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The Wines

95-100% Marsanne (early 1990s), 0-5% Roussanne from white clay & limestone soils at Chanos Curson, 15 day vat-fermentation at 15-17°C, 75-85% concrete enamel vat, 15-25% new 228-litre oak cask raised 4-5 months, malo blocked, fined, filtered, "drink as aperitif, or with salads, quiches, tarts", 2,000-2,500 b


level yellow robe; the bouquet captures a floral note, with delicate tangerine fruit, apricot and a touch of infused herbal tea. The palate is neatly assembled, gives white fruits flavours, white plum, peach, with fine acidity, before a more tangy, assertive conclusion. Its outer casing is fine, but within there is more depth and heft than appears on the surface. The aftertaste is clear, a little minted. This has style, refinement. 13°. 100% Marsanne. €13.35. 2027-28 Nov 2019

2015 ()

full and shiny yellow colour. The bouquet is broad but not closely defined or out as yet. There is an innate air of pineapple, flan. The palate comes forward on an assertive run of white fruits such as apricot and peach, has a nutty, roasted nuts line and slightly coarse oak before the close. It’s full of kick, gives an aniseed clarity on the aftertaste. 13°. 2,000 b. 2020-21 Oct 2016

2014 ()

shiny yellow robe. The bouquet is clear and typical, with an air of roasted nuts, slightly high white fruit, greengage plum, cooked lime. The palate is elegant, precise, offers a streamlined run of white fruit with a note of spice, and sound grip on the finish. This drinks with agreeable ease now, is lovely and fresh. It has enough body for steamed fish. 12.5°. 15% new oak this year, 85% vat. 2,000 b. 2019-20  Oct 2015

2013 ()

yellow robe. There is an aniseed and nut combination on the front nose, which has some inner reserves to allow it to show more in a while. There is passing interest on the palate, which holds a mild gras. It ends with a gentle quince fruit note. Can do solo drinking. 12.5°. 100% Marsanne, 2,500 b. To 2018  Jan 2015


pale yellow. The nose is loose – airs of candy, lime, bonbon sweets, a note of pear. The palate drifts, lacks a central HQ, core, and meanders along, is rather 2011 dilute, large crop afflicted in style. Modest, low interest. 12.5°. To 2016. 95% Mars, 5% Rouss. 2,000 b.  Nov 2013

2011 ()

pale yellow; fresh, zesty air in a sherbet lemon style, has an oily inner note, some white peach jam along with aniseed, cooked banana, sultana. The palate shows varnish, acetate, and is subdued in its fruit and expression. It ends clearly, is a grounded wine that needs food. Too expressionless to capture me. 100% Marsanne. 12.5°. To 2017  Nov 2012

2010 ()

green-tinted, bright yellow robe, legs. Smoky, smouldering white fruits aroma with a dash of mineral-pebble clarity in it, and touches of honey, fennel, herbs. The palate is elegant, offers good, squeezy fruit, has a flavour of cooked apple in its simplicity, is a pure wine of good style, one that is slowly moving into shape. Its refinement suits it as an aperitif, but it is also well up to clear flavours, cooked white meats or fish with flesh – bar, cod. Good length, character, fine finish. Drinks well now. 12.5°. To 2016. Nov 2011


full yellow robe; harmonious potential in the bouquet, which is closed for now, has some salty finesse about it. The palate is enclosed, but its balance is sound, there is content present, the assembly of the wine is well-tuned. Good cohesion, but may end a little early. Decant now, or drink from spring 2011. 12.5°. To 2015. July 2010