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The Wines

82% 1952 Syrah, 18% 1958-60 Syrah from hedge-lined southern zone vineyard, destemmed, 3-4 week steel vat vinification, wild yeasts, pumping overs, malo in cask since 1990, aged 30% new, 35% 1-year, 35% 2-year 228-litre oak casks 12 months (until mid 2010s 50% new, 50% 1 year 228-litre oak casks 12 months), unfined, filtered, 25-30,000 b, 2,000 magnums, 80 jereboams, 25 methusalems

2018 ()

(cask) dark robe; the bouquet is on oak, varnish, concerted depth of pure black fruits, a swirl of them. It needs time to integrate. The palate bears coated, smooth content lined with oak that fits in, the fruit coming with style and persistence. This is lissom, rather stately Crozes of good length and sound freshness. There is a cool, agreeable tone to the fruit. From 2022. 2030-32 Nov 2019


very dark robe, full to the brim with black hues. The nose is replete but not showing much today, has a brewed intensity, dense black fruit, a note of chocolate. It’s on a big scale. Oak lurks. The palate reveals oak more openly, oak that accompanies its free flow of gourmand black cherry fruit. It ends with agreeable squelchy content, the tannins going up and down on the close. This is deliberately large, pushed along wine which needs time to settle, gain elegance and infuse its oak. Decanting advised. 13.5°. From mid-2021. 2036-38 Dec 2018

2016 ()

dark red, good looking robe. The nose offers a soft and nicely broad blackberry aroma, hints of violets, primrose flowers, a juicy black cherry coulis and a hint of oak. It can certainly develop further. The palate is sensuous, appealing, a delicious gush of black fruits, a cascade of them. It gives much pleasure. The tannins start at half way with a fine graininess, and it goes long with the juice intact, is stylish indeed. It is elegant, Burgundian, detailed: serve in a large glass, is a wine of max charm. It compares very well with the 2015. From mid-2019. 2028-30 March 2018

2015 ()

dark robe. The nose has a plump aroma waiting to emerge from a broad, deep base, is on reduction, shows prune depth, black olives and bright blueberry fruit, raspberry liqueur: it’s a big bouquet in the making, and there are damp black earth airs from the reduction. The palate has a black-fruited heartbeat clad in layered content; the tannins are deep, more so than those of the 2016; they sustain it well, and it leads into a munchy close. This has a silken-velvet feel with powdered, fragrant tannins after the mid-point. The length is very sure, and it’s a solid, sustained 2015 Crozes. Decanting necessary. 13.5°. From mid-2020. 2030-32 March 2018


(casks) shiny black-dark red robe.  The nose is lucid, gives a “sparkling” aroma of black cherry fruit with oak alongside it. It is nicely wide and deep. The palate bears enjoyable, classy black fruit with a pure quality about it. The tannins and oak slot in well. This is high grade Crozes; the fruit has a scented quality, and it is all very tasty, complete, delivered without effort. 13°. 30,000 b. €32. From mid-2016. 2021-22  Oct 2015 


attractive robe, legs, a shiny dark red. The nose is interesting – it mixes flowers and dark red berries, is very much faithful to Northern Rhône Syrah, that becoming air of the dark berries. The palate enjoys a winning freshness, runs with unfettered, direct and very drinkable appeal. It holds joli gras richness, all in a neat ball, as it goes along. This has style. It extols airborne qualities more than usual this year. From spring 2017. 13°. 2024-26 GB £120/6 bots in bond Berry Brothers 0800 280 2440 +44(0)207 022 8973  www.bbr.com Feb 2015


(casks) dark robe; floral airs, a good chocolate, rose-hip aroma, perfume and meaty depth combine. The palate is a profound affair, grounded, comes with oak inside and a grilled note after half way. It keeps going well, has a tingle of blueberry and appealing clarity as it ends. On the mark Crozes-Hermitage. Has a spearmint exit. From mid-2014. 13°. 2020-21 Nov 2013

2011 ()

(casks) dark, shiny robe. Has a sleek black cherry fruit aroma, along with chocolate, grilled notes – a good and thorough bouquet. The vineyard gleams through its oaking. The palate has a good, juiced heart, gives an honest and tasty flow of fruit, with flair and purpose. A Rock on Tommy Crozes – it has the dash one wants, but also a serious side, an extra depth. The finale is grounded. Real attitude here – a wine that goes to the next level. From 2015. 2024-26  Nov 2012

2010 ()

dark, shiny robe. Has a full, stylish air with a soft sweetness – a handsome nose that is all together, complete, has potential. The palate is darkly fruited, with extra elements of coffee, prune and tea towards the finish, some oak influence. Has the 2010 balance and freedom, even in a full setting, is very thorough. Good length. From 2014-15. 13°. Bottled Dec 2011. 2023-25 Feb 2012

2008 ()

level red robe; floral top air, with soft red fruit under that. The palate has a quiet infill of red fruit, soft scenting all around it. The texture is pliant. There is an increase in intensity on the finish, a brief shot of plum liqueur. A fine texture wine, ready now, has a little grace, even if there is something of the perfumato or boudoir about it. 2013-14. "No new oak - only 1-2 year casks, and one-fifth of the usual quantity, just 5,000 bottles this year," Laurent Combier. Dec 2009

