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LVT 2019 r 2018 wh Les Picaudières is one of the best red Crozes-Hermitages - great pedigree, good structure, rich and capable of complexity with evolution. I expect this 10.5 hectare domaine to provide arch examples of the northern granite in their red wines; the 2016 Les Picaudières did just that, an STGT ***** wine, and even in the hot vintages, its stamp of red fruit, floral notes comes through. The whites are led by Marsanne from the 1930s and 1965, the white vines on loess soils. From 2017, there have been two whites - Stéphane has split the old Marsanne vines apart, while the "new" domaine white Crozes includes the first Roussanne (2014). The soil is tilled by a mare where feasible. The Roussets grow a few apricots on the hillsides.

Robert, son Stéphane Rousset 45 rue des Impaillats route de Gervans 26600 Erôme

Tel: +33(0)475 03 30 38


Countries exported to:Passing visitors, shipped first lot to Kermit Lynch in USA in spring 2006

British Importers: Goedhuis & Co London +44(0)207 793 7900 www.goedhuis.com The Wine Society Stevenage www.thewinesociety.com

USA Importers: Kermit Lynch, Berkeley, California +1510 5241 686 Fruit of the Wine New York www.chambersstreetwines.com