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The Wines

30-40% from white granite on Les Voussères (1950s, north zone), 60-70% from sand-clay, gravel soils on Les Hauts Saviaux (2001, south zone), destemmed, 18-20 day vinification, pumping overs, a little cap punching, raised 0-40% 5-6 year 600-litre oak casks, 60-100% steel or concrete vat 8-10 months, up from 10-15,000 b to 39,000 b

2018 ()

dark robe, thorough. The nose gives sweetness and a little reduction, shows grilling, and a layered, mulled black fruits presence. The palate continues in a sweet vein, is markedly Southern in leaning, comes with fat content, is a bit pumped up in feel. The tannins are savoury, flexible. It’s a Big Production, more in sipping than free drinking territory. 14°. From 2021. 2031-33 Nov 2019

2017 ()

dark red; has a gummy, reduced air, plump blackberry, stewed fruits, a touch of iodine – it offers plenty. The palate gives liberal juice, fleshy content, squeezy tannins which add a supple late couch, ending roundly. It sustains well to the close, is genuine. 13.5°. Bottled end Aug 2018. 2024-25 Nov 2018


full red robe. The nose is grilled, a roast pork aroma leading a sage, brothy black berries air. It’s an assertive start. The palate runs with stylish blueberry fruits, has a cool composition, ends on spiced, black pepper outcrops. There is spark in this Crozes, a good run of live and dark fruits, the finish fresh and on the up. 13°2. 39,000 b. Concrete vat raising. From mid-2018. 2023-24 Nov 2017

2015 ()

deep, handsome and shiny robe. The nose gives immediate reduction, a pong and burnt rubber take that blocks free access, though the fruit within has a sultry aspect, a ripe roundness. The palate holds crushed berry fruits with a squeeze of tannin adding to the depth. It’s clear in its fruiting, and just needs a few months to settle. The length is sound, the finish crisp. It can unfurl pretty well. From spring 2017. 2023-24 Oct 2016


dark robe. The bouquet is a Big Affair: it shows reduction, scale, a large, fat hummock of cooked black fruits with sizzled bacon. The palate is also a gourmand event, the prune, cooked berry content billowing out with pepper and live tannins coming into play. The oak on the aftertaste is a little separate now. 13°. From spring 2017. 2021-22  Oct 2015   

2013 ()

handsome dark red, magenta robe. Dusty-topped blackcurrant, nicely deep black-fruited aroma, a little treacle and licorice below its exuberant top air. Black cherry and mulberry also feature – the fruit is really clear, commendably so. This bouquet is very inviting. There is springy black cherry fruit on the attack, with pepper, licorice points during the flow. It ends with a clear tang, the blackberry fruit washing well on to the aftertaste. It has fresh outer edges, pretty fluid fruit within, all in a stylish register. It doesn’t have the gras core of the best vintages, but offers immediate, nicely vigorous drinking. It is tight, grainy and salty late on, as it ends. This is good, naked wine, pure and STGT. Lovely “sparkling”, fresh quality here. 13.2°. 2019-20 Oct 2014

2011 ()

dark colour. Oak-grilled, reductive air with beefstock, polished leather, also violet. The palate has an intense, brief bundle of flavour such as blackberry, with rose-hip influences and violets running through it. The Palate is more elegant than the nose – the latter is unfurnished. Food length – it keeps its fruit, takes on a grilled end, but still has work to do. Decant this. From mid-2014. 2019-20.  Nov 2012  Previously Sept 2012 *** shiny, attractive red-purple robe. Smoky, bacon and notably red cherry air that holds a little game and earthy grounding behind it, bringing extra depth. The lively fruit on the nose transfers to the palate, which has a green pepper, snappy note - this is not a full-blown sun vintage, thus. The content is fine, the aftertaste fresh. There is a grainy texture for now. From mid-2013. 13°. 2018-19  Sept 2012

2010 ()

good, solid red robe. The first air is of reduction – “high”, rather farmyard – while blackberry liqueur fruit airs lie within; the shape of the bouquet is fat. It is all very primary – the black fruit does not have many sideshows. The palate starts on a gentle rather aromatic tone; this has the subtleties of the northern zone, a quiet reserve. The tannins are fine, and add a granular freshness. This will drink well with roast meats, clear flavoured dishes. The length is attractive. It is just shifting past its first full youth now. Decanting a good idea. Will be more open and varied from 2014; it is bottled quite early in life, so in good vintages there can be work still to do in bottle. 13°. 2019-20  Sept 2012  Previously Nov 2011 **** sleek, rather dark robe. Shiny, polished traverse of black cherry fruit on the lithe bouquet, which is also reductive; it is nicely flecked with mineral airs. The palate sets off running on a free display of black cherry fruit, licorice in with it. Attractive, very drinkable, a wine with good late grip, all very orderly. Needs a winter to settle in the bottle and refine a touch. The black olive ripeness is good. Has a very appealing feathery touch. Tasted blind, so when I realise the influence of the young Hauts Saviaux fruit, I am impressed. Understated complexity, and an interesting blend of north and south - for the future, take note. 13.5°. From spring 2012. 2018-19 Nov 2011


pale red, wee purple. Sweet black berry, jam aroma. Agreeable black fruit on the palate, with a spiced, salty line through it. Licorice on the mid-later stages. Nearly ready. Has a cocoa, prune aftertaste. To 2013 Dec 2009


full, quite dark robe; has a nutted nose that is solid in its cohesion, with mature red berry leading the charge. The palate`s red fruits have good packing and are well woven. There is a little menthol to lift it, which suggests it comes from the northern zone or Mercurol. I like its understated composition and length. Faithful to its place, is STGT wine that has not been too jazzed up in the cellar. There is a touch of late tannin, and although it is a wee bit limited in depth, it sings nicely. Now to 2011. Dec 2007

2005 ()

bright, dark robe; very primary aroma – traces of fermentation on the nose, shows a raw aspect, and has an inset of black fruit, and some nuttiness from its oak, also some reduction. The palate holds streamlined black fruit with good body; has a fresh, slightly oaked finish. The fruit quality is good – black berries, with direct appeal. From 2008. The nose needs sorting, then there is a good wine. Decant this. 2013-14 Nov 2006


bubbly, black fruit aroma, just a bit peppery, stalky, makes you want to drink it. Floats out its charm, the hedgerow black fruit is soft and friendly. The fruit is the card here. Pebbly towards finish, length is correct. To 2008 Sept 2005