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The Wines

1970 Syrah from Roche-de-Glun, 30-day fermentation/maceration, vat-raised 12 months, filtered, "drink with yakitori of chicken", 3,200 b


sober dark robe; the bouquet is wide, isn’t properly out and about, has a gentle floral angle, with soaked blackberry fruit at its centre. The palate serves a steady roll of black berry fruit, with squeeze in the tannins, building correctly into a more emphatic finish, the fruit more persistent there. It’s been calmly made, doesn’t reach for the excess, flashy button. The length is robust, assertive for now. 14°. 3,200 b. €11.95. From spring 2022. 2033-35 Nov 2019


quite dark, matt robe; pretty fruit bouquet, floats. Good, decisive black fruit on palate, proper wine, with chewy, lightly tannic finale. Receives micro-bullage to soften the tannins. 2008-10