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The Wines

60% Marsanne (late 1970s), 40% Roussanne (mid-1980s) (before early 2010s was 100% Marsanne) from sandy granite, loess soils & lime-clay soils on Le Tout at Erôme & Gervans, hand harvested, 20-80% 3-4-5 year 228-litre oak cask, 20-80% vat fermented at 16°C, raised 9 months, lees stirred regularly, malo can be blocked, can be completed, filtered, “drink with hors d’oeuvres, scallops, shell fish, trout in almonds, pike fish,” 7,000 b


full yellow robe, a healthy aspect. The bouquet goes broadly across the glass, has a grapey inner, notes of flan, grilling, a ripeness hovering. There’s a touch of aniseed that gives cut. The palate is fat at the outset, ripples with waves of rolling content, a peach flavour to the fore. It is threaded with carbonic gas. The finish extends well, and this is a pleasing Crozes, its clarity sound, even with the ripeness. There’s a note of petrol on the aftertaste. It will go well with ris de veau, sweetbreads, and other traditional French favourites. 13°. 60% Mars, 40% Rouss. €15. 2029-31 Nov 2019

2017 ()

sturdy yellow colour. The bouquet is stiff, rests on oaking, grilling, raw tobacco, has a grounded depth. It needs prising open, so decanting advised. The palate is medium weight, offers brief moments of peach fruit, a touch of apricot. It’s a little lacking in carry of its content - the aftertaste drifts a bit, even if it is clear. It provides easy drinking, more on refinement than strength. 13°. 2025-27 Dec 2018

2015 ()

yellow robe. The nose gives a murmur of aniseed, honey and ginger snap. It has a cool interior, needs coaxing out. The palate bears juicy gras, swishes along well, picks up good, fresh tang as it closes. Authentic Marsanne-based white Crozes here, with a joli centre richness. The finish is well rounded, juts a trifle short. A table wine, good with salmon. 13.4°. GB £13 Tanners +44(0)1743 234 500 www.tanners-wines.co.uk USA US$28.80 Margaux Company Charlottesville VA 22903 +1434 466 2592 www.margauxandcompany.com 2020-21 Oct 2016

2014 ()

full yellow robe. The nose is smoky, has a dried fruits, apricot juice air, notes of vanilla, greengage plum. The palate is honeyed, exuberant, and nicely ample. The texture is smooth and there is a line of aniseed towards the finish that renders it pretty clear. The gras goes wide. There is a note of “high” in its fruit. For la table – it can show well with cod fish, mackerel. 13°. 2019-20  Oct 2015 

2013 ()

yellow robe, legs; crabapple, quince airs, a note of smoke and camomile feature in a refined bouquet. The palate takes up on the nose’s measured restraint, is suffused with appealing freshness all through. This drinks very clearly, is a precise wine with an agreeably serene outlook, is very charming. Drink with hors d’oeuvres, starter dishes – it will set up the taste buds very well for a bigger wine and food flavour to follow. 12.92°. 80% vat, 20% cask, malo completed. 7,000 b. To 2019. GB £13 Tanners Wines +44(0)1743 234 500  www.tanners-wines.co.uk  USA US$24 Margaux Company Charlottesville VA 22903 +1434 466 2592 www.margauxandcompany.com   Jan 2015

2012 ()

clear yellow colour. The bouquet has free, zesty first airs, ginger snap with peach-nectarine fruit at its centre. The palate debut is textured, on the gras richness, and switches into more southern ways with some smooth fat and light notes of orange, quince present, a good floral suspicion. This is good, its balance on the mark. Nothing overdone, a stylish wine. 13°. £15 Tanners,Shrewsbury, GB; US$26 Margaux Company VA22903; to 2018  Nov 2013


pale yellow; lime, cooked pear, candy aroma develop after 2 days, a wine that has needed the air. Having been rather hard on the nose, a note of green apple, it softens. The same occurs on the palate, so decant this at least once is the advice. It develops a honeyed, aromatic nature, flowers in the air, and the aftertaste reflects apricot and honey, has a gentle length. Ideal for aperitif. 13°. 2015-16  Nov 2012


yellow robe, full tints in it, legs also. Has a “silvery”, mineral style air with hazelnut present, light notes of pineapple and honey: this is a delicate bouquet that gives appetite. The palate is rich – it balloons across the mouth, is fat but not cumbersome. It keeps moving, is good wine, ideal for foods, can go with chicken or fish or mushrooms. Very good purity of Marsanne fruit here – it is crystalline inside the fat. Very light touch wine, is fine. Balance will allow it to run towards 2019. 13°. Dec 2011

