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The Wines

2003-2007 Syrah from galet stone soils mainly on Les Chassis at Mercurol, plus Beaumont-Monteux, destemmed, cool maceration pre-fermentation 3-4 days at 8-10°C, 15-18 day vinification, wild yeasts, twice daily pumping overs, cap punching after 1020, aged 50-100% steel vat, 0-50% 228-litre oak casks (have replaced large barrel) 7-11 months, three bottlings in May, June, August, unfined, filtered, biodynamic, organic wine, 33-50,000 b

2018 ()

mainly dark red colour; the bouquet has a sweet curl, presents red berry fruits, with a simmered, slightly mulled nature. The palate bears red fruited content, a little cool thread through it, a vegetal note towards the finish. It hasn’t been chased on extraction, and will be drinking finely from mid-2020. 13.5°. 2026-27 Nov 2019


full, dark robe. The nose is well measured, has a deft note of brightness, joli fruit within, a mix of berries. The palate drinks loosely and easily, serves raspberry fruit with low-key, smoky tannins in tow. It’s in the here and now, good for grills and barbecues, roast meats. The juice is liberal and free. It is bottled already. 13°. 2025-26 Dec 2018 Previously Nov 2018 **(*) dark plum red colour; the nose is soft, floral, with spice-pepper, raspberry fruit with a coulis leaning. The palate gives red stone fruits with a slightly lean aspect, the close grainy. It’s not quite together, lacks some mid-palate gras, is simple. It’s OK . . . but the tannins are a bit dry, parched. This is the last bottling, 27 Aug 2018. 13°. €11. To 2022 Nov 2018


dark red colour. The nose is broad, somewhat brothy and grilled, on fruit and oak and meat stock. The palate has a plump nature, a fatness of content, comes in a ball of black stone fruit flavour that is OK but a shade clumsy. It’s a workmanlike Crozes, OK with stews. The finish is rounded. 13°. 50,000 b. 80% vat, 20% cask raising. To 2021 Nov 2017

2015 ()

dark robe. The nose is full, bears reduction, so decanting a good move. There is a pinpoint of black cherry at its centre. The palate bears expressive black fruit with cosy, supple tannins wheeling it on its way. Its fleshy content will appeal - it has a rich heart. The finish is full. It’s a gourmand style of Crozes, with a little unlocking still to come. 13°. 50,000 b. From spring 2017. 2022-23 Oct 2016


quite a dark red robe. Reduction hovers above the bouquet, with a sultry air of black berry within. As of now, the nose is muddled, needs air. The palate holds soft black fruit, with tannins that intrude before the finish. Again, this isn’t showing as a whole. The length is fair. 13°. 36,000 b. €5.80 export. From mid-2016, with decanting. 2020-21  Oct 2015 


dark colour, purple rim. There is steady depth to the nose, a secure, simmered blackberry aroma present, just a note of cow hide. The palate expresses right away, the fruit clear and running. It ends with some flourish and a sound clarity. The finish is just a little dry. Suited more to foods over solo drinking. 13°. €5.36 ex cellars. 80% vat raising. 33,000 b. To 2018. Jan 2015


dark colour. Grilled pork sausage opening air, a breast full of that, with light elder and blackberry airs behind. The palate shows black, liquid fruit, an undertone of grilling emerging on the end. This is close to drinkable, having been bottled on 29 August 2013, though the finish requires nine months to allow the fruit to go further. Has a scented, sweet tea finale. Agreeable, unpretentious. 13°. 30,000 b. €5.20 ex cellars. 80% steel vat raised. To 2018  Nov 2013

2011 ()

steady, quite dark robe. Has a brewed, wide air – the nose has lift, shows vanilla and refined black fruit that is stylish and has enough depth to go a second stage, well. The palate delivers stone fruit, its plum-prune flavour well upholstered, has a sound centre. Suited to foods more than solo drinking due to its compact depth. It runs well to the finish, wide and secure. Well-made wine, with a sure hand on the tiller. Decant this. From mid-2013. 35,000 b. 2018  Nov 2012


shiny, rather dark robe. Has a reductive but otherwise gently scented aroma led by malleable red fruit airs. The palate is scented, with red fruit threaded by a line of steel, of freshness that is quietly insistent, works well. It ends on the clarity of 2010, its length good and precise. There is also reduction on the palate, so you must decant this. A wine that will make gradual progress, nothing too enforced. There is very good lip-smack fruit on the long finish, with a light show of chocolate on the aftertaste. From spring 2013. 13°, 33 hl/ha this year, not as high as some. 2019-20 Nov 2011


full robe. Soaked, imposing bouquet that is sweet n`deep, shows sweet blackberry, like a blackberry cordial drink. There is fat ball of flavour on the palate which is overtly fleshy, comes in the fruit bomb zone, and is not easy to drink freely. It labours along the palate, lacks cut and drive. The finish is sweet (that word again). It is ready now because of its sweetness. 2016-17 Nov 2010


fair red, bit obscure; red berry jam sweet style aroma. The palate labours in a similarly sweet way, gives a short display of fruit jam, then firms up, loses its appeal, dries. A sticking plaster wine, cobbled together under difficulties. A little floral moment on the finish. Will have a shade more grip from mid-2010. 2012-13 Dec 2009


floral aroma, with black fruits present – rather like many others. The palate has similar black fruit jam with a violet, peony nature late on allied to some sweetness. This could be served cool. To 2010-11 March 2009


black berry robe; has quite a lush aroma marked by squeezy, black berry fruit, is quite deep and has plenty of jam appeal, nice and round. The palate kicks off with cassis fruit wrapped up in a tight texture; there is an interesting late coolness of tone in the black fruit, that renders the finish with a prune, mineral tone. There is a late burst of tar and black coffee. This will become more sous-bois – damp woodsy – and more mineral as it ages. It's an advanced sort of wine, more on an axis of ripeness than freshness. To 2011. Dec 2007