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The Wines

100% Marsanne (1902, 1980s and older) from clay-limestone soils on Les Pends at Mercurol, fermented, raised new 600-litre oak casks 12 months, malo completed, first wine 1997, 800-1,500 b


(cask) firm yellow colour; the bouquet recalls the Mediterranean, has a vivid strength of ripe fruit, brioche bread, a bulging abundance, comes with oak. It’s a little reduced. The palate sets off with a broad dimension, bears ample, multi-layered content of white peach, apricot, notes of Marsanne tang aiding late coolness and direction; it persists thoroughly. This is a meal in itself, reach for the knife and fork! It would give a Hermitage blanc a run for its money. It’s a glycerol based, traditional Crozes blanc. From 2022, decant it. 2033-35 Nov 2019

2017 ()

(casks) shiny yellow colour; the bouquet has scale, a thorough plunge of smoke festooned, toasted white fruits, grape essence, melted butter. The oak adds an air of varnish. The palate is well measured in its compact gras richness, is going to take time to unfurl. For now, it has a tangy orange marmalade flavour with light lime accompaniments, extends with firm intent and classy juice, further oak on the quietly powerful finish. This is structured white Crozes, not for youthful drinking: reach for the first bottle around 2022 – it will become more complex, and reward the wait. 2031-33 Dec 2018

2013 ()

yellow colour. There is a quite sturdy oak aroma on the first nose, airs of cooked banana and pear present, lime and white peach - a fat overall impression is given, with just glances of lift. The palate has style, albeit oaked, for now. The fruit and gras have pedigree from mature vines, and this will slowly fuse its content and cask raising: leave until late 2016. It finishes with real intrinsic strength, a great farewell. Serve this in a large glass – it will make an impression. Its depth comes from the vineyard. It holds a tender peach flavour with some nut seasoning. The balance is good. 13°. 900 b. €20 at the cellars or €11 export, worth every centime. 2024-25 GB Lay and Wheeler Majestic House Watford Jan 2015


has a good looking yellow robe. Exotic fruit aromas start the nose, which is gently curvy, shows peach, caramel from the oak, almond nuts. It presents an elegant Marsanne debut. The palate bears suave gras, led by a peach-apricot flavour. It is very tender, stylish wine, really joli, a lovely do. It has complete length. 13°. 2021-23  Apr 2016

2011 ()

(casks) rather bright, pale yellow; varnish, oak, wax air with a bonny point of honeycomb at its centre, the fruit is lime. This has a thoroughly classic Marsanne hazelnut flavour, with its tangy grip on the finish. Good, unfettered Crozes blanc, all on the hazelnut. It tightens up at the end, is a touch austere there. It is a bit taut. Dishes such as quiches, salads, smoked fish suit. From spring 2013. 2020-22  Nov 2012



steady yellow robe; pear tart, simmered brown sugar, baked fruit, crème brûlée aroma. There is good Marsanne intensity on the attack, then it finds its feet, takes on a closed, firm aspect, a very Marsanne nature. Classy for a white Crozes. The finish is spiced, and it reflects its alluvial stone soils with that free, peppered ending. Good. 2019-21 Dec 2009

2006 ()

light yellow robe; there is potential in the nose – it offers more in the future – there is some butter and dried fruit within, also honey, mild oak – it is pretty broad. There may be a touch of S02 also. The palate is elegant, long, persistent. Apricot fruit marches with light oak toast and honey flavours – this is a wine of more consequence than many white Crozes this year, and has been well vinified. A sound example of white Crozes with the oak applied constructively. Ends on a toasted note. 13°. To 2017-19 Jan 2008

2003 ()

full yellow, gold traces; the nose is reserved, but right in the game – lightly baked white fruits, brown sugar, light citrus airs. The palate has a rich, flattering gras at the start, then it pauses a bit in mid-palate. It ends on a nutty, menthol note. Still very much on the go, and good with charcuterie – they make a bonny duo. Good length. This shows the 2003 whites can age, driven by their overwhelming ripeness and glycerol. 2015-17 Dec 2008

2000 No Rating



full yellow; dried apricots aroma, full; very rich, lots of exotic fruit here, plenty of fat. Luxury wine, cask effect on end. Towards mini-Hermitage. 2013-15.