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The Wines

from granite soils at Vion (mid-1960s Syrah), St-Jean-de-Muzols (1998-2000 Syrah), destemmed, 25 day steel & concrete vat vinification, pumping overs, cap punchings, aged 30-40% new, 60-70% 1-year 228-litre oak casks 12-15 months, fined, unfiltered, first wine 1998 (from Mauves then), 10-15,000 b

2018 ()

(casks) handsome, dark colour; the bouquet bears good abundance, lines of black and blue fruits with glisten and wellbeing in them. It’s deep, but stylish at the same time, is a good, classy opening. The palate comes forward with eye catching, richly lined content, always fluid and appealing. The black cherry fruit carries max allure, and this is top notch St Jo in 2018. There are oak hints well within until they become more obvious on the blue-fruited finish. It’s fresh, despite the hot vintage. 14°. 10,660 b. €18. From late-2021. 2034-36 Nov 2019


(casks) brut dark red, black core to the robe. The bouquet is solid, closed, shows a surface of oak, smoked bacon, a roll of black cherry within. It’s not got going at all. The palate is more suggestive, holds curvy black fruits with a suave roll of gras that persists with ease, roundness. The tannins are ripe, with the oak and its smoke prevailing for now on the finish. Beyond the oak, this is nourishing, can move into good shape and give a thorough, true glass of St Jo, with a pepper attachment. 13.5°. From 2021. 2034-36 Dec 2018

2016 ()

(casks) full, dark robe. The nose has an inky fullness, is replete with a myriad of black fruits, varnish from oak, is slightly pumped up. The palate carries obvious oak and a plush content, is a fat, sweet-toned affair. This is some way in style from being a messenger of the granite soils, is flashy, varietal wine with enough fat to care of its overtly sweet oak in time. It closes on cassis fruit and oak together. 13.5°. 13,320 b. From 2019. 2024-26 Nov 2017


(casks) dark, complete robe. There is a rounded aroma of blackberry that is deeply set on the nose, along with notes of roast beef. It has some coolness. There is some oak pushing though. The palate bears swishy gras and black fruit with a concerted intensity building towards the finish, which is dark, tarry. The length is fresh, confident, and oaked. From 2019. 2027-29 Oct 2016


(casks) dark red, sturdy robe. The nose brims fully with an aroma of mulled fruits, small and intense black berries, along with licorice, oak and violet. The palate fruit is cool and slightly peppered, has a polished style. This has the clip of the vintage in its make-up. There is a note of menthol on the aftertaste, and oak. It is is still very much in the cellar. From late 2017 for the oak to subside. 13°. 15,000 b. 30% new, 70% 1-year oak raising 15 months. €16 at the cellars. 2022-23  Oct 2015


dark robe. Rounded blackberry aroma, the fruit sleek and pretty pure; there is oak obviously present, so it needs time. The palate holds up quite well, even if the oak renders it a little clinical for now. Has a tarry, black cherry, oaky finish. From 2017; the wait will help to tip the scales back to the Rhône from an international style. 13°. €9.10 ex cellars. 15,000 b. 2022-23  Jan 2015


(casks) dark robe; There is a nice hum of black berry fruit on the nose – the bouquet is a neat package, includes licorice, ripe mulberry, sweet spice and oaking. The palate attacks with verve – it offers lively black fruit with an engaging swish, an enjoyable moment wine with clear fruit, which carries very well. It needs 12 months to settle the oak, but the fruit is delightful inside that. 13.5°. 15,000 b. €8.75 ex cellars, VALUE. 2019-20  Nov 2013


(casks, release Jan 2013) dark colour. This has a good swirl of black-fruited aroma, oak inlaid. The nose is clear-cut, can develop. It has the modern black cherry style. The palate gives brisk black fruit that is sleekly textured, with acidity to drive it along. It fits together well, but lacks soul, will drink freely in its early stages, once the oak is more within, post bottling. Very modern, a bit techno, arm’s length. From mid-2014. 2019-20  Nov 2012


(casks) very dark, glistening robe; smoky, strong appeal black berry fruit air that keeps on coming and is fine, with smoke and licorice. The palate starts in juicy fashion, with pebbly, granite touches to keep it from excess. It brims with black fruit and leaves that impression of generosity – there is plenty in the glass. Has good acidity to keep it moving, ends with youthful roundness, while the aftertaste is clear, very clear – shows wee tar and licorice. A wine going places. From late 2012. 2020-21 Nov 2011

2007 ()

dark robe; the nose is intense – oak and black fruits in what is a linear do for now. The palate is also linear, young. There is fair body, so the oak takes a high profile, and leaves its chocolate residue on the finish, along with date, raisin, tar. A “cellar on top” wine. From spring 2010. To 2014. March 2009 Previously Jan 2008 ** (1-year oak 228-litre cask) quite dark robe; black berry, even handed aroma with oak present, no surprise there. The palate is relatively softer, with some black jam; the content is quite ripe only. This appears to be an upright year. I wonder if he will shorten the ageing, but he won`t. 6-7 years. Jan 2008

2006 ()

quite a dark cherry-plum robe; the bouquet carries upright black fruit infused with oak – crunchy, peppery oak. The palate starts with some black berry, but never gets out of its oak jacket, and ends on an oaked note that lies well above the black prune fruit taste. Has a curly end – it's an oak fest, mate. Dry aftertaste. From 2010 – no youth for this. 2014-15 Jan 2008

2005 ()

quite dark; a big scale, hewn nose of chocolate and oak, and black berry fruit. Oak on all its sides now, but inside the matter is rich. Flows OK. Good possibilities in time – needs to shrug off the oak. From 2009. 2015-16 Nov 2006


dark robe. Even-handed bouquet with black fruits mixed with olive, the berry fruits are springy. Harmonious fruit start, gains sinew and edge as it proceeds along the palate - is mineral-textured by the finish. Clean fruit at its core. Safely made, a risk-free do. Sound. 2011-12 April 2006 Previously (cask) **(*) brewed, mocha-black cherry aroma. Down the line fruit, is direct. Broadens quite well at end, and oak influences appear. Less pure than the STGT school. Bit dry on finish. Esp 2008 on, to 2012-13 March 2005


dark; slight spice plus blackcurrant jam paste aroma. Dry, tangy palate - marked by its new oak. Live fruit on the finish. Good and true. But a half bottle 14 months later was ? - a bit stretched, fair ripeness, some confit present, but end acidity, heat.