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LVT 2012 r 2007 wh Official organic vineyard status from 2001. The first bottled wine was in 1989. The old 35,000 bottle average or 40% of the production was hit when the domaine had big problems with its 2003, which threw a very large deposit. Now 20,000 bottles are produced, and the rest is sold in bulk. The fruit can be persuasively succulent. Some wines can dry with air exposure. Stéphane Cornu is an individualist, somewhat out of the mainstream loop, and makes wines that please him - keeping wines.

Stéphane Cornu 250 chemin des écoles Les Chassis 26600 Mercurol

Tel: +33(0)475 07 99 12



Countries exported to:1) Switzerland

Percentage Exported: 5%, down from 99%