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The Wines

100% Marsanne (1960s) from 0.5 hectare on granite soils on Grand Plantier, purchased crop, whole bunch pressed, cool decantation, 2-year 228-litre & 600-litre oak cask fermented at 18-20°C, raised 10-11 months on its lees, no racking, no added SO2 during raising, malo completed, filtered, first wine 2013, 600-3,000 b

2018 ()

attractive fine yellow robe; the nose shows peach fruit, has a note of grilling, a lucid nature, a gentle tone of white strawberry. It’s a stylish opening. There is carbonic gas through the palate, which carries a trim fullness; it’s New Wave in intention, which is successful in this vintage of high sun. There is pedigree coolness towards the finish, STGT St-Péray in the glass. I give it big marks for refinement in the context of 2018. It merits fine dining, not excessive flavoured dishes, steamed Japanese cuisine would be great. 14°. Bottled Sept 2019. 2026-27 Nov 2019

2017 ()

fine yellow colour; the bouquet is buttery, has some St-Péray verve, shows aniseed, dried fruits with good clarity, has an underlay of peanut, oak toasting. The palate is coolly fruited, runs on a fine spine towards the finish, which has lift and brightness. This is St-Péray that can serve as the aperitif. The flavour involves light mandarin, peach fruit. 2022-23 Dec 2018

2016 ()

shiny yellow. Has a reserved, promising nose, airs of stewed white fruits or compote, flan, a serenity that suggest mature vines, a hint of hazelnut. The palate holds a tasty foundation of white fruits, soft flavouring on the rangfe of peach stone. It’s rather dumb; some carbonic gas brings prickle to the closing moments. This is food wine, good with spaghetti alla vongole [clams], soft cheese. There are touches of apricot late on, dried fruits; it ends with salted, nutted freshness, has sound length. It can tick over for a few years yet. 2022-23 Feb 2018


bright yellow. Cooked lemon and lime lead a wide aroma, has a salty back story, and shows some toasted-oak. The palate is grounded, compact, holds a toffee-like richness in with its compote of white fruits, pear and peach. It’s broad and sustained on the finish, rather bulky there. 2023-24 Oct 2016

2014 ()

fine yellow colour. The nose centres on a fresh display of Marsanne (tasted blind) via a white peach, tangy, hint of lime, white tobacco combine, suggesting a wine with plenty of grip. The palate has an attractive richness, a salted, dentelle quality after half way, rendering it clear as it ends. This is lively, with the body for good fish dishes, monkfish, red mullet included. 13.5°. 3,000 b. 2019-20  Oct 2015 

2013 ()

3 bottles tasted, the first shows light cork. Bottle 2: the nose also is musty, has varnish, a nuttiness. The palate has a brief richness, but the fruit recedes early, has a dry finish. I am not confident about this. Bottle 3: shiny yellow. Has a varied nose that reflects pineapple, oak and some obvious toasting, a note of almond in behind. The oak is quite strong. The palate attacks on a fresh, citrus-inspired flavour, has assured richness, is clad in oak at present. It grips well on the finish. A good table wine St-Péray, has attractive finesse, depth and a well stated freshness. 13.5°. 600 b this year, from 0.2 hectare. From late 2015. 2020-21  Jan 2015