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LVT 2018 r 2018  wh Until 2010 Denis Larivière sent his crop to the Cave de Tain; following the death of one of his sons in a diving accident in 2006, Denis decided to join forces with a young French-Dutch couple, Marlène Durand and Mark Romak, both in their twenties. Marlène's family have lived at Tain for some generations, Paul Durand being her grandfather and ex Mayor and deputy of Tain (street named after him). They also cultivate 11 hectares of apricots and 3 hectares of peaches. The 2010 was vinified in a garage, but the 2011 in a new cellar on Les Chassis at les 7 chemins. Roussanne and Marsanne were planted at Mercurol in 2011, while there is some 1950 Marsanne at Larnage for the Crozes-Hermitage Chaos Blanc white, introduced in 2014. The Premier Regard and the Etoile Noire stand out, the latter based on Syrah from the 1970s, with the 2015 a ****(*) wine when tasted from cask; both wines were **** wines in the tricky vintage of 2018, when tasted pre-bottling. There is a young vines cuvée Friandise red, and a Syrah IGP Petite Folie! No herbicides have been applied since 2010; the Chassis vineyard soils are worked, the Larnage, more slope soils, not yet.

Denis Larivière, Marlène Durand, Marc Romak 570 chemin des Limites Quartier Les Chassis 26600 Mercurol

Tel: +33(0)475 08 16 51


contact@domainemelody.fr lariviere.mm@hotmail.fr

Countries exported to:1) GB 2) Switzerland

Percentage Exported: 12%

British Importers: Flint Wines London SE11 4AA +44(0)207 582 2500 www.flintwines.com jason@flintwines.com