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LVT 2019 r 2019 wh Denis Basset's first wine was in 2007. He also grows flowers and vegetables. His main Crozes, Etincelle, means “spark” in French; Denis was electrocuted on the 11 August 2004 when cleaning out a vat, 25,000 watts, but lived to tell the tale. This is the preferred wine, with less oak used. His father Lucien, also a nursery man and horticulturalist, retired from the Tain Co-operative in 1999, and Denis delivered his crop there until 2007. The oldest Syrah, around the domaine, were planted by Lucien in 1968, and contribute to the oaked La Fleur Enchantée Crozes red, which is more of a keeping wine than the Etincelle. The soils are worked, the vineyard has been worked organically since 2017, which will be come official in 2021. There is also a half hectare of 2001-02 Syrah on granite terraces at Arras across the River, which make the Saint-Joseph red.

Denis & Sandrine Basset Domaine Saint Clair 26600 Beaumont-Monteux

Tel: +33(0)9 66 40 35 55


Countries exported to:1) GB 2) Belgium 3) USA 4) Canada 5) PRChina

Percentage Exported: 30%

British Importers: Flint Wines 16 Stannery Street London SE11 4AA +44(0)207 582 2500 www.flintwines.com info@flintwines.com

USA Importers: Mark Wilson Philadelphia PA & Boston MA