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Les Chassis Syrah, whole bunch 6 day fermentation, then 2 week maceration, pumping overs, aged 95% new-6 year oak, 5% vat 12 months, unfined, filtered, 3 bottlings, from late November to January, 80-92,000 b


(bottling in two weeks) very dark; bacon fat, black cherry, licorice, black olives line up on the bouquet, which is very typical from here. There is a thread of iron-vegetal, a good spine along the palate, while the fruit does rock n’roll around it. Good life, energy here, black cherry, the close salted, vegetal. “It’s a copy of 2015,” Maxime Graillot. From 2021. 2029-31 Feb 2020

2017 ()

(30 hl vat, bottling March 2019) dark red; blackberry-bacon fat, cigarette ash airs on the nose, raspberry in back. It’s a bit sudden for now, needs to expand, amplify. There’s good grain on the palate, clear fruit with a smoky style; it runs openly, doesn’t carry enormous stuffing, shows oak traces. It doesn’t move quite consecutively along the palate. There’s some coolness from the stems in a lightly chewy close, blueberry fruit there. It needs leaving until spring 2020. 2032-34 Dec 2018


there’s shiny appeal in its dark red robe. I find lavender on the nose! That’s different, along with black olives, good pure blackberry fruit. The palate presents pleasing fruit with style in the gras; it builds very well after half way, is a serious wine of depth and structure, carries mineral touches through the palate, is quite a cocktail of interest, is a leading 2016 Crozes red. It can develop further. There’s a clear strike on the aftertaste, though the finish isn’t yet in place. 13°. From 2021. 2034-36 Dec 2018 Previously Nov 2017 **** 1) (30 hl tronconic oak vat, bottling Jan 2017) **** dark robe. Has a good, deep nose, piled up black cherries, some damp and meaty notes, acetate lurking. The palate presents black cherry, crunched fruit, acetate. This has body, structure, dark tannins, late juice, has good potential, ends with a pebbly texture. 2029-31 2) (used 228-litre oak cask, bottling Jan 2017) **** dark robe. Has a generous, ripe black fruits aroma, menthol present – the bouquet leaves a long trail. There is a good, generous offer on the palate which features stylish black fruits, comes with dark, tar moments, and a rich prune and mocha flavour. This is chunky, the depth is good, and it can become a polished wine. To 2029. From spring 2019. 2031-33 Nov 2017 GB £192 12 b i/b or £210 6 mags i/b Yapp Brothers +44(0)1747 860 423 http://www.yapp.co.uk sales@yapp.co.uk


dark red colour. The bouquet has an attractive roundness, raspberry with a mulled sweetness, a nose that is juvenile, carries some reduction, notes of dried herbs, thyme from the stems. Threads of mineral line the palate’s rich content; it’s not revealing nuance yet. This is a thick wine, with the emergence of pebbly tannins at the end, and a clear, on the up aftertaste. The length is good, with late crunch from the stems. It can build on these foundations. Decant it. I would wait until 2020-21 now. 13°. 2030-32 Nov 2017 Previously Oct 2015 **** (new 30 hl barrel) dark, shiny good robe. Lots of blackberry fruit in a deep bouquet, with licorice. The palate runs with free brambly fruit, has a kind gras richness, develops some fine tannins. This is very long. Has good structure. 2027-29  Oct 2015


dark red robe. There is a fresh vintage pepper hit on the nose, violets, and also blackberry lozenges adding welcome depth. It is a tender start. The palate gives bustling fruit, blackberry, with clear vintage 2014 cut. This is a lucid wine that doesn’t have the finishing depth of the main vintages. There is a fine grain-licorice close, with pepper and cloves. It is a free running wine that finishes tamely, and the nose beats the palate on this showing. 13°. 2020-21 Apr 2016 Previously Oct 2015 ***(*) (concrete vat, bottling in one month, 23 Nov 2015) dark robe, black tints. The nose gives a classic aroma of black olives, very much what I expect from here, with gummy red fruit, joli sweetness, aromatic fruit, licorice: this is a splendid start. There is a definite aromatic theme here – it is softly floral on the palate, travels directly, with some crunch of tannin, is quite broad. It is just a bit spare after half way. From 2017 – it needs to settle the finish, which is demanding now. 2022-23  Oct 2015

