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The Wines

60-65% Grenache, 35-40% Syrah (mid-1980s) from pebbly sediment, sandy, sandy silt soils, hand harvested, pre-fermentation crop cooling, most destemmed, 3 week vinification, twice daily pumping overs, aged 90% vat, 10% 228-litre oak casks 12 months, filtered, 40,000 b


quite a full red robe; the nose is straightforward, curved around black berry fruit, a very clean take on Vacqueyras, just a hint of white pepper with it. The palate is peppery, suavely textured, on blueberry fruit with a low-key grain content in the tannins, switching the texture towards the close. It has been made within limits, is a controlled production, a little on the safe, commercial side. Decant it. From late-2020. 14.5°. 2028-30 Oct 2019

2016 ()

full red robe; the nose has a bearing of blue fruit, wild berries, with some mysterious depth. There is a slight husky, baked side to it. The palate holds compact black fruits, cassis in the flavour, and releases only a little juice towards the finish. It has been compressed by the sun rays, and needs time to settle and to emerge. The finish is layered, solid. From mid-2021. 2032-34 Oct 2019 Previously Feb 2018 **** (vat/casks) shiny, attractive dark red, inviting robe. The bouquet is appealing, offers raspberry with a soft spring flowers muskiness, primrose, has a little smokiness, a hint of reduction. The palate delivers red cherry fruit, a near the stone bite to it, leans towards kirsch. It’s a virile wine, with drive in the tannins, a very direct way of going. It finishes roundly, a good carry of its bustling, upbeat content. 14.5°. From mid-2019. 2030-31 Feb 2018


(vat/casks) dark red. The nose reflects the vintage with some clear Grenache red fruit foremost, has a lightweight coulis depth, a note of blackberry beyond. The palate offers easy, attractive, instant fruit with fine, ripe tannins on the finish, which is just a bit pinched. This is close to drinking well. 14°. €16.50. From spring 2016. 2020-21  Dec 2015


medium to full purple colour. Creamy red fruit on the nose with a hint of herbs behind.The palate is soft, round and centres on open fruit. This gives easy drinking with the characteristic fluidity of the vintage. From spring 2015. 2019-20 JL Dec 2014

2010 ()

dark, quite bright red, wee black tints. This has a pliant blackberry jam air – the bouquet is primary and modern, pretty open. The palate continues in similar, “effective” vein; the fruit swings along, tastes of black cherry with a light outcrop of dusty tannins. This isn’t especially local, has a modern approach. The length is decent. From late 2013. 14°. 2021-23  May 2013


dark, bustling robe. Reductive air to the nose, which is full underneath: holds agreeable blackberry, is juicy, and on the sides are airs of ground coffee and burnt toast. The palate sequences well from the nose: the black fruit is generous, holds up well, and offers a good mix of varieties, a fine combination. There is a good spread of late fruit with smoky notes. Powerful wine, but that power is masked by worthy elements. A wine of potential. 2018-20 July 2010