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LVT 2018 r 2017 wh Southern zone of Crozes-Hermitage domaine, based on the southern areas of Mercurol - easy fruit emphasis. The range is broad, and quality is on the rise. The Terres d'Arce wines, notably from Hermitage and Cornas, have improved since around 2010, and now hit the **** mark pretty consistently. Across the board, there has been gradual improvement in the clarity of the wines, their fruit more decisive. The Saint-Joseph Sainte-Epine is a good wine, but set to be phased out as a St Jo due to the altitude of the vineyard [legislation from 25 years ago, forbidding the appellation to ascend too high, ironic in the context of climate change]. Since the early 2010s soils have been worked more than in the past. The magnum only Crozes-Hermitage N°29, made from 1950s Syrah, is a good special wine (Sébastien Chevrol pictured hand punching its cap in an egg). The family also grow apricots, peaches, cherries, and son Nicolas has studied at Montpellier Wine School.

Sylvie, brother Sebastien, sister Florence Chevrol, export manager Laurent Gomez 557 route de Bellevue Les Chassis 26600 Mercurol

Tel: +33(0)475 07 86 70



Countries exported to:1) USA 2) GB 3) Belgium – before was 1) Belgium 2) GB

Percentage Exported: 10-15%, stable

British Importers: Charles Taylor Wines Ltd 11 Catherine Place Westminster London SW1E 6DX +44(0)207 821 1772 www.charlestaylorwines.com office@charlestaylorwines.com

USA Importers: Wine Wine Situation Jean-Marc Ducasse 6210 Wilshere Boulevard suite 208 Los Angeles CA 90048 jmd@2ws.us +33(0)6 22 20 03 77