flat ground on La Mure (1950s Syrah) near the village, and Chaillot: black fruit aroma with beefy reserve about it. Thorough fruit on palate, grounded feel to it, elegant but powerful. Tannins evident at this early stage. Probably a 20 year wine, but only a small portion tasted. April 2006

2004 ()

(casks) very clear, solid, the fruit aromas and first strike of flavour on the palate are both very well defined from various casks. Ripe, broad, gummy tannins. Will live, and be elegant. 2021-23 "I find 2004 an elegant vintage" T.Allemand

2003 No Rating


2002 No Rating



(cask) quite soft bouquet - violets/truffle scents. Tasty, warm, stylish palate, harmonious. Pretty fruit all through. Great style, balance. 2013-16


good purple; bouquet mixes dustiness with marzipan, room polish. Good cut of fruit on palate, is live and perky. Touch of violet on the dry-toned flavour. Nice enough length. May be a bit overworked, not especially profound. Leave till around 2005-06. 2012-14.


Drink to 2015-18


hint of violet, soft berries on bouquet; frisky dark fruit on palate, supple but decent depth with it. Elegant, smooth-textured. To 2005-07

1995 ()

nicely dark; stewed blackcurrant and earthy hints on bouquet, has the potential to be generous. A very good cut of dry-toned fruit, cassis again, on the palate. Has substance, finishes cleanly. 2006-11


dark; quiet richness and good fruit and black olives on bouquet. Palate is deep, with good bone from the tannin. Very lasting towards finish, this is bang-on Syrah from Cornas. Has the correct upright style, and a nicely dry finish. 2012-15