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The Wines

1990s and younger Syrah, destemmed, 14-20 day vinification, cap punching over 3 days, then pumping overs, steel vat-raised 6 months, unfined, filtered, first wine 2000, 30-50,000 b


full, dark red. The nose gives an open air of cherry fruit, black cherries, is rounded and shows a little dustiness. The palate bears soft, plump black fruits with a mild tannin circle around them. There is a little crispness in the texture, and a salty note on the close. It drinks easily already, a wine bar drink. It could be broader. 2020-21 Oct 2016


this was aided by the inclusion of 30% of the Albéric Bouvet wine this year: dark red robe. The nose is calm and rounded, , gives a soft blackberry aroma, an attractive little pile of berries in view, flowers such as rose hip and a little prune fruit also. The palate is floral and soft, the texture suave, the tannins tender. The flavour centres on blackberry and prune. There is fine detail on the finish, droplets of juice and a little grain there. It has more nuance than the Terroirs de Chassis Crozes red. A solid *** wine. 13°. €13. 45,000 b. To 2019  Dec 2015

2013 ()

dark, sober robe. The nose leads on blackberry with spice and salt, an air of stewed damson plums, a good, thick coulis of fruit. The palate runs well, engages, has a bonny wave of fruit and a tinkle of tar, tannin. Good life and clarity towards the finish: this is w.o.w. wine. The finish assembles licorice, tar, dark chocolate. 13°. “Beaumont Monteux was very badly hit by hail on 9 June, we less so, but I still lost 20% of my Syrah this year,” Gilles Robin. To 2019  Dec 2015

2012 ()

dark robe; the nose is nicely full, expressive, gives a rather copious air of prune fruit with some low-key chocolate. The palate is soft as usual, a pliant texture running all through it. This is gourmand, facile wine, whose length is good. It is a cosy fit in its own orb, and is near its summit now, at a tasty moment. There is fluid juice in it, and it has been well worked. 13°. To 2017  Dec 2015 Previously Nov 2013 ***(*) dark colour; nicely airborne, “we have lift off” nose – it shows a supple blackberry, is a well shaped bouquet for pleasure, with no holding back. It has enough depth to interest, comes with wee floral notes. The palate bears fine black cherry and berry fruit, which is backed by a mineral spine. This is easy to drink; the fruit is lucid, ends on toothsome textures. It can develop more foundation from mid-2014. A good example of Crozes for earlier drinking than most, with some subtleties. Solo OK, or with grilled foods. 13°. 30,000 b. To 2018  Nov 2013  Previously Oct 2013 *** shiny, medium depth red colour, not one of the dark vintages. Grainy airs and licorice hover above an approachable nose, one that skims, isn’t very deep. It shows fruit aromas such as raspberry, a touch of cassis, a shimmer of rose and sweet flowers. This has a bright fruit attack, reflects blackberry and licorice. This also skims, as if Beaujolais meets the Rhône. A facile, drink now wine that can be drunk solo, no complications whatsoever, perfect like that; also good for the restaurant trade. It ends roundly, seamlessly, is a neat orb of wine, easy pleasure for all comers. It lacks the depth of the leading years, but is well made to drink in after work bars etc. 13°. To 2017  Oct 2013


dark robe. Stylish, polished raspberry fruit aroma, with an increase of depth from an air of meat stock. The palate holds good, rocking fruit – w.o.w. wine in close-up here. It drinks really well now, combines freshness and fruit fun, the fruit blackberry, followed by some smoky darkness, Indian tea, licorice and Morello cherry at the end. There is finesse in the fruit, is a Rock On, Tommy wine, right what Crozes should be. 13°. 50,000 b this year. 2017-18  Nov 2012


decent shiny purple-black robe; has a rather reductive, earthy, blackberry aroma along with a prune ripeness – the nose is wide and declares well. This has an easy drinkability, soft tannins. There is a touch of late salinity to lift it. Popular and calm drinking, no hurdles in the way, smooth all the way. Right there now, can do solo drinking. Bottled June 2011, 35,000 b this year. 13°. To 2016 Feb 2012


quite a full robe; curved, rather soaked black fruits aroma that also combines prune and olive. The palate has a salty tang above the black fruit – the fruit being ripe, and in the style of prunes, with ripe dates tastes as well. It ends on a mocha flavour. Get on and drink wine, a bustler not a dreamer. To 2011. Bottled May 2008. March 2009

2005 ()

dark, assured robe. Nicely rounded bouquet of black fruit that is ripe and sappy, with a little tight grain on top. Facile, easy balck berry fruit start to palate, all pliant with a clear burst, then stretches out well. Take this on the up, in its primary days. Touch empty on the finish, but a good quaffing, restaurant wine, the youthful fruit is springy. To 2008-09 for best results. June 2006


alert, springy and bountiful bouquet that bounds out of the glass. Black fruit flavour, well-defined, crisp and agreeable. Get on and go wine. Drink by 2008. March 2005


cooked, lightly spiced black fruits bouquet. Honest flavour, some width on palate. Fair flesh, but gummy fruit end, not very clear, a bit contrived. Helped by presence of older vines` wine. To 2008


quite live, stewed fruit-herbal bouquet. Some richness on palate, helpful tannins. Clear fruit, chewy tannins, is just a little taut on finish. To 2008