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The Wines

50-70% Roussanne (2007), 30-50% Marsanne (2007), from galet stone clay-limestone soils on Grand Champ at Beaumont Monteux, cool decantation after pressing, 85-90% concrete vat flacon fermented, 10-15% 6-7 year 228-litre oak cask fermented, then 85-90% steel vat, 10-15% 6-7 year 228-litre oak casks raised 9 months, malo blocked, filtered, "drink with fried scallops, white meats", up from 1,000-1,700 b to 2,500-3,000 b

2018 ()

marked yellow colour; the bouquet has a ripe peach-nectarine aroma, with tropical fruits such as mango, shows the ripeness of the vintage. The palate is compact, centred on citrus tang content, with a stretch of freshness. It’s a wine of some energy, has Roussanne suaveness on display, and finishes on further bouts of tropical fruits. The aftertaste is tangy. 13.5°. 70% Rouss, 30% Mars. €18. 2026-27 Nov 2019 Previously Nov 2018 ***(*) (concrete flacon, malo in process, ending now) quite a full yellow; there is a buttery air from the malo ending now, the bouquet has sweet depth, is well filled. The palate holds nutty, steady gras, is well textured, a sunny wine. The close is rounded. This is rather low acidity, nice table wine. To 2023 Nov 2018

2017 ()

quite a full yellow robe; there’s a butty-toasty outer air to the nose, with greengage, white plum, tropical fruit within, a touch of fennel. The palate gives ample and instant jungle fruits, has a good, smooth texture with the length holding well. The finale is round, with gras till present there and Roussanne finesse. This holds good freshness, and I note it has carbonic gas in it, which is a high 1,000-1,100. 13.5°. 70% Rouss, 30% Mars. 2024-25 Nov 2018

2016 ()

quite a full yellow robe; honey, cooked lemon, quince mix in a nose that is agreeably deep, and holds well. The palate has a dried fruits, white plum flavour, white peach, and pineapple, with the Marsanne asserting its grip towards the finish. There’s a touch of Roussanne suppleness on the end, which is quiet. This has nice heart, is a table wine suited to pork, cod. 13°. 2022-23 Nov 2018

2015 ()

very bright, pronounced yellow robe. The nose is rich on the instant, with a buttery, flan centre. There is an air of ripe apricot, apricot juice, in circulation. The palate is broad, dense and well sustained. This has an impressive, mini-Hermitage nature, buoyed by its silken texture and serene progress along the palate. There is a note of gas freshness within. I like its sumptuous style, and it hits the line running. 13°. 2,500 b. €15.60 at the cellars. 70% Rouss, 30% Mars (Rouss up from 50%) this year. 2023-24 Oct 2016


yellow-gold colour; has a fat aroma, which reflects ripe Roussanne. The nose leans towards an exotic fruits tendency, a mango and guava jelly syrup, a liqueur angle. The palate is overtly rich, carries that pretty well, isn’t too heavy. This is suited to sauced dishes, has a near white raisin flavour on the finish, like Muscat. There is a touch of late burn, oak, which would be taken care of by food; the final sign-off is vanilla with a glow of warmth.  13.5°. Only 1,000 b due to hail. 2020-21  Jan 2015


quite a full yellow. Licorice, aniseed aroma with a mandarin, Bergamot lucidity: the nose has weight within those notes, shows hazelnut also from its Marsanne. The palate is fuelled by oak in an infused tea, vanilla setting; it ends on a wax-licorice duo. It is a tiny bit strict. A wine for la table – poultry, guinea fowl and friends, for instance. From mid-2014. 12.5°. To 2018  Nov 2013