2013 ()

dark, thorough robe. The bouquet is full, abundant – gives a real good depth of fruit and young vigour: it is inlaid with an air of coulis of black fruits, a note of black olives and the south as well. The palate sets off very well, charges along with abandon, picking up some grainy, fresh tannins as it goes. A winning Crozes, bundles of energy in it. It is really expressive, and its depth of black berry fruit is well judged, so it drinks freely, and has body at the same time. Call for more. It will settle its finish over the next 15 months, but is very stimulating on its young vigour now, with a grilled rump steak, or barbecued shoulder of lamb, for instance. It really reaches out along the palate. High quality all round: this leaves a strong impact. 13°. 80,000 b. €9.50 export. 2024-26  Jan 2015

2012 ()

(cask, bottling in three weeks) bright red; has a nicely racy air. Red fruit surges inside the bouquet, with thyme, minor vegetal touches (the whole bunch influence). This goes down well on the palate, is a good example of 2012, offers free run fruit, has appealing body. This will be silky in time, has a crunchy finale for now, is lively. It ends clearly. From late 2014. 2021-23  Nov 2013  Previously Nov 2012 **** (4 year 228-litre cask, malo completed) **** crunchy fruit, very typical, black olive, racy black fruit air. Concentrated, airborne notes, but the main frame is deep and lively. Rock n’roll, sympa bundles of fruit here. Has sound acidity that moves it along. Sporting, entertaining wine. 11 years. “It is like 2006, 2001 – you have everything. It is precise, concentrated, quite airborne,” Maxime Graillot. (1 year 228-litre cask) dark red; the nose is more restrained than the previous, offers a stylish raspberry fruit aroma. The palate is elegant, flows well, gives red fruit with cut. This will assemble well with the previous cask. There is great gusto in this year’s wine. It ends freshly, with foundation. 12 years. Nov 2012

2011 ()

dark red; blackcurrant fronted, lively fruit aroma, soaked cherries depth as well, spots of licorice. The palate offers ripe fruit, crushed red fruits persistence about them. The whole bunch handling provides only a touch of late thyme, graininess. Going well now, is w.o.w. wine. The aftertaste gives gummy red fruit and a nice smokiness. 13°. 2017-18  Nov 2013 Previously Nov 2012 ***(*) (vat, bottling in 17 days onwards) dark robe with a full core. Sweet-noted, supple air of blackberry, a little black olive, light floral tones. The palate is sturdy, has a good centre, is built around dark berry fruit. Has a tangy cut strength towards the finish. Both the nose and the palate are deep, and this has enough content to entertain. It isn’t deep like the 2010, though. The finish is salty, spiced - the whole stems add crunch and weight to the finish. From late 2013 or 2014. 12.8°. 2022-24  Nov 2012  Previously Nov 2011 *** (4 year 228-litre cask, the wine in it for 3 days only, sugars, malo both done, has been given SO2) bright, nice red colour, even after the malo which drops the colour down. The nose in its early state evokes the Gamay, bears gummy red fruit, and there is cut in its red berry air. Good, darting red fruit on the palate is tasty and unforced, facile. There is a sunny pocket of fruit in this, nice length, agreeable wine. Red cherry on the finish. Fun to drink, with sound body (will gain) around spring 2013. To 2018 or so. 13°. Nov 2011


(tank, assembled, bottling in two weeks) notably dark, also shiny robe. The nose is promising, thorough, needs serious attention, its levels of depth are good, bears cleanly struck black fruit, also a tobacco influence. Definite density on the palate, and a nice aromatic aspect gives it quality, a freedom above the content. Bonny length, fruit, shows tar moments. This is a good display of the Syrah, its tannins are integrated, and it is pure. From late 2012, but can certainly live until 2022-24. “It is in the line of 1989 and 1995 – years of a lot of sun, very little rain and considerable tannic charge. The big aim is to have fresh fruit. In 2010 we actually waited for the rain to come to the aid of the vineyard - that`s a rare event. It rained on 23-24 September, and that unblocked the vines, so we harvested two days later in the space of 7 to 10 days. The grapes needed that 30 mm (1.2 in) of storm rain, which was followed by the North wind to clean things up,” A Graillot. Nov 2011

