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The Wines

1940s Marsanne from Gervans, used oak casks fermented, raised 9 months, organic, biodynamic wine, 2,650 b

2018 ()

pale yellow; there is light fruiting on the nose, pear, pear skin, cooked lemon. The palate is light, skimmy, has a compote of white fruits flavour, a soft finale, a honeyed aftertaste. It’s facile, skimpy Crozes blanc. 12.8°. Bottled May 2019. To 2021 Dec 2019

2016 ()

pale yellow; the nose is soft, charming, shows gentle white fruits’ airs, flowers. This is a bit New Wave on the palate, is very light, gives a simple aperitif. There’s a touch of peach in the flavour, but it drifts late on. 12° - deliberate policy, I reckon, but that strips it right back. €14. To 2020 Dec 2018


honeycomb, soft white fruit nose; the palate starts with the taste of green apples, but this is uneven through the palate. It ends on a minted, tilted note. Has a bonbon sweet, waxen aftertaste. Rustic wine. Dec 2007