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The Wines

purchased Syrah crop from 30-70% Chaillot (1993), plus 30-40% La Côte (late 1960s), 30% Sabarotte (late 1970s)) of E Bancel, 50-90% destemmed, crop cooled at 15°C 5-6 days, 4 week vinification, cap punching every 2 days, malo in oak, aged 10% new, 45% 1-year, 45% 2-year 228-litre oak casks with one 600-litre cask 18 months, then brief steel vat stay, unfined, unfiltered, 3,000-5,000 b


(cask, bottling Dec 2020) full, dark red; there is light reduction, meaty and marked blood notes in the bouquet, intensity in its mulberry-loganberry fruit. There are sun rays present that provide a low-key sweetness. This is a serious Cornas, comme il faut. The palate has a bright, engaging kick-off, runs with streamlined red fruits, multiple but ripe tannins. It’s a complete offering of Cornas, well presented, has dash. It’s chock full towards the finish, piles up its tannins, but has liberty of crunch, freedom, on the close, the juice thorough there. From 2024. 2042-45 Feb 2020


(used 228-litre cask) dark red, a bit of purple in the robe. There are sweet notes, Bovril beef stock, red meat notably on the bouquet with a mix of raspberry liqueur and blackcurrant, along with iron filings. It’s a doughty nose that sustains well. The palate is threaded with iron and mineral which gives the texture zing; it’s racy in places, has good drive, is well endowed but mobile also. There’s good granite cut, red fruit moving through it. It ends running, no hesitation, goes for it. From 2021. 2037-39 Dec 2018


(used 600-litre cask) dark red. The nose is well rounded, gives black fruits, good beat in them. The palate rolls with suave gras, holds stylish, really pure fruit, is very charming and giving. This is beau, open Cornas, the fruit very fine, the tannins discreet. It gives sensuous appeal. From mid-2019. 2030-32 Nov 2017

2015 ()

bottled yesterday: dark red. Cocoa, well centred raspberry fruit features on a nose with smoky topping, licorice. There is low-key brightness waiting to emerge. The palate starts on thick red-fruited content, holds firm richness, has a chunky nature, a square shape. There’s very compressed content here. The close is firm, raisiny, has inner strength. The tannins are notably thick, unformed, will become looser. There is a vegetal crunch at the end. It’s in a stubborn phase, is still an unmade wine. Can possibly move to ****. 2033-35 Nov 2017

2014 ()

(used 228-litre cask, bottling Sept 2016) shiny dark red robe. The nose gives an air of elegant red berry fruit, is clear and has a smooth depth, has bite also. This bears grippy fruit, plenty of it. Its red fruits settle around a direct spine, then it delivers a good crunch, rockiness and floral combination on the end. This engages the drinker, places demands for now. It is direct, rather strict, for now. 25% whole bunches. From 2018. 2028-30 Oct 2015

2012 ()

(cask) bright dark red. The bouquet gives a brooding backdrop, smoked airs, mulberry dark berry fruit, cordite; the fruit is clear and persistent. This holds sensuous fruit surrounded by firm grip, mineral tannins. The fruit runs on well, has flair. There is finesse in its nutty red fruit. Handsome, true wine, the length very good. From 2016. Bottling Sept 2014. 33% whole bunch. 2026-28  Nov 2013

2011 ()

bottled Sept 2013: bright, quite dark red. The nose involves mulled red berry, wee chocolate depth, has local snap, flint present. The palate starts carefully after its recent bottling, holds a steady richness, keeps going, and picks up its iron associations. The red fruit has a minor level of richness. This is a lesser vintage but the wine has been correctly worked. 20% whole bunch. Especially from 2017. 2024-25  Nov 2013  Previously Nov 2012 ***(*) (228-litre cask, bottling summer 2013) dark red. Good, wavy, clear red fruit aroma, raspberry at its centre, some dark berries, and a light air of meat. The palate glides along, has a little Cornas measured intensity, then develops its own style at the end – has grip and an aromatic nature, the grip good. Fine red fruits compose the main taste. Tarry finish. Very clear wine. Was racked Sept 2012. From 2015. 2022-24  Nov 2012

2010 ()

dark red. Close-knit, closed bouquet, wee acetate, serious depth, black berries within, a light air of violet: there is plenty more to come. It veers towards southern garrigue notes, rosemary and thyme. There is also a note of acetate on the palate, holds crushed small black berry fruit, a rolling intensity of the vintage. The fruit inside is very clean, is really wide, the coating sleek, fresh. The finish is mixed – floral and shows a compressed strength. From 2017-18. 14°. 2028-29  Nov 2013  Previously Nov 2012 **** attractive bright red. Varnish, acetate, red cherry fruit aroma – the bouquet is tightly wrapped, enclosed, needs time. The palate grips tightly as well, its fruit stretched today. The fruit centres of soaked red cherries, has a ping of acidity. It isn’t in a very clear state, has a gritty finale via a grainy group of tannins. This is demanding wine, not for faint hearts, is a Wild Child. It fronts up, but needs time to be tamed. The finale is solid. “The acetate comes and goes,” Maxime Graillot. Bottled Sept 2012. From 2015 or so. 2026-27  Nov 2012  Previously Nov 2010 ****(*) (used 228-litre oak cask, malo done) attractive robe, bright and full. Round, measured nose – agreeable raspberry red fruit jelly, lightly floral aroma. The palate delivers poised red fruit, is well-textured, builds up tannins and minerality. This is very Cornas, an STGT wine that is fine along the palate. Excellent sequence along the palate. It is not very big, but has confident structure and depth. Gum-smacking, but clear finale. A precise wine, which is certainly a compliment. To be bottled June 2012. 2025-28 Nov 2010


1) (used 228-litre cask) **** thick, dark robe; inky, chocolate, black raisin aroma in a sturdy bouquet. Grounded palate, is a really implanted wine that coats the palate and offers a muscular depth. It is very solid towards the finish, where it develops nutty moments. The fruits are dark, with a touch of kirsch in the flavour. Needs time – from 2014. 17-18 years. 2) (used 228-litre oak cask) ***(*) full robe; wide, persistent, deep nose, chunky and inky. The fruit is smooth, sustained along the palate, good length. A little acetate at the end. 17 years. Nov 2010. OVERALL **** plenty of substance, a genuine Cornas, of the hot sun. Good drinking around 2017-20 notably. To 2026-27 Nov 2010


bright, quite dark red robe; a steady red fruit air traverses the glass, and it comes with a little earthiness. Brisk, clear red fruits start the palate; there is a good foundation in support – this has enough content to keep it going over time. Has both energy and good grain. Impressive for the second vintage done by Max at Cornas. From 2011. 2020-22 March 2009

2006 ()

quite a full red robe; peony-violet flowers aroma, with licorice also in the air and reduction from its raising. The palate's fruit is sealed for now – it does run along clear lines, and comes with robust late content. The finish is firm. There is an earthy nature to the palate, a taste of dates, and just a bit of freshness. Decant this. Needs time – from 2011. 2019-21. 100% Chaillot this year. March 2009