2009 ()

½ bottle at the domaine: bright, full red, shiny and lustrous. Oily, wholesome, rich nose that is copious and somewhat resembles wine from the eastern area of Hermitage. The palate is consolidating. Its tannins are thorough, the matter dense and considered. It is meaty and complete, and makes me think of 1990. It will have shut-down moments, but bears real potential. The length is splendid, truly complete. 13°. I would wait until late 2013. 2026-28 Nov 2011 Previously Nov 2010 ***(*) (all the assembled casks = 97% of the final wine, the other 3% raised in vat, bottling in two weeks) full, dark red; ripe and sunny nose, offers squeezy cherry jam, spice tucked in behind, keeps going. The palate holds compact red fruit – it is all in a gras register until oncoming late tannins and grip. This has the fruit typicity of 2009 and the Graillot fruit style, plus freshness. The red fruits are seasoned with spice, and the tannins provide a good line of support. Drinkers should really wait until spring 2012 but I am sure they won`t. Good drinking to come. 2018-20 Nov 2010


mild red, pale top. Honey, a little red jam, caramelised airs with floral touches. There is fair drive in the palate red fruits, its texture is smooth, and that is a big part of it. No empty moments. Has a fine grain, keeps going quietly. Good solo drinkability. It can soften a little: for now the finish is peppery. 2015-16 “It is light, and I find it resembles 2004 a lot,” Alain Graillot. Nov 2010 Previously Jan 2010 *** red-purple, violet. Rose hip top air to an agreeable red jam fruit air, also a mild mulberry and a dill herb influence that adds substance. The palate is marked by scented, pot-pourri style fruit, backed by a nice bout of tight, crisp tannins. This is all well put together for sympa drinking in the here and now. The length is decent. Good, regular wine that grows with air and holds up well on Day 2. 12.5°. To 2014. Jan 2010 Previously March 2009 **(*) (cask) quite a pale robe for now. Raspberry, light pepper, quite grounded, even toffee-aired nose. There are glimpses of this domaine`s usual racy red fruits, with a finish that is firm. There is a low-key vegetal note in the flavour from the stems, entwined with red jam flavours. The finish is clear. 2014-15 March 2009

2007 ()

dark enough red, purple also. The bouquet is appealing – there is plenty in it, indeed more than expected, shows rather sleek black cherry fruit, but has lots of smoky potential in behind. There is a classic Crozes from the flat plain debut to the palate – has smoky, tar-infused black fruit, racy stuff at this young stage. Crisp tannins line the finale, are good and fresh, wrapped tightly into it. Good body here, is a wine with a future, and one that extols the fruit and drinkability of 2007 well, but also local feel, is STGT. The fruit persists into a peppery ending, also some geranium ease. Day 2: a bit angular, more acidity evident, and on this showing needs cellaring till spring 2011 to soften and integrate truly. 2017-19 Feb 2010 Previously March 2009 ***(*) quite a full red colour. There are wisps of smoke that circle blackberry and mulberry fruits that have a touch of mystery: there is decent depth, and maybe the smoke comes from the stems. The palate rolls along steadily – it is accessible now, holds secure red fruits, has that smoky note in the middle, and extends well. Will please European palates especially – it is not sweet, and is a beau vin rather than a belle one – handsome drinking. There is a smoky, bracing aftertaste, and this can also gently improve. 2016-18 March 2009 Previously Jan 2008 **(*) clearly a struggle this year, a 12.5° level, inc some chaptalisation. Mildew hit the leaves, but not the bunches, and in some plots there were no leaves by the end of August. 3 casks tasted. Cask 1: ** red fruit with a slight vegetal air, peppery and direct, not that full. The palate darts out, has a wee red jam tone, is low-key. Cask 2: ** bright red; soft red fruit nose, facile in nature. Strawberry (unusual to taste this), cherry fruit, a wine that is narrow late on. Cask 3: black fruit, some stuffing in the bouquet. Light but sympa attack – direct black fruit, bit fragile late in the day. 6-8 year wine, drink early best. Jan 2008


red with some black traces. Sympa aroma, red berry with good ease in it, and the potential to develop, especially during 2008, when its pzazz factor can increase. Mid+ weight fruits on the palate, that comes with a snappy nature. The tannins need leaving until early 2009 or so: has a grainy underlay, a live finish, is not yet sealed together on the palate. When it is settled, I would expect this to be ***. “It tasted very well four days ago,” A.Graillot. But now there has just been a big storm, with a south wind – so I am not surprised by its lesser showing. 2016-17 Jan 2008

2005 ()

(casks) good, dark colour; both nose and palare are deep and thorough. Bouquet shows overt fruit. Palate has the classic crunchy fruit with richness underlying it. Tannins are here in good support. The wine has energy and muscle. Probably ***(*) and 8-10 year life. "The style of 2005 is for this combination of open fruit and tannin." A.G. Dec 2005


peppery nose with a warm black fruit underlay – a mixture of the fresh and the ripe. The palate bears well-woven black fruit with a sweet curl inside it. It is all black fruit in style, moving towards mint cream near the finish. Beau, stylish wine that drinks easily now. The shape is upright, as befits the vintage. The air softens it, and brings out some red fruits, and a wee touch of volatility. To 2012. Nov 2007, Hong Kong. Previously Dec 2005 *** bright, dark red robe. Iris, peony aroma, with mild black fruits that are quite ripe - less flamboyant than the best years. Easy fruit that is expressive and open, a wine that is on its toes. Has quiet reserves under the crunchy fruit. Capable of broadening around 2007. Some steeliness that I like. 2012-13 Dec 2005 Previously (casks) *** direct fruit bouquet, floats nicely. Three-quarter weight wine, live red fruits present. Sound length, can be drunk early. Understated richness within, marked by its clear fruit. To approx 2012.


full robe; strawberry purée aroma, persists. Weighted wine, has a compact, tasty flavour. Some spice in the fruit, touch end tannin. 2006 on. 2012-14


straight fruit bouquet, sense of sweetness. Live, red cherry fruit, appealing palate, like a cru Beaujolais. Frank wine, take it on the up, no great length - just get hold of the fruit delivery. 2008 Previously **(*) light jam aroma. Open black fruit flavour. Agreeable, quite round and pleasant.

2001 ()

oily, velveteen, peppery, deep nose. This is a full form wine, really clear nose, menthol notes. The palate is peppery, with flow and a lovely run of red fruit, a classic style that is right on the mark. The length is good, and there is lots of fresh 2001 in the sign-off. It thins a tiny bit on the closing stages. 2015-16 July 2011 Previously *** well-weighted bouquet, stewed berries, some oil. Tasty, direct black flavour, southern touches - black olives, spice, also licorice. Nice tannins. Esp now to 2006, can run to 2009-12.

2000 ()

quite ripe, tarry, raspberry and blackberry nose; ripe crop texture, blackcurrant/tar. Dark and tight, some end tannins, modern style wine. Fair length. 2007-10


black fruits, olives, jam aromas; firm fruit, solid tannins, a structured wine. Fresh ending. Drink esp around 2003-04. Cooked black fruit, wine gum sweets - the 1998 is more red fruits. Don't sit on it too long, could be a touch stretched. 2008-10.


broad fruit aroma, with some soil, truffle touches from four years' age; red fruits on a searching attack. Upright, bit drier than usual. Very direct, may gain width around 2004 as its second phase gets going. Esp 2004-05. 2007-09


rubbery, tar, bit of black fruit on bouquet; fruit very soft, early wine, quite lively. 2003-04