2009 No Rating

2 unstable cask samples submitted July 2010


full, shiny yellow; airborne, fine bouquet – lime, baked fruit tart aroma, speckles of spice, dried fruits such as pineapple, apricot. Quiet start to the palate, indeed all through it. A correct Crozes white, best with food, such as light spices, soft cheese – flavours that are not too strong. Has a light honey-almond flavour, also shows a bit of high tone. Ends roundly, with some Marsanne tang there. 13°. 2012-13 Dec 2009

2007 ()

pale yellow; has a pretty bouquet – flowers, honey, an aroma that floats nicely. The palate is very typical Marsanne – this has a good mix of hazelnut and the gras or richness of white fruits. Very elegant – really pretty wine. Great drinking now – this is STGT. 13.8°. Bottled July 2008. To 2011. March 2009 Previously Jan 2008 *** three casks tasted: aromatic wine, one cask showing white flowers, hazelnut, another bright, lime tart aromas, the third where the malo completed – buttery, lime and salt behind. Hazelnut flavours, with some honey, the length sound, very drinkable vintage, and clear at the finish. A bonny affair in the making. 13.9° or so. Harvested 20 September, 2007. To 2011 Jan 2008

2006 ()

agrume, citrus notes in the nose, with a subtext of earthiness and aniseed: beyond is a honey-wax combo. The palate proceeds in a light and easy way, with a slight waxen note to it. Could have more stuffing. There is a little late grip, expressed via some bitter of the Marsanne and white pepper. A wine that is pretty for the aperitif. To 2009. “I find gentian on the nose,” J-P.Mucyn. Malo partly blocked this year. Jan 2008.

2004 ()

something has been funny here, but the last two tastings tally: end July 2006, Sussex, England: **(*) ripe, butterscotch, bonbon sweets aroma with some saltiness. Honeycomb, custard, flan topping with air. Brisk, dried fruits flavour with a honeyed underlay. Peach aftertaste. Brisk wine, travels in a straight line, but is refined, and the finish is clear. Day two shows spiced peach. Only concern is that it's a bit lean. 2010-11. Late June 2006 - Shrewsbury, England, **(*) the wine ties in with my cask tasting: refined nose, nut, dried fruits, varnish, wax, is bright and clear. Elegant palate, round and benign, the texture is supple. Clear wine, with good grain, a supportive line of acidity. The floral, nutty end holds up well. Good length. Best with food. 2012 Previously early June 2006, Tournon, France, ** gold glints in robe. Rather flat bouquet, contains spice, melted butter, also furniture varnish, but not very prolonged or thorough. Oxidative tendency on palate, holds some core richness, but is aiming not for simplicity but impressive scale. It is a borderline case, since the ripeness is excess and the oak on top makes it clumsy. Dry-toned finale, but doesn't finish strongly. To 2008. June 2006. Previously March 2005 (casks) *** full aroma, and palate also full and promising, also elegant. Definite future here. March 2005


tender, floral, cooked white fruits bouquet. Genuine, quiet feel on palate, holds a good apricot/hazelnut finale, true Marsanne. Soft, but carries well-knit appeal. Good length, stylish wine. March 2005

2002 ()

bouquet has cut and spice, fair weight, with character. Quite genuine matter here, some elegance, spice towards finish. Local feel, with restraint. 2008-09


bonbon sweets, fair depth on nose; nicely full, cooked white fruits, bit dumb. Good, warm end.