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The Wines

1983 Syrah from galet covered clay-limestone, some sandy soils at Beaumont-Monteux (southern zone), destemmed, 24 day vinification, wild yeasts, manual pumping overs, aged 85-90% 2-4 year 228-litre oak casks, 10-15% steel vat 9 months (from early 2000s-late 2010s aged 100% 1-year 228-litre oak casks 11 months, 1990s were aged 50% vat, 50% 1-year 228-litre oak casks 11 months), unfined, filtered, has risen from 20,000 b to 35,000 b


1) (steel vat, 1997 Syrah, bottling July 2020, 70 hl) ***(*) dark red; notes of reduction, joli dark fruits, good life, a touch of vegetal, real bounce in the fruit on the nose. The palate gives good running black fruits, lots of brightness, a good linear thread, black cherry fruit, salt notes late on. Has good bustle, is a solid ***(*), a w.o.w. wine. 5-6 years 2) (4 year 228-litre cask, Syrah up to 1983, bottling July 2020, 120 hl) **** dark colour; the nose has a slightly stewed black fruit aroma, mixed berries in it, Morello black cherry, flowers, stands well. The palate has thick, rolling make-up, drives firmly to the finish, with abundant, firm juice in it, real surge, and a real good fruit essence. Relative density here, the steel vat will aid its drinking. 3) (3 year 228-litre cask, the oldest vines, 1983 Syrah, 40 hl, bottling July 2020) **** fark robe; grilling, liqueur dark cherry fruit, cherry stone, a firm bouquet. The palate is sturdy, doesn’t skip around, has connection to the ground, feet planted, sunshine strength, muscle. It brings platform to the blend, carries a deep essence of dark fruit, is long, too, with a touch of black olives on the close. 10-12 years. 13.5°. 2028-30 Feb 2020


dark red; has an easy black fruit jam, cherry air, sweetness, soaking of the fruit, a touch of reduction and grilling. This drinks on the button now, is soft and approachable. The finish is round, supple, gives powdered tannins, a floral note. This is straightforward Crozes, not more. “It’s gourmand, the restaurant and bar trade like it,” Denis Basset. 13.5°. Bottled July 2019. To 2022 Feb 2020

2015 ()

dark red. The nose is smoky, marked by reduction, has a latent air of black cherries, is a little singed, tobacco-like. The palate gives a flavour of smoked bacon, with crisp and assertive tannins crowding in on it. This needs another nine months to get over bottling and to ease into greater togetherness. It has a bold take, will go well with beef, for example. The finish is rugged, the tannins more chunky than fine. From mid-2017. 2022-23 Oct 2016


quite dark; smooth air of cassis fruit, with licorice, is ready to go now. The palate has a toasted side in its black cherry fruit, has good drinkability. It does a grand job for grills, even pizza. It ends on a light tar note, the fruit asserting all the way. Good, solid example of Crozes, with no pretensions. 13°. Now to 2016-17.  Nov 2012

2010 ()

dark, complete robe, purple in it. Blackberry fruit with a saline note on the nose, with grilling and licorice. It doesn't deliver a gusto today, is nutty and a bit indistinct. The palate picks up on that saline effect and is more convincing than the nose. Decent length here. The fruit could have more flair, freedom. A tight package, a bit techno I find it. From late 2012. 2017-18 Nov 2011


quite dark red; plum, light raisin aroma, three-quarter depth – this bouquet is more attractive than most 2008s. Light coffee, no false airs. Spice lining in the palate's red fruit, and it is fresh towards the finish, gets moving with mineral cut, also oak. Needs nine months to get together, but the wine is pure. For now it is charry on the finish – people would find that dry. To 2014. Dec 2009

2007 ()

bright, pretty robe. Has a gentle black jam aroma that blends a pretty floral air with the black jam; the palate holds tasty fruit – it delivers right away, and runs nicely and truly. Nice, clear finale, the fruit persisting well. To 2012. €11 tax included. March 2009