2007 ()

bright, full shiny black robe. The bouquet is reticent from its bottling three weeks ago – there is a lateral run of toasted oak across it, wisps of flowers and also cooked plums, blackberry – it is quite broad and soundly filled. There is comfortable juice in the palate – the flavour is black jam with oak woven into it for now, The texture past the oak is supple, the aftertaste smoky oaky for now. 13°. Can offer broad appeal around 2011. From spring 2010. 2015-16 Dec 2008


good, full dark robe; The nose is wide, and for now is oaked – there is a solid couch of black fruit underneath. The palate has a ripe tone – after quite a clear start, there is a gourmand mid to late stretch that is partly derived from the policy of doing the malo in cask, not vat. This means the wine is not that crisp – it is more sappy and weighing down than it could be. The length is good. The oak is prominent at the end. From 2010. 2019-20. bottled end Nov 2007. Jan 2008


full, quite dark robe – it is just entering a game stage – is funky, earthy and has mulled black fruits inside: it needs airing (“allow it two hours' air”, L.Combier). The palate has knit fabric in a full outline – there is plenty of heart, and it persists well, its richness is very evident. It has absorbed quite a lot of the oak, which is just there at the end now, provides slight tar. There is a beef stock aftertaste, oak and chocolate – manly Crozes this year. 2019-21 Jan 2008 Previously Nov 2006 ***(*) dark robe; there is a raw top to the aroma – licorice, tar, and a grainy air from its oak. This is a chunky form of Crozes, with sleek modern black fruit and marked oaken sides. Is quite potent towards the finish. There is elegant content if it can get through its oaking, which it should. The balance is correct, but only drink this when it is mature. From 2009. 2013-15 Nov 2006

2004 ()

red tints at the top of a black plum robe; there are floral notes on the nose – a striking change vis-à-vis the 2005. The fruit aroma is also red, rather than 2005 black fruits aroma. There is violet scent in the raspberry, mulberry, bilberry palate fruit. There is a late bout of grain – giving grip and upright notes. A brief burst of spiced, white pepper laden red jam brings down the curtain. It is advancing, but showing well now. “This is good with autumn dishes – sauced meats, pheasant, partridge,” Laurent Combier. 2013-14 Jan 2008 Previously April 2006 *** bright cherry robe. Sleek, oily black fruit bouquet with good substance, the black berries aroma is well bound together. Crème de cassis flavour works well on palate, rolls along and sustains itself smoothly. Harmonious wine, with elegant fruit, and a little end tannin in support. Drinks well now, and has scope. Modern, clean wine, is a touch short. 2012-14 April 2006 Previously February 2006 ** exuberant fruit with good core to it on the nose, if it is a little cellar pushed. Tight-knit fruit on start of palate, crop that has been macerated for a while. Length OK, licorice on aftertaste. Texture is a bit stretched, isn`t a relaxed wine. Esp late 2007 on. 2012-14

2003 ()

quite a dark robe; there is a sweet, meat effect on the nose – Sirloin stake before cooking, Brasilian coffee – it is very “dark” in nature and comes with grilled pistachios and chocolate also. This is a big, black-fruited wine on the palate, with definite intensity in it – the flavours are black fruits, prune, violets: it is southern in nature, and stretches out. It stands at a junction now – it needs to cohese. 13.8°. From 2011. 2019-20 Jan 2008 “It was baked at first – it has gained freshness on the finish, as it has aged. It is adolescent now, on the meat as it were, but damp woods, truffle notes will come around 2011-12,” Laurent Combier. Jan 2008 Previously (cask) ***(*) dark - looks modern. Soaked, ripe fruit, Pez sweets, some heat on nose. Oaked black fruit, persists well, some refinement. Widens at finish. Abundant wine, less oak after 2 hours. 2007-08 on. 2017-20

2002 No Rating



some advance on the robe. Brewed, mulled nose (served too warm), a touch of top spice and tar. Rounded, pitch wine palate, of good dimension and piercing blackberry fruit. Tannins still have bite and the vintage freshness on the aftertaste. Good life in this, plenty of local character. Nicely wide late on. 2012-14. Oct 2005 Previously **** healthy red fruit/raspberry smoked, tar aroma, potential; Smooth black fruit; elegant, fat texture. Tarry end. 2006 on. 2011-13


attractive, slightly advancing red robe. Secure red fruit that has gummy, peppery moments. There is a free, almost grapefruit air in it, also cocoa and coffee, green pepper. Good thrust of black fruit on the palate, but it is on the stretch, wiry, and comes and goes, gains and rises. Bit bitter. Not far off its apogee. 2011-12 Dec 2009 Previously ***(*) open aroma, full of violets and berries; stone fruit, plums with good persistence. Lasts well, rounded wine. 2008-10.


the nose is quite dense - cooked black fruit/oak. Slight dry jam texture; oak grows with air. This needs time to sort, loosen. 2009-11

1995 ()

into its second stage, tea, olive, mushroom. The pleasing fat of Crozes in style with a serious depth. A dripping flavour - the plain and ripening effect. Interesting wine. To 2008 